100th Day of School Activities and Games [84 Ideas]

100th Day of School Activity Ideas Looking to celebrate the 100th day of school? Here

101 Fun Car Trivia Questions and Games

Car trivia is always fun. Trivia in general is awesome no matter if you’re having

13 One to One Correspondence Activities & Games [Number Counting Ideas]

Do you want to teach your kids one to one correspondence...

53 Easy Homemade Playdough Recipes for Kids

Homemade Playdough Recipes A collection of homemade playdough recipes to make. These are great for

Printable Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids. 121 Nature Items List

Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt that everyone, at any age can enjoy. We have created

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If you are looking for clean jokes for kids to tell at school you’ve come

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Need a few creative kids party favor ideas? Look no further. Plus, read on for additional

35 Easter Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

There are many ways families celebrate Easter, but no matter what the family traditions are,

Mexican Games and Activities for Kids

Here you are going to find an extensive list of Mexican activities and theme games

61 Fun Animal Games and Activities for Kids

This extensive list of fun animal games for kids and activities is sure to lead

March Themes and Activities for Kids

It’s March! Find a list of March themes and activities for kids. Great ideas for

21 Fun Snowman Games and Activities for Preschool

Below you will find 21 fun snowman craft games and activities for preschool to help

19 Fun Life Cycle Experiments For Kids Plant and Animal Life Cycles

Are you teaching the life cycle of a plant for kids or an animal life

Bug Games: 28 Insect Themed Games & Activities for Preschoolers

A preschool bug theme that includes insect games, insect activities, and insect craft ideas for

75 Farm Themed Games and Activities for Kids

Let’s talk farm theme ideas! What kid doesn’t love farms? These crafts, games, and activities

43 Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

Looking for some great Valentine’s Day art and craft ideas? Look no further. Here you

71 Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

Literacy Activity Ideas for Preschool Kids Learning to read and write doesn’t have to be

47 Wild West Activities for Kids [Western Themed Party Ideas]

Wild West Activities for Kids and Western Themed Party Ideas What child doesn’t love playing

29 Rock and Pebbles Theme Ideas for Kids

If you are looking for some rock and pebbles theme ideas for kids look no

61 Fun Circus Games and Activities for Kids

Fun Circus Games and Activities Need some fun circa games and activities for your big

Jump Rope Songs and Jump Rope Games List

You need some good jump rope songs and games, we have them. Here you will

27 Fun Math Subtraction Games for Kids

These 27 addition and subtraction games for kids will help develop their math skills. Math

15 Mother’s Day Crafts and Gift Ideas for Kids

These Mother’s Day crafts and gift ideas for kids are great classroom activities. Help kids

301 Trivia Questions for Kids | Trivia Questions and Answers

The following is a list of 301 fun trivia questions for kids. We cover everything

14 Fun Cards Games for Kids to Play Together

Playing card games remains one of the most popular pastimes in the United States because

51 Fun Circle and Table Games for Kids [BONUS: The Best Quiet Games]

Circle and Table Games for Kids [Quiet Games for Kids] When it’s time for kids

Pantomime Ideas and Games

Need some fun pantomime ideas and games? Look no further. Here you will find a

220 Charades Movies Ideas

Charades Movies Ideas When it comes to party games, one classic always pops into mind;

Leadership Games and Activities for Middle School Students

Leadership Activities for Middle School Students  When it comes to leadership activities for middle school

75 Elf on the Shelf Note Ideas for Kids

Elf on the Shelf Note Ideas  Despite helping fuel over a decade of good-natured parental

How to Play Cops and Robbers: Cops and Robbers Game Rules

Cops and robbers for kids can be played either inside or outside. This game is

Thanksgiving Poems and Songs for Kids [BONUS: Thanksgiving Quizzes]

Thanksgiving Songs, Poems, and Quizzes  Find a collection of classic Thanksgiving songs and poems for

15 Black History Month Ideas and Activities for Kids

Crafts, Games, and Play Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month In February, schools and churches

Snowman Poop Poem | Reindeer Poop Poem | Santa Kisses Poem

Take your holiday to the next level by creating these cute snowman poop poems and

101 Thanksgiving Charades Ideas for Kids

Thanksgiving Charades  A collection of 101 Thanksgiving Charades ideas for the holiday season. Not sure

24 Popcorn Snack and Treat Recipe Ideas for Kids

Popcorn Snacks Looking for some popcorn snacks and recipes? Check out these tasty ideas. Whether

14 Theme Day Ideas for School

ABOUT THEMES FOR A DAY If you are looking for theme day ideas, look no

30 Easy Pumpkin Snacks and Recipes for Kids

Do you crave delicious pumpkin snacks and treats right now? As the leaves start falling

101 Christmas Charades Ideas for Kids

Christmas Charades Ideas A collection of Christmas charades ideas for kids. These Christmas themed charade

39 Thanksgiving Snacks and Treats for Kids

Thanksgiving Snacks A collection of Thanksgiving snacks and treats for kids can be found below.

What is Bocce and The Best Bocce Ball Set

Bocce is a fun and exhilarating game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It

36 Funny Cross the Road Jokes for Kids

A collection of 36 funny cross the road jokes. Including the classic why did the

49 Fun Leaf Activities for Kids

Leaf Activities If it’s the fall season, you have to check out these fun leaf

Fun November Activities for Kids

November Activity Ideas A collection of fun November activities for kids and November theme ideas.

72 Inspirational Quotes for Kids by Teachers

A collection of 72 encouraging and inspirational quotes for kids from teachers. You will find

47 Teddy Bear Games and Activities for Kids

Teddy Bear Activity Ideas Teddy bear games and activities are a great way to have

108 Indoor Group Games and Activities for Kids

Is the weather outside unpleasant? Don’t worry! Enjoy these indoor group games and activities for

73 Fun Apple Crafts and Apple Themed Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids, look no further. We

24 Short Christmas Tongue Twisters for Kids

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH CHRISTMAS TONGUE TWISTERS?! Short Christmas tongue Twisters are great for

70 Apple Snacks & Apple Recipe Ideas for Kids

If you are looking to turn those freshly picked apples into some apple snack or

67 Fall and Winter Snack Ideas for School Kids

Fall and Winter Snack Ideas for Kids These are FALL and WINTER snack ideas which are also

The Best 5 Minute Team Building Activities

There are many quick team building activities for teachers out there, and they all come

GaGa Ball Game Rules: How to Play

GaGa Ball is taking America by storm...

74 Fun Halloween Games For Kids [Halloween Game Ideas!]

Are you planning a Halloween Party For Kids this year?  Are you looking for some

82 Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids at School

Kids Christmas Crafts We have compiled 82 fun and easy Christmas craft ideas for kids.

87 Halloween Treats for School [+ Halloween Rice Krispy Treats]

Halloween Treats for School If you need halloween treats for school, look no further. These

79 Halloween Arts and Crafts for Preschoolers [+ Halloween Songs]

Halloween Arts and Crafts These halloween arts and crafts for preschoolers are sure to entertain

35 Snowman Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

Enjoy these fun snowman art and craft ideas with your preschool class. These simple ideas

31 Elementary School Event Ideas

Fun School Event Ideas 31 elementary school event ideas to help bring families and classroom

15 Fun Invasion Games for Gym Class

Invasion Games for Gym Class If you’re like most PE teachers you’re probably always looking

Fun Homemade Slime Recipes For Kids [Goop Recipes, Gak Recipes!]

This slimy article will share many different Slime Recipes For Kids.  They include easy slime recipes, slime

33 Colonial Kids Activities Colonial Crafts, Colonial Games, Colonial Food Recipes

This article shares dozens of exciting Colonial Kids Activities!  They are fun activities that help children

24 Fun Indoor Winter Activities for Kids. Indoor Winter Games

These fun indoor winter activities for kids is the list you have been looking for.

28 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids [Kindness Ideas for School]

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for School Check out these 28 random acts of kindness

52 Best Summer Arts and Crafts for Children! Warm Weather Activities for Kids

This guide shares dozens of fun summer arts and crafts for preschoolers and children! These

Easy Salt Dough Recipes and Crafts for Kids

This is a huge list of salt dough recipes and craft ideas for kids. When

90 Elementary & Preschool Songs for Kids to Sing – Top 30 Kids Songs

Elementary and Preschool Songs for the Classroom Are you looking for popular, clean songs for

31 Popcorn Games and Activities

Popcorn games can lead to tons of fun and laughter. That’s why we have assembled

28 Reindeer Themed Activities and Craft Ideas for Kids

Reindeer Themed Ideas to Celebrate the Christmas Season Can you name all eight of the

Tasty Summer Snacks for Kids

Summer Snacks for Kids These summer snacks for kids are great for when the kids

Fun Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

Looking for some fun outdoor summer activities for kids? Look no further. These games and

Windsocks and Wind Chimes with Kids

1. Windsock using an ice cream container – Minus the Lid 2.  Windsock using construction paper

32 Christmas Games and Activities for Children

Christmas Games and Activities Below you will find a collection of Christmas games and activities

How to Run a Lights On Afterschool Event, Plus 21 Ideas and Activities.

What is Lights On Afterschool? Lights On Afterschool is a yearly event that calls attention

This is the Month of October!

2018 — Updated Jnauary, 2018 Flower: Calendula (English Marigold) Birthstone: Opal-TourmalineJust look at all the things going on

June Activities for Kids. Activity Calendar for the Month of June

June Gem Stone is PearlJune Flower is Rose June Month Activities Visit our Father’s Day

Hot Cocoa Recipes for Kids

When it’s really cold why not have a comfy-warm Cocoa Party! Set up a ‘hot

Smoothies, Shakes and Yummy Drinks!

Smoothies are easy and fun to make – you don’t even need a recipe! For a

Homework Centers in School Age Programs

How do you create an appropriate setting for homework in your after-school program? HOMEWORK AREA

Snowman Snacks for Winter Season

Is there a better time to make these snowman snacks than winter time? Probably not.

September Activities for Kids. This is September!

September Themes of the Day are a great way to build your month’s activities! Be sure

Creative Fall Display Ideas for School or Home

Looking for some autumn and fall display ideas? Look no further. Below you will find

Making Piñatas & Paper Maché

GENERAL GUIDLINES Materials: 2 cups flour 3 cups water 1 balloon Newspaper strips Paint, crayons,

Recipes with pretzels. Your Complete List

If you’re a pretzel person, you are in luck! These recipes with pretzels is probably

Christmas Snacks and Treats for the Classroom

WREATH COOKIES Ingredients: Round Butter cookies with hole in the middle White frosting Green food

Egg Theme Ideas for Classroom or Home

Below are great ideas for egg theme days at school or at home for your

Hanukkah Activities for Kids

Hanukkah or the “Festival of Lights” is celebrated by Jewish families for eight nights (it’s almost

Diversity Through Language, Culture, and Literacy

LANGUAGE Some languages have more than one word for what English speakers think of as

Tips, Articles and Advice on Bullying

In the USA~October, 2014 marks the ninth PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month that unites communities nationwide to raise awareness

School Games for 4 to 8 Year Olds

The following is a compilation of school games for 4 to 8 year olds. These fun

Literacy: Games and Creative Story Telling for Kids

Some great ideas for child caregivers & teachers. Table & circle games Silent hangman Materials: Flip Chart

Jokes about Sport for kids that are safe

If you’re looking for general sport jokes for kids, this is a great post with

61 Recycling Projects for Kids [Trash to Treasure Crafts and Activities]

Recycling Projects for Kids Teach kids the importance of reusing with these 61 recycling projects

Creative Ideas for School Age Programs! Pg. 1

CREATIVE means… Original, resourceful, imaginative, inspired, artistic, inventive, ingenious, innovative, productive, having vision, freshness, novel, unique…. Do

57 Fun Gardening Activities for Preschoolers

Garden Themed Fun Let’s talk about kids in the garden. How do you build a

Dr. Seuss Theme for Kids. Page 1

Doing a ‘Dr. Seuss theme’ and reading a lot of books you don’t have? Before

Dr. Seuss Ideas Page 2

IDEAS FOR OTHER SEUSS BOOKS THE KINGS STILTS Directions are in the first section of

Diversity Through Food and other Activities

PRESENT DIVERSITY USING FOOD!Offer authentic ethnic foods! Many kids have tasted egg rolls, tacos and

Chinese New Year Games For Kids and Adults

Here we will outline the best Chinese new year activities, games and ideas for people