75 Elf on the Shelf Note Ideas for Kids

A collection of 75 elf on the shelf note ideas for kids.

Elf on the Shelf Note Ideas 

Despite helping fuel over a decade of good-natured parental mischief, the Elf on the Shelf craze is showing absolutely no sign of slowing down. If anything, it’s shaping up to become a real holiday tradition, which leaves lots of parents and teachers constantly in need of ideas for funny Elf on the Shelf notes and Elf on the Shelf poems.

To help you in your Christmas Quest, we’ve compiled together of our best ideas below, including poems, riddles, games, and other cool ideas.

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Welcome Note Elf on the Shelf Ideas

‘Tis the season once again, and the Elf on the Shelf is ready to do his duty. Here are some fun ideas for Elf on the Shelf notes that you can use to welcome the Elf back into your home or classroom this holiday season.

1. “Guess who’s back? It’s Elf again! I hope we’ll be the best of friends. And that I’ll give Santa a lot of good news. To keep him from getting a case of the blues. So please be good each and every day. And on Christmas Eve, you’ll hear Santa’s sleigh.”

2. Put the Elf above the Breakfast table with a note that says “It’s that time of year. For joy and for cheer. So Santa sent me. To kick things into gear!”

3. “Oh, how I missed you! It’s nice to be back. I hope you’ll enjoy this sweet little snack. They’re _______. They’re one of my faves. And there will be plenty more, for the kid who behaves!”

4. “Dear __________. Once again, Santa has sent me here. Where I can act as his eyes and his ears. Each night I’ll fly back to the snowy North Pole. If I have bad news, you might be in for some coal. But if you are good. The reward will be great! You have until the 25th. It’s a date!

5. Add some Hershey’s kisses. “I’m back from the North Pole! Here to spend the holidays with you. Please, be on your best behavior, because I’ll be reporting back to Santa each night. To get off on the right foot – a gift from the Santa’s missus: a great big pile of Elf kisses!”

6. “Merry Christmas! Look who’s back. I’m sorry I’m late. Took forever to pack. I’m _________ the Elf, and I’m here to discover. How the kids in this ___________ treat one another. Good kids well have lots to look forward this year, while others might end up shedding some tears. So please be good – on your best behavior. And I might tell Santa to do you a favor. Good luck and good cheer, and prepare for some fun. I’ll be watching all month, then I really must run.”

7. “Christmas time is here again! I hope you don’t mind if I just move right in! I’m Santa’s helper. A little one, yes. But I have a big job to do. Can you guess? On Santa’s insistence. I’ll watch and I’ll listen. And then I’ll report back on all that he’s missing. We’ll get along great, if you try to be good. So listen to your Mom and Dad like you should.”

8. “Dear ___________. My assignment has begun! As you know, Santa has sent me here to watch you until Christmas Day. Each night, I will head back to the North Pole to give him a full report. Are you using your manners? Are you treating other people with kindness? I’ll give Santa the whole scoop before I return each day to find a new hiding spot in the house!

9. “The time has come. It’s Christmas again! So that means it’s time for me to move in. I’m your personal Elf, straight from Santa, with cheer. And I’ll observe how you’ve been behaving this year. Each night I’ll fly back to give him all the news. So I hope that you’ll keep him from getting the blues. Be good, clean, and kind, and sure to listen. And come Christmas morning, your big eyes will glisten. I’m here as your friend, your buddy, it’s true! And if you are good, you’ll be Santa’s friend too.”

10. “Dear Children. I’ve come back again, for the month of December. Just like last year. I hope you remember. I’m here to observe you and see how you act. And I will report back to Santa the facts. If you’re kind and your good, it will sure do the trick. To get a nice visit from good ‘ole Saint Nick.”

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Eve Note Ideas

11. Put the Elf on top of a cell phone. Sign Idea: “It’s never too late to make a call…”

12. “Goodnight…and Good Luck.”

13. Put the Elf next to “Santa’s Cookies.” Take a small bite out of one.

14. Find or make a small suitcase for the Elf. Have it say “North Pole or Bust!”

15. Have the Elf holding a brand new pair of Pajamas for the child’s “big night.”

16. Have the Elf “deliver” a card. “Dear ______, Thanks for a wonderful month. I hope you learned as much as I did. See you next year!”

17. Have the Elf holding a bag of oats that say “Reindeer Food.”

18. “Thanks for hosting me at your house this month! I had a great time. You’ve been my favorite Elf assignment ever! See you next year.”

19. Have the Elf “disappear” but leave “graffiti” messages all over the child’s bathroom mirror. Examples: “Not Naughty!” “See you Next Year!” “Elves Rule.”

20. Use flour or glitter to make little “Elf footprints.” going toward the chimney, door, or window.

21. Have the Elf leave a “signed autograph” for the kids by simply taking a photo, printing it, and signing it. Text ideas include “To my biggest fans!” “To my favorite humans!”

22. Have theElf “ready for vacation” with some Barbie accessories like a beach umbrella, etc. “Time for my vacation!”

23. Read “The Elf on the Shelf” book with your children and make sure the Elf is “watching.” Tell your children he “loves to see us honor traditions.”

24. Help your children pack a bag of snacks for the Elf’s journey to the North Pole.

25. Have the Elf send the children on one last scavenger hunt. Have them find a goodbye note from him (remove him when they are out of the room).

Elf on the Shelf Notes From Santa Ideas

The Elf on the Shelf is Santa’s emissary – spending December in the house or classroom to report back to Santa just how well things are going. This means that there are many ways creative adults can have Santa “message” the children through the Elf.

26. Print up “official” looking warning letters for various infractions. When the child is “Naughty,” the Elf can deliver these write-ups from Santa’s desk.

27. “From Santa, Have a warm welcome, for your Christmas Elf. The one that observes you from high on the shelf. He’s missed you this year. So he’s come back to play. You’ll see him around. Until Christmas Day. He’ll fly back to report to me every night. So I hope that you’re doing your best to act right. Be sure not to touch him, or his magic he’ll lose. And watch what he gets up to while you snooze.”

28. Reward Notices “From North Pole Headquarters: Your Elf has informed me that you have been very good recently! Everyone here at the North Pole is very proud of you, and we hope to see a lot more of this behavior leading up to Christmas. Remember, there is still plenty of time to go, and both the ‘Naughty’ and ‘Nice’ lists have plenty of room at the bottom! Keep up the good work! Merry Christmas! Santa Claus”

29. Warning Notices: “From North Pole Headquarters: I’m afraid that your Elf has recently reported some bad behavior to me, and I’m afraid that if this trend continues, you might end up on the ‘Naughty List.’ Remember to ____________ and listen to your Mother and Father if you want to get back on the ‘Nice List’ fast! Santa Claus”

30. Turn a candy cane into a flag with a post-it that says “Just a little reward for your recent good behavior! Santa”

31. “Dear (child’s name). There are only ____ days left until Christmas! If you want to make sure you end up on the ‘Nice List,’ you’d better show my Elf that you can be on your best behavior. He’ll be watching all the way to Christmas Eve, and so will I. Good luck! Santa Claus.”

Cute Elf on the Shelf Note Ideas

For some kids, the Elf on the Shelf works best when he’s playful and fun, and these cute note ideas are an excellent way for younger children to get engaged.

32. Take a Barbie doll box and make an “Elf on the Shelf” kissing booth, with a note that says “Got any mistletoe around the house?”

33. “Daily Challenge: Do a good deed for a neighbor.”

34. “Christmas is coming, and this place is a MESS! If you help clean it up, I’ll be very impressed!”

35. “Daily Challenge: Be nice to your brother/sister all day long.”

36. “You have been oh so good lately! I hope you don’t mind. If I report back to Santa. That you’re sweet, neat, and kind!”

37. Hide 6 candy canes around the house. “You’ve been extra good, so I’ve hidden 6 candy canes around the house. Can you find them all?

38. Have the Elf play a board game (like Monopoly) with other dolls or toys. Leave a note that says “_______ was cheating! Very naughty behavior indeed!”

39. Have the Elf make a snow angel out of glitter. Write a note in glitter that says “Can you be a perfect angel today?”

40. Have the Elf give the child a gift, like a book or piece of candy. “You were so good yesterday! I hope you like your reward!”

Funny Notes from Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf can be quite a jokester, and he has a million puns that kids to delight the children in the house. Here are just a few suggestions:

41. What did the snowman say to his brother? You smell like carrots.”

42. Put the Elf in a hot dog bun and write out “I never sausage a terrible bed.” in ketchup or mustard.

43. Put the Elf in a printer / scanner, and have him make many “copies” of himself overnight, with a note that reads “Oh no! You caught me!”

44. Tape the Elf to the ceiling: “I can see the North Pole from here!”

45. “How many elves does it take to change a light bulb?
10! One to unscrew it while standing on the other nine’s shoulders!”

46. “Santa rides in a sleigh., but how do elves get to work?

47. “What happened Robber who got caught stealing Christmas calendars?
He got 12 months.”

48. “What are Santa’s favorte potato chips?
Crisp Pringles”

49. “What did Saint Nick hear after his big Christmas speech?

50. “What comes at the end of the New Year?
The letter R!”

51. Have the Elf sitting in a bowl of the child’s cereal, with a note spelled out saying “I think I prefer Snow Flakes!”

52. Make a “shark fin” and put it in the child’s cereal bowl. Have the Elf saying “Who do baby sharks write to for Christmas presents? Santa Jaws!”

53. Build two snowmen out of Foam Balls, and have the Elf say “Where do snowmen go when they want to dance? A snow ball! Want to help me make more attendees?” (All ingredients available at most craft stores)

54. “Riddle me this? How many presents can Santa fit into an empty sleigh?
Only one! Then it’s not empty anymore!”

Elf on the Shelf is Back Note Ideas

“Elf of the Shelf” season is a very special season in classrooms and homes all around the world. Encourage your kids to welcome him back with notes like the ones below.

55. Place the Elf backward, holding a sign that says “The Elf’s Back.”

56. Have the Elf write “Did you miss me?” on a whiteboard or chalkboard. Put him somewhere where the kids will see him first thing.

57. You can make a Hot Air balloon out of craft store materials and have him “making an entrance” over the breakfast table. “Incoming Elf!”

58. Spell out “I’m back” in M&Ms or other goodies.

59. Put the Elf inside a wrapped present and tell the child that Santa dropped something off early.

60. Tape the Elf to the bathroom mirror and write “I’m back!” in soap for the morning of Dec.1st.

61. Make a swing out of a toilet paper roll and put the Elf on top. “Let the games begin!”

62. Put the Elf on the calendar / nativity calendar “Has it been a whole year already?”

63. Put the Elf on display with a “Naughty” and “Nice” list with the child’s name on it (perhaps with two boxes for him to check off.

64. Put the Elf inside of the child’s cereal box. Tell them there is a “toy inside.” You could also include a note addressed directly to the child.

65. Put the Elf on top of a blank book (available at most craft shops). Have him holding a sign that reads: “I hope there are enough pages for a full report to Santa!”

66. Build a mountain out of cotton balls, and put the Elf on top. “Talk about a landslide victory!”

67. Have the Elf holding a candy cane, with a note saying. “Say hello to your little friend!” This is more of a joke for the adults, but the kids will get a kick out of it as well.

68. Find the child’s favorite toy, and replace it with the Elf instead. “Were you looking for me? Because I’m looking for you!”

69. Stick the Elf to the front door window with a note that reads “Chimneys are so much easier.”

70. Cover the Elf in soot (should be able to wash off). “Your chimney REALLY needs some attention.”

71. Use glitter to make Elf footprints leading toward a hiding spot in the child’s room. “As my first order of business, I say we clean this mess!”

Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Note Ideas

It’s a sad day when the Elf on the Shelf has to head back to the North Pole. Have him say goodbye to the children in a cute, clever, and endearing way.

72. “Hey guys. You did it (though it was rather close). You made the ‘Nice List,” but try not to boast. Thank very much, for letting me stay. I hope that you have a great Christmas Day. But don’t get too sad. No, don’t shed a tear. I’ll be back to see you again come next year.”

73. “The last month with you has just been loads of fun! But now my job’s finished, and I’m sad that it’s done. Tonight I’ll fly back to give Santa the news. So that he can pay you a visit while you snooze. You’ve been (mostly) good, so I’m happy to say. That I think that you’re in for a great Christmas Day.

74. “Spending this month with you has been so much fun! I will surely miss you all and can’t wait to visit you again next year. I have to head back to help Santa at the North Pole, but I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!”

75. “OK guys, it’s time. I must leave in a hurry. But I thought you should know, that you don’t have to worry. You’ve done pretty well (except a few missteps). I think that tonight you will hear reindeer footsteps. I’ll see you next year, and I really can’t wait. Spending this month with you has been great!”

We hope these funny Elf on the Shelf notes and Elf on the Shelf poems have given you lots of inspiration for this holiday season! If you have any Elf on the Shelf ideas to add, feel free to send them to us!