101 Fun Car Trivia Questions and Games

A collection of car ride trivia questions and games for kids.

Car trivia is always fun. Trivia in general is awesome no matter if you’re having a party, entertaining dinner guests, or traveling. You’re never too young or too old to enjoy learning new things and it’s a great way to communicate with the kids.

If you’re preparing your packing list for your family vacation, you will want to be sure and add some fun travel games to the list. That’s why we’ve taken the time to prepare this list of 101 fun car trivia questions and games so that you don’t need to worry about the kids getting bored.

On this list, you will find questions appropriate for the occasion. They contain some questions that are easy and some that are hard but no need to worry because we’ve even added the answers!

So, put down the phones, hide the tablets, and pull out this list, but wait there’s more! When you have conquered these 101 questions, we have also included a list of 5 car ride trivia games that you can buy from Amazon.

101 Fun Car Trivia Questions 

1. If you wanted to ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, where would you go?

Answer: Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World

2. In what two US states is Busch Gardens located?

Answer: Florida and Virginia

3. Where is the Bob Hope Airport located?

Answer: Burbank, California

4. Where was Daniel Radcliffe born?

Answer: London, England

5. Which US state has only one syllable in its name?

Answer: Maine

6. Which 5 US states border Georgia?

Answer: Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, and North Carolina

7. If you wanted to travel by car to Chattanooga, Tennessee from Atlanta, Georgia, how long would it take you to get there?

Answer: Approximately 2-hours

8. In which country does a kangaroo live?

Answer: Australia

9. In what US state is the Walmart headquarters located?

Answer: Arkansas

10. Where was Coca-Cola invented?

Answer: Atlanta, Georgia

11. If you wanted to see Big Ben, the famous clock, where would you need to go?

Answer: London

12. Where was Christopher Columbus born?

Answer: Genoa, Italy

13. If you wanted to see a live performance on Broadway, where would you need to go?

Answer: New York

14. In what US state was Steve Harvey born?

Answer: West Virginia

15. In what city does Batman live?

Answer: Gotham City

16. What shape is a stop sign?

Answer: Octagon

17. What is the capital of Peru?

Answer: Lima

18. What is the name of the famous falls in New York?

Answer: Niagara Falls

19. In what state is Walt Disney World located?

Answer: Florida

20. How many Great Lakes are in North America?

Answer: 5

21. In what city would you find The Simpsons?

Answer: Springfield

22. In what city and state will you find the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Answer: Canton, Ohio

23. Which ocean will you find off the coast of California?

Answer: The Pacific Ocean

24. Which ocean will you find off the coast of South Carolina?

Answer: The Atlantic Ocean

25. In what state will you find The Statue of Liberty?

Answer: New York

26. What country was the first to use paper money?

Answer: China

27. In 1896 the first modern Olympics were held where?

Answer: Athens, Greece

28. What is the smallest country in the world?

Answer: Vatican City

29. Where is the Eiffel Tower located?

Answer: Paris, France

30. Where is the Berlin Wall located?

Answer: Germany

31. If a person is from Brazil, what language would they be speaking?

Answer: Portuguese

32. What is the world’s largest land animal?

Answer: Elephant 

33. What extinct creature was alive millions of years ago?

Answer: Dinosaur

34. A place you can visit to see a monkey.

Answer: Zoo

35. In what country will you find the Great Barrier Reef?

Answer: Australia

36. What is the capital of Thailand?

Answer: Bangkok

37. What sport is popular in Japan?

Answer: Sumo Wrestling

38. What was the name of the first man to walk on the moon?

Answer: Neil Armstrong

39. Where was Thomas Edison born?

Answer: Milan, Ohio

40. What did the Wright Brothers invent?

Answer: The Airplane

41. What is the smallest ocean in the world?

Answer: The Arctic Ocean

42. Where is the world’s tallest rollercoaster located?

Answer: Jackson, New Jersey

43. What is the currency in Germany?

Answer: Euros

44. Where is the Golden Gate Bridge located?

Answer: San Francisco, California

45. Which state is the largest in the US?

Answer: Alaska

46. Where is the White House located?

Answer: Washington, DC

47. What building is on the back of the $20 bill?

Answer: The White House

48. What is the currency in Japan?

Answer: Yen

49. How many tires are on a tractor trailer?

Answer: 18

50. Where was the world’s first Ferris wheel located?

Answer: Chicago, Illinois

51. Where is the largest outdoor waterpark in America located?

Answer: Wisconsin

52. Where was Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream found?

Answer: Burlington, Vermont

53. Where is the longest boardwalk in the world located?

Answer: Atlantic City, New Jersey

54. Where is the Mall of America located?

Answer: Bloomington, Minnesota 

55. Which US state has the most fast-food restaurants?

Answer: Alabama

56. Which airport is the largest in the US?

Answer: The Denver International Airport

57. What is the largest Disney Hotel in Florida based on occupancy?

Answer: Disney’s Port Orleans

58. Where is Key West located?

Answer: Florida

59. What is the name of the world’s largest cruise ship?

Answer: Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas

60. Where is the Baseball Hall of Fame located?

Answer: Cooperstown, New York

61. What is the largest hotel chain in the world?

Answer: Wyndham Worldwide

62. Which amusement park in the United States has the largest yearly visitor count?

Answer: Magic Kingdom, Florida

63. What is the biggest grocery store company in the world?

Answer: Kroger

64. What is the largest freshwater lake in the world?

Answer: Lake Superior

65. Which planet is the seventh from the sun?

Answer: Uranus

66. There is only one state in the US that starts with the letter “P”, which one is it?

Answer: Pennsylvania

67. What is the capital of Spain?

Answer: Madrid

68. What is the nickname of Texas?

Answer: The Lonestar State

69. What is the biggest island in the United States?

Answer: The Big Island of Hawaii

70. How many states are in the United States?

Answer: 50

71. What is the capital of the United States?

Answer: Washington, D.C.

72. Which state in the US is known as the Empire State?

Answer: New York

73. Which state in the US is known as the Volunteer State?

Answer: Tennessee

74. Which state in the US is known as the Constitution State?

Answer: Connecticut

75. Where is the Bermuda Triangle located?

Answer: In the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean

76. In what year did Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast of the United States?

Answer: 2005

77. How many counties are in the state of South Carolina?

Answer: 46

78. How many counties are in the state of Wyoming?

Answer: 23

79. How many countries are there in the world?

Answer: 195

80. Which country has a flag that is nicknamed “stars and stripes?”

Answer: America

81. Which four countries will you find in the UK?

Answer: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

82. Where does the President of the United States Live?

Answer: In the White House

83. What is America’s National Game?

Answer: Baseball

84. In the United States, Christmas is celebrated on what day?

Answer: December 25

85. In what country will you find Dubai?

Answer: United Arab Emirates

86. Where does the Queen of England live?

Answer: In Buckingham Palace

87. What is the coldest state in America?

Answer: Alaska

88. In which country was Hitler the ruler?

Answer: Germany

89. In which country was paper invented?

Answer: China

90. The United States Armed Forces are made up of what 5 branches of the military?

Answer: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard

91. If you wanted to visit the largest aquarium in the United States, which state would you go to?

Answer: Georgia

92. Name the 5 Great Lakes in North America.

Answer: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario

93. Where is Harvard University located?

Answer: Cambridge, Massachusetts

94. If you wanted to ride a roller coaster at Cedar Point, which state would you need to visit?

Answer: Ohio

95. In what 3 US states is the Yellowstone National Park located?

Answer: Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

96. In what US state was Forrest Gump born?

Answer: Alabama

97. How many US states border the Gulf of Mexico?

Answer: 5

98. What continent did sushi originally come from?

Answer: Asia

99. What planet do you live on?

Answer: Earth

100. In what US city and state was basketball founded?

Answer: Springfield, Massachusetts

101. How many stripes are on the Spanish flag?

Answer: 3

Car Ride Games 

A collection of car ride games for kids.

When you run out of trivia questions you can pull out one of the following games that are designed for easy travel.

Bible TriviaBrain Quest
KwizniacMovie trivia game
American Trivia

1. Bible Trivia

These cards are perfect for long or short car rides with the whole family. There are fifty-six compact and easy to carry cards in a lightweight box. They can easily be stored with the books and other activities you carry in the car.

Intended for ages 6 and older, this game is designed for early learners as well as those who want to test their Bible skills. Each card provides two different levels and there are four Bible trivia categories to choose from.

Each question and answer card provide the Bible verse for reference if you are looking to dive in deeper with a fun Bible study with the kids.

This trivia game is a fun learning aid that can be played by everyone and it will make the otherwise long trip ahead seem much more enjoyable!

2. Kwizniac

Kwizniac is an excellent travel game for the car, train, and even the plane! It offers a great way to exercise critical thinking skills while trying to guess the answer with the least number of clues as possible.

200 cards are conveniently packed in a box that is easy to carry with you no matter where you go. Each card is printed with ten clues, the first being the hardest and getting easier as you go.

The goal is to try and guess the answer with the least number of clues so that you can rack up more points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Although the game is intended for the older family members, ages 12 and older, it is appropriate for all ages and can be a great team building exercise when the younger kids team up with the older ones. This game is sure to be a hit and is a must-have in your travel bag!

3. American Trivia

This trivia game is the same fun game as the other American Trivia games except you don’t have the need for a board. It’s designed for travel and only comes with a spinner and 360 trivia cards so that you can conveniently pack it into your travel bag.

For ages 9 and older with two to eight players, the 2,500 questions make it possible to learn and have fun at the same time. Each card provides two sides with one side being harder than the other, so no matter who plays, everyone will have a chance to answer the question right.

This is definitely a game that should be included in your bag of activities for your next road trip. The best part is that you can also play this game from the hotel room without the added mess!

4. Brain Quest

There’s nothing better than a game in a book when it comes to travel and that’s just what you will get with this Brain Quest game for the car. These curriculum-based questions are packed into a paperback book and is intended for your family members as young as 7.

There are 1,100 questions about America including the answers and games too are all nestled in between the covers of the book. There is even a list of the American states and capitals in the back of the book! There is enough here to keep everyone happy and no one will get bored.

Be sure and grab this book before you head out on that long trip in the car or even on the plane. You can even play this game while camping and at parties!

5. Movie trivia game

A collection of fun car ride trivia questions and games for kids. Great for passing the time and having fun on your vacation trip.
What are the best car ride trivia questions and games? We have compiled the list.

Now that you have this list of 101 fun car trivia questions and games, you should have no problem keeping the kids busy on your next trip!