The goal of our editorial guidelines is to establish a way for our content and creators to be accurate, educational and helpful for our audience.

Our editorial principles

  • Readers first: Every article published on this site puts the readers need first and trying to help their questions or information in the best possible way. We don’t use fancy words and we like to write in everyday language that is easy to read and understand.
  • Accurate: Our articles are accurate, the information published is fact checked and reviewed by our team of review board members. These are people with extensive experience in the education field, current of former teachers mostly with relevant degrees and knowledge.
  • Audience centric: Our content is mainly focused on US based audience, but we try to include in our language respect and inclusivity for all ethnicities, genders and other countries habits and beliefs.

How we create our content

When it comes to content that relates to young teens or students, we take this very seriously and try and be as transparent as possible on how our content is created. Our team of writers has either past or current experience in teaching or in child development. And each article that is published on the site is reviewed by at least one team member to make sure it is valuable and helpful.

Product recommendations

Sometimes we recommend some products that relate to the topic of the article. If we recommend a product we usually link to a vendor that you can buy it from, either Amazon or otherwise and it may be an affiliate link, we are transparent about it but if we recommended it, we know it’s valuable.

We welcome feedback from our readers, if you have any suggestions or comments, please reach out using the form below: