101 Christmas Charades Ideas for Kids

A collection of Christmas charades ideas for kids. Great for a Christmas classroom game or a Christmas party game for kids.

Christmas Charades Ideas

A collection of Christmas charades ideas for kids. These Christmas themed charade categories include fun Christmas topics like eggnog, Christmas decorations, reindeer, and Santa Clause. December brings celebrations lasting throughout the month with office parties, ugly Christmas sweater parties, family gatherings, Secret Santa gift exchanges, and the kids wondering what the Elf on the Shelf will do each day. Tree decorating brings the family together followed by a treat of gingerbread cookies and warm apple cider. On Christmas Eve, the kids will get a glimpse of Santa’s tracks while they leave out cookies and milk and head off to bed anxiously awaiting his arrival. 

Everyone has their own ways and traditions of celebrating, but no matter what, there are sure to be families gathered together to share in the warmth and love of each other’s company; of course, there will be plenty of food to be had no matter where you are. During all these events there will be activities and crafts set up for everyone to enjoy along with some good old-fashioned games like Christmas Charades and maybe even some challenging Christmas tongue twisters. 

If you’re not sure how to get a fun game of charades started, keep reading to learn how to play Christmas Charades followed by a creative list of 101 Christmas Charades ideas that everyone can enjoy.

Playing Christmas Charades

Playing Christmas Charades is easy to learn, and anybody can play! It can be played anyplace you want as long as you have enough space to move around and you don’t need a lot of stuff to make the game happen, just some clues and a group of people and you’re all set.


Before you begin to play Christmas Charades, you will want to cut out the following clues, fold them tight, and put them in a container. Split everyone up into two teams, decide who will start the game first, set a timer, and begin to play.

How to Play Charades:

The first player will start by picking one of the clues from the container. When the timer starts it will be up to that person to make the rest of his/her team members guess the clue but be careful because you can’t talk while giving the clues, you can only use gestures. It’s okay to move around, use your hands, or twist your body, just don’t use your voice or you could send a point to the opposite team. If the clue is guessed correctly before the time runs out then the team will get a point, but if not, the opposite team will get one guess and if they get it right, they get the point. If neither team guesses correctly, that clue can be thrown back into the container and the game will continue with the next team. You have the option of losing a point to the other team if you talk while giving the clue. 

Younger children might not understand what a gesture is, so keep that in mind. Also, if you’re playing with small children who can’t read yet, you might consider putting the clues down in picture form. You could even make two different containers; one for the younger players and one for the more advanced players. Try to mix up the ages within a team to keep things fair for everyone.

To get the game started we have provided you with 101 Christmas Charades ideas you can use. Cut the clues into strips or write them down, tweak them or add to them, but either way, these clues should keep everyone busy.

A list of Christmas charades ideas for kids. This is a great classroom game or Christmas party game. Hours of fun and entertainment are sure ensue.

101 Christmas Charades

1. Santa Claus 

2. Mrs. Claus

3. Elves

4. Reindeer

5. Santa’s Workshop

6. Shopping

7. Wrapping Presents

8. Unwrapping Presents

9. Christmas Tree 

10. Decorating the Christmas Tree

11. Decorations 

12. Snow Falling 

13. Lighting Candles

14. Church 

15. Nativity Scene 

16. Prayers 

17. Traveling

18. Visiting Relatives

19. Stockings

20. Fireplace

21. Ham

22. Turkey

23. Making Cookies

24. Baking Pies 

25. Watching Movies 

26. White Christmas (Movie)

27. A Christmas Story (Movie)

28. Home Alone (Movie)

29. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Movie)

30. A Christmas Carol (Movie)

31. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Movie)

32. Rudolph

33. Frosty the Snowman

34. Singing Christmas Carols

35. Jingle Bells

36. Mistletoe

37. Eggnog

38. Tree Topper

39. Chopping Down the Christmas Tree

40. Angels

41. Candy Canes 

42. Family

43. Christmas Tree Ornaments

44. Christmas Cards

45. Chimney

46. Red

47. Green

48. Toys

49. Baby Doll

50. Toy Truck

51. Fruitcake

52. Bows

53. Holly

54. Twinkling Lights

55. North Pole

56. Poinsettia

57. Ribbon

58. Scrooge

59. Sleigh Bells

60. Sled

61. Winter

62. Cold Weather

63. Wreath

64. Children

65. Crafts

66. Parade

67. The Mall

68. Dressing Up

69. Gingerbread House

70. Cookie Cutters

71. Gingerbread Men

72. Manger

73. Jesus

74. Snowman

75. Three Wise Men

76. Parties

77. Ugly Christmas Sweater

78. Christmas List

79. Naughty

80. Nice

81. December

82. Christmas Eve

83. Feast

84. Putting the Gifts Under the Tree

85. Candy

86. Soup Kitchen

87. Apple Cider

88. Gingerbread Woman

89. Hot Chocolate

90. Hugging

91. Ice Skating

92. Nutcracker

93. Stringing Popcorn

94. Taking Pictures

95. Elf on the Shelf

96. Silent Night

97. Twas’ the Night Before Christmas

98. Santa’s Bag

99. Santa’s Suit

100. Santa’s Hat

101. Santa’s Boots

Now that you’ve had a chance to look over the rules to Christmas Charades and you’ve read all 101 Christmas Charades ideas, you can include this game in all your Christmas party events. You can even organize a fun game of Christmas Charades after dinner when everyone is ready to relax and settle down for the day. When you finish all 101 of these Christmas Charades ideas and you’re ready for another game, add some more charades to the list for the kids to act out.