21 Fun Frisbee Games for Kids

A collection of 21 frisbee games for kids. Great for playing at recess or during summer break.

Are your kids spending too much time indoors? Are they bored of the same old sports? Why not give frisbee a try! Kids frisbee games are exhilarating, fun, and action-packed. Frisbee games are also a very affordable entertainment option that delivers many hours of fun for the whole family.

Another great advantage of playing frisbee games is that they are beneficial for your children’s health. Kid’s frisbee games will:

  • Improve their ability to run at high speed
  • Increase their endurance
  • Improve their agility
  • Improve their hand eye coordination as they catch fast moving frisbees
  • Improve their strength as they jump to catch frisbee and throw the frisbee long distances

In this guide, I’ll be sharing 21 frisbee games for kids. I’ll also showcase 3 fantastic kid’s frisbees that are durable, lightweight, and affordable.

Best frisbee games for kids

A collection of the best frisbee games for kids.

The following frisbee games are ideal for children. They have simple rules and can be learned by kids in a few minutes. Let’s check them out.

1. Frisbee Lawn Bowls

This simple game will test each child’s ability to throw a frisbee accurately.  Frisbee Lawn Bowls is usually played outdoors on a flat grassy surface. 

The game starts with someone throwing a tennis ball or baseball so it lands at least 30 feet away. A cardboard target could also be used. 

Participants will stand in a line and throw their frisbees one at a time, with the goal of landing as close to the target as possible. 

If one of the participants manages to land a frisbee on top of the target, they automatically win the round and receive 1 point. The first player to score 5 points is the winner of the game. 

2. Frisbee throwing race

This simple frisbee game is a lot of fun and easy-to-learn, which makes it ideal for children. Start by marking two parallel lines on the ground, which are about 10 yards apart.

These lines are labeled 1 and 2. They can be drawn with chalk on cement or string can be used on grass (with a colored marker to designate 1 and 2).

Participants will then pair up and stand on opposite lines, so they are about 10 yards apart.  Give a frisbee to the child who is standing on the “1″ line. When you say “Go” they will begin throwing the frisbee back and forth with their partner. 

The first team to make 20 catches in a row wins the game. Alternately, you could declare the pair that successfully completes the most throws and catches the winner.

3. Frisbee tag

This is a great game for boosting the fitness levels of participants. It requires at least two players. The game starts with one child flipping a frisbee. If it lands with its top up, they must run to a pre-determined spot without being tagged by the other player. 

If it lands bottom up, they must attempt to tag the other player before they get to the same spot.

4. KanJam 

KanJam is a 4 player game designed for kids 12 years and older ( or any child with good frisbee throwing skills ). It requires several frisbees and two rubbish cans or large boxes.

The two rubbish cans are placed about 20 feet apart. One partner from each team stands next to the opposite garbage can. Going in turns, each team will attempt to throw the frisbee at the other rubbish can. 

The other player on your team can help by deflecting the frisbee while it is in the air to get it to land in the rubbish bin. Scoring is as follows:

  • If you manage to hit the rubbish bin, your team gets one point.  
  • If your partner manages to deflect your frisbee into the rubbish bin you get two points
  • If you manage to throw your frisbee into the bin by yourself, you get three points

If you don’t have any spare bins or boxes, you can purchase a KanJam kit.  This kit comes with bins that also have a hole in the front, so you have two ways to get your frisbee into the bin.

5. Frisbee Tennis

This frisbee game is usually played on a tennis court, but can also be played on basketball or volleyball court if you have a net of some kind. This is a large scale game that is best played with 2 teams of 3 to 4 people each.  

The games starts with each team standing on opposite sides of the net. Similar to tennis, one team will “serve” the frisbee over the net.

If the team that receives the disc cannot catch it or takes more than 3 throws to get it back over the net, the serving team gets a point. If a team throws the frisbee out of bounds, the other team wins the point. It can be scored like tennis or like volley ball (first to 15 points). 

6. Disc golf

Disc golf is an extremely popular sport that combines frisbee with golf. The rules are similar to golf, except you will be throwing a frisbee into a basket instead of hitting a golf ball into a hole. 

The person who manages to get their frisbee into the baskets on the disc golf course with the least number of throws is the winner.  

The discs that are used in frisbee golf are typically heavier than a normal frisbee and are designed to fly longer ranges. There are also more types of discs including long range driver discs and short range putters. 

You can buy affordable kid’s disc golf kits which come with a selection of discs and a practice goal. These kits are useful for practicing on before venturing out onto a disc golf course for a full game.

7. Ultimate Frisbee

This is another popular sport that uses frisbees. Ultimate frisbee is an extremely fast-paced and athletic game that combines aspects of soccer and American football.

It is a non-contact sport usually played with two teams of 7 players each. However, you can use smaller teams if you wish.

The playing field looks similar to a football field, with a large playing space in the middle and two end zones at opposite ends. The goal of the game is to successfully catch the game frisbee while standing in the opponent’s end zone.

Points begin with the players lining up on their end zone lines. The defense will throw the disc to the offense. Players are only allowed to move when they don’t hold the disc. 

When they do hold the disc, their only option is to stand still and throw it.  If a pass is incomplete, the disc is turned over to the other team.  

Games are usually played to 13/15/17 points with a time limit of between 75 to 100 minutes. However, you can tweak this to suit the skill level and fitness of the children.

8. Frisbee Soccer

This game is very similar to ultimate frisbee, but combines some elements of soccer. The rules are identical except it is played on a soccer field and teams must get the game frisbee into the opponent’s goal to score. Frisbee Soccer also has goalies, which protect the goal mouth.

You can also try “Goaltimate”. It is virtually the same as frisbee soccer, but it is played on a half-court and uses a special semicircular hoop as the goal. Click here to learn more about Goaltimate

9. Frisbee touch rugby

This is a great one for children that love rugby league or rugby union, but are too young to play contact sports. This game uses most of the rules of a normal touch rugby game. It is played on a rectangular field that is about the size of an American football field, with 6 players per team.

The goal of the game is to run the frisbee into the other team’s end zone ( which earns the team 1 point ). The game commences with both teams standing on their end zones and one team throwing it to the other.

Players are allowed to run with the frisbee, but are considered “tackled” when a member of the other team touches them. You can also attach ribbons to each player with velcro, which have to be taken to signify a tackle. 

Once a team has been tackled 6 times, it is a “turnover” and the disc is given to the other team. Players can pass the frisbee, but it is only allowed to travel backwards. The winning team is the one with the most points after two halves of 20 minutes each.

9. Pool jumping frisbee

Pool jumping frisbee is the perfect game for the warmer months. The aim of the game is simple – to get a photo of someone doing their craziest jump into the pool as they attempt to catch a frisbee. 

You will need someone to throw the frisbee, someone to take the picture, and someone to catch the frisbee as they jump into the pool. The person who makes the most athletic catch or creates the funniest photo wins!

10. Water transport race

This simple game is a lot of fun for younger children. Start by setting up a running course for the kids. The course could either be across flat ground or might incorporate a few obstacles to make it trickier. 

Each child is given a frisbee which is turned upside down and filled with a cup of water. The children must race while holding the frisbee and spilling the least amount of water possible. 

The winner is the child who finishes in the top 50% of runners with the most water left in their frisbee.

11. Frisbee tic tac toss

The goal of the game is to place frisbees in a tic tac toe grid, with the winner being the first person to get three in a row – just like tic tac toe. To play this game, you will require at least 12 frisbees of 2 different colors ( 6 of each color ) and between 2 to 4 players. Start by setting up a tic tac toe grid on some concrete using duct tape or chalk. 

Alternately, you could draw a grid on a large piece of cardboard, a tarpaulin or shower curtain, which can be placed on grass or concrete.  

If there are 4 players have them form two teams of two players. Each team will stand on opposite corners of the grid from their partner, about 6 feet away from the corner. If there are only two players, they stand on opposite side of the grid, about 6 feet away from it.

To choose who goes first, flip a frisbee into the air like a coin and have one team call top or bottom. If they call the side of the frisbee that is facing upwards, they go first. 

The teams will alternately throw frisbees into the squares in an effort to form three in a row. The frisbee only needs to have more than 50% of it in a square to be marking that square. 

If a frisbee throw is missed of lands in a square already being occupied, they get that frisbee back and wait for their next turn.

12. Stack them up frisbee game

This is a wonderful game for younger children who cannot accurately throw frisbees yet. It requires at least 10 frisbees to play. Give the children one frisbee each and have them stand in a line. Then, one at a time, have them form a tower using the frisbees. 

When a child successfully adds a frisbee to the tower, they get one point.  After the tower has been built and collapsed several times, count the points of each player and declare a winner.

13. Frisbee hot potato

The frisbee version of the popular hot potato game! Have all of the players spread out into a large circle. Each player should be at least 10 feet away from any other player. 

Set a random timer on a mobile phone. The person at the 12 o’clock position of the circle starts with the frisbee and can throw it to their left or right. From there, players will continue throwing it in a circle.  

If anyone drops the frisbee, they are out of the game ( unless the throw is really bad ). The person holding the frisbee when the timer goes off is caught with the hot potato and is also out of the game.

Once a person is caught with the hot potato, the timer is reset and the game commences again. The game continues until there is only one player left.

14. Around 9 frisbee challenge

This challenging game is useful for building frisbee throwing skills. It requires a frisbee and a disc golf basket or a Kanjam target. This game can be played solo or with a group of people. 

The aim is to move around the target in 9 different positions, and successfully throw the frisbee into the disc golf basket as many times as possible.  Alternately, you could award points for simply hitting the target if you are using a different kind of target.

The 9 throwing positions move in an anti-clockwise or clockwise direction, with each position being a different distance from the target. Position 1 is 12 feet, position 2 is 14 feet, position 3 is 16 feet and so on until you reach position 9, which is 28 feet from the target. 

Points are awarded for each successful throw, starting at 1 point for position 1 and finishing at 9 points for position 9 to give a maximum possible score of 45 points. The winner of the round is the person to get the most points.

15. Frisbee Battle Royale

Frisbee Battle Royale is a frenetic game that children love. Each child is given a frisbee, which they must balance upside down on the palm of one of their hands. 

They cannot grab the frisbee, place it against their body, or hold it with two hands. The players will spread out on a small sporting fields like a basketball or tennis court with no net.  

Once the referee blows a whistle or says that the Battle Royale has commenced, the game starts. The goal is to knock the other player’s frisbees off their hands, while maintaining control over your own frisbee. 

If a player drops their frisbee or someone knocks it from their hand, they are eliminated from the round. It’s a great game for encouraging children to exercise and it is very funny to watch!


STIICKS is a commercial product that includes a couple of frisbees and multiple STIICKS. Various games can be played with STIICKS, including Twenty One.  To play Twenty One, set up two STIICKS about 15 feet apart. 

Players will divide into two teams and stand on opposite sides of each other, next to one of the STIICKS.  

Players will then take turns throwing their frisbee at the opponent’s STIICK. If they manage to hit their opponent’s STIICK, they receive one point and if they hit the yellow part of the STIICK, they receive two points. The first team to reach 21 wins the game.

17. Hula Hoop Target Throws

This is a simple game from Education World that can be used to improve how accurately children can throw frisbees. Start by hanging several frisbees from the branches of a tree. 

Each player attempts to throw as many frisbees through the hula hoops as possible. They have 5 frisbee throws available and get 1 point for each successful throw.  

18. Target practice (Captan America version)

This game is fun for kids who like to pretend they are Captain America. Setup a series of targets, including empty cans, soda bottles, and villain plush toys.

The children will have to hit as many targets as possible within 30 seconds using a Captain America Frisbee. Have someone available to throw the frisbee back to the child after each attempt, or use multiple frisbees. The winner is the person who manages to knock over the most bad guys within the allotted time.

19.  Frisbee bowling

There are many uses for frisbees other than throw them.  In this game, children will roll their frisbees in an attempt to knock over empty soda bottles set up as bowling bins.

Taking turns, each child gets two frisbees to roll towards the empty soda bottles. The game can be scored like ten pin bowling.

20. Frisbee dodgeball

The rules for frisbee dodgeball are simple. Players will make two teams, which will stand on opposite sides of an outdoor or indoor area. 

When the referee yells “go”, players must run into the centre of the playing area and grab a frisbee. The discs are then thrown in an attempt to hit players on the other team.  

If a player is hit, they are out. If a players catches a frisbee, one of the players on their team who is out can rejoin the game. This game usually works better when there is a “no throw” zone within 10 feet of the middle line, as this prevents short-range throws at the start of the round.

Frisbee dodgeball is best played with children over 8 as they won’t be hurt by a frisbee.

21. Frisbee baseball

If there is a baseball field nearby, you can give Frisbee Baseball a try. The rules are similar to baseball, but the “batter” throws a frisbee instead of hitting a baseball. 

They must throw the frisbee outside of the diamond, to give fielders a chance to catch it. A throw that lands inside the diamond or goes out of bounds is considered a strike. 

If a throw is not caught and lands on the ground, the batter get to move forward one base. If the frisbee is caught, they will be “struck out” and the next thrower comes in. 

Similar to baseball, once three throwers are struck out, the teams will swap roles, just like a normal baseball game.

The best frisbees for kids

A collection of the best frisbees for kids.

Here are 3 great frisbees that feature cool designs and are lightweight enough for kids to handle. They are also very durable and can stand up to the collisions that occur when kids accidentally throw their frisbee into a solid object.

9” Emoji Frisbee Disc Flyers 

This set of eight frisbees featuring cute emoji characters is perfect for children.  Made from ultra-durable hard plastic, they are an affordable set of frisbees that will survive collisions with trees and other objects. Their bright colors also make them easy to find if they are accidentally launched into foliage.

Spiderman frisbee

Kids that love Spiderman will enjoy this 9-inch Spiderman frisbee.  It is made from durable hard plastic and features a large image of Spiderman’s face.

If your kids love superheroes, you could also get the Captain America frisbee mentioned earlier.

American Educational Products Ultra Soft Foam Frisbees

These ultra soft frisbees are an excellent choice if you are playing with very young children and you are concerned that they might be hurt by a hard plastic frisbee. This pack includes 6 frisbees of assorted colors. 

These frisbees are very lightweight and aerodynamic – the perfect frisbee design for a child who is learning to throw frisbees for the first time.

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What are the best frisbee games for kids? Check out this list of 21 frisbee games.
A collection of frisbee games for kids.