Printable Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids. 121 Nature Items List

A collection of printable nature scavenger hunts lists. Great for hiking and camping with kids. Keep kids entertained and engaged outdoors.

Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt that everyone, at any age can enjoy. We have created a printable nature scavenger hunt for kids list with 121 nature items in the form of riddles. This is a great way to get the family together to enjoy the outdoors, and the children will be learning while having fun.

Before we get into the nature riddles let’s talk about a few important things you will want to know before getting started.

Nature Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A collection of nature scavenger hunt riddles for kids.

1. Run along with all your power and bring back a pretty flower.

2. One, two, three, four we all adore a good luck clover.

3. Now don’t squirm, but you should find a worm.

4. While you have it on your mind, go and see how many feathers you can find.

5. Go to a tree and inspect the bark, look real close and bring an insect back to the park.

6. While you’re walking it would be good if you could find something that is made of wood.

7. Something square could be found, but instead, bring back round.

8. This is a lot of fun and before you’re done, in your sack should be something black.

9. Now don’t get hurt but you need to find some dirt.

10. When it’s wet it looks like glass, but it’s okay to bring back dry grass.

11. Big or small, flat or round, look on the ground for some rocks to be found.

12. If it’s large or if it’s tiny, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s shiny.

13. The pile is thick but if you look real hard you will find a small stick.

14. Exploring nature can be fun, bring back something that grows in the sun.

15. Look above your head and see if you can find something red.

16. By now you probably have a lot to carry, but you should still have room to bring back a berry.

17. Look near the tree where the squirrels play and pick up a nut from their buffet. 

18. Let’s see what you can find that starts with a “D”.

19. Without any stress, bring back something beginning with “S”.

20. Look at every angle for something that’s shaped like a triangle.

21. Sometimes an insect will lose its wing so bring one back if you can find such a thing.

22. Look on a log and find a frog.

23. Birds of plenty you will see, but a bird of red you might find in a tree.

24. Now take a break and go find a lake.

25. Look for a scene where you can find something green.

26. Although it might be tough, go and collect something that is rough.

27. Go look in a crack, there you might find something fuzzy to bring back.

28. Look at a plant to see if you can find an ant.

29. All snug in the dirt, you might find where a ladybug lurks.

30. Although it will be icky, you need to bring back something sticky.

31. So what do you think? Can you find something with a stink?

32. Go take a walk and look for a rock. You will need one with a hole for a string that can be hung from a pole.

33. Why all the muddle? All you should do is look for a puddle.

34. If you have good luck you should find a duck.

35. You would never find one in a blizzard, but today you should have no problem finding a lizard.

36. If you get an early start, you might find something with a curly part.

37. From tree to tree it might be spread, look for a web where a spider makes its bed.

38. You must strive to look for a place where you can see a beehive.

39. Birds, snakes, and lizards alike are hatched from eggs that are often left hollow for others to find. Bring one back for comparison and see if it’s one of a kind.

40. We’ll make this brief, go and find a holey leaf.

41. Pull out your bag to see if it’s full because one more thing you must add. Bring back something that can be recycled.

A printable nature scavenger hunt list. Great for the kids when they are outdoors and creating adventure and engagement.

Hiking Scavenger Hunt Riddles

A collection of hiking scavenger hunt riddles for kids.

42. Animal tracks are really cool, pull out your phone and snap a picture to show off at school.

43. When you see a tree that’s made of pine, look to see if a pinecone you can find.

44. While you’re hiking along check the ground where snake skin might be found. 

45. Look in the tree where a squirrel you might see.

46. While you’re hiking through the trail look around for something unusual is sure to be found.

47. Things can be twisted and made anew, but for this project something that can be tied will do.

48. After reading carefully through these notes, you’ve now discovered you must find something that floats. 

49. Be careful as you walk because a hole in the ground must be found.

50. ATVs have been known to cruise through the woods and who knows what else might be seen, but for this you must find some tracks of tires at the scene.

51. In the ground poison ivy and oak can often be found, please don’t touch take a picture to prove you found such.

52. To find a pile of rotting leaves might be ugly, but animals find it to be quite snuggly. 

53. Red clay can be quite pretty so go and find some, bring back just a little bitty. 

54. If eating is what you have in mind, then some wild onions might be a great find.

55. If you don’t mind, see if an acorn you can find.

56. On the trail much can be found so look closely and find a wild flower in a mound.

57. This might seem odd but go and find a seed pod.

58. When you take a walk around the bend you will find a white rock near the end.

59. By the herds the birds will flock and if you look closely you can find their nest where they rest.

60. Go and find a tree with a trunk as hollow as can be.

61. It would be sweet for you to find a treasure that’s soft and neat.

62. An ant hill you are sure to find covered with ants of many kinds.

63. Look upon the leaf of a tree for a butterfly you might see.

64. On the trail can be found things that are straight and even round but bring back something that shows off a nail. 

65. Be a kind fellow and bring back something that is yellow. 

66. Go out on the prowl and bring back something that is foul.

67. No need for the yelling, quietly take a picture of an animal dwelling.

68. You better get a head start in looking for something that begins with the letter “A”.

69. Before the end of this game, come back with something that rhymes with your name.

70. You should never fail at finding something that has a tail.

71. Come on now and find something smaller than your thumb.

72. You might not know just where to start when it’s time to look for a rock in the shape of a heart. 

73. When walking along the trail that winds look for a snail you can add to your finds.   

74. Here’s a task that you might dread, but you must find a tree that’s dead.

75. Well gee, let’s see if you can find some fungus on a tree.

76. Do a good deed and bring back something funny to take the lead.

77. If it’s sunny you should know, a shadow your body will grow.

78. Now it’s your turn to find a fern.

79. While you walk do not fear, but in the woods, you might see a deer.

80. Watch out for the ants while you find some plants.

81. The day has gone by and you’re at the end of the trail, now look for stars in the sky before you bail. 

A printable hiking scavenger hunt list. Great for keeping kids entertained and engaged when hiking on the trails.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

A collection of outdoor scavenger hunt riddles for kids.

82. A birdhouse seems like the best place for a bird to rest.

83. Slow your pace and find a sign with the name of a place.

84. If your plan is to throw away some ash, first you must find a can where you put the trash.

85. You will see cats and dogs and even more because, outside, animals you will find galore.

86. Now don’t be a quitter, hurry along and collect some litter.

87. Be a spotter and watch the water, look for something that will float, maybe a boat.

88. Now that you’re tired, you’re probably ready for slumber, but not quite yet because with all your picks you need to throw in something with a number six.

89. Some call it soda and some call it pop, but either way the bottle will need a top.

90. Please don’t bail now because you still need to find a nail.

91. It might be nice if you could bring back some string.

92. If you’re really tall you might capture a good pic of a hoop for a basketball.

93. You probably think you’re almost done, but this is too much fun. Tread out to look for something red. 

94. This won’t be drastic, you can find a piece of plastic.

95. You would make a dandy scrapper when you pick up a candy wrapper.

96. Hurry along to find something that looks like a bike.

97. There will be no need for you to brag when you bring back the biggest flag.

98. It’s time for another clue dear friend, bring back something colored in a blue blend.

99. You might try a place where you dine to find the letter “B” on a sign.

100. Be the best in your class and find something made of glass.

101. Roses are red, violets are blue, but what is yellow? A dandelion, dear fellow.

102. Now don’t boast when you bring back the most, but the best find will be the light on a post.

103. For this you cannot pass, bring back a blade of grass.

104. Will you please take your time and look for a BBQ grill?

105. You might need to jump for the sight of a tire pump.

106. Go to the patio where you can find a chair.

107. If you want to join along in the fun, look for a coin and then you will be done.

108. You won’t have to look very far to take a picture of a car.

109. Be careful not to get off track because you need to find something that has a crack.

110. Now that you have found so many things, maybe you should take a selfie on some swings.

111. If you have a lot of luck you can find a really big truck.

112. When you’re done you can take a break but for now go find a rake.

113. With this you will need a lot of thought for where can you find a flower pot?

114. Hurry up to find an orange rind.

115. Your toy dragon might find joy riding in a wagon.

116. You should go and find a piece of wood.

117. Look around to see if an orange leaf can be found.

118. You might have to walk a few blocks to seek your next find but bring back a box of any kind.

119. Stop making a fuss and go find a bus.

120. Look up and not down for an airplane flying over the town.

121. Look hard with all your might to see if you can find a kite.

Planning an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

How to plan an outdoor scavenger hunt with kids.

Before you get started think about who will be participating in the scavenger hunt. Will it be family? Friends? Clubs or church groups? You will also want to consider the ages of the participants. Keep in mind that small children who can’t read might need to be paired with an older child or an adult.

You can either send everyone off by themselves or in groups, but for safety, everyone should have a partner and they should travel in pairs.

Remember, this is an outdoor scavenger hunt and you don’t want to lose anyone or risk anyone getting hurt.

Many of the items on the list will need to be collected while others can be drawn, or a picture can be taken when they find it, so they have proof when they get back. Be sure and provide them with paper for drawing or at least one person with a cell phone. They should have a phone anyway so they can call for help in the case of an emergency. 

If this is a camping trip you can have a craft time before the scavenger hunt and allow each child to decorate a bag that they will use to collect their finds. You will want to print out these riddles beforehand and they can be glued to the bags for safe keeping. 

So that they don’t wander away into the woods because they have gotten side tracked and so that they are not still out after dark, you can set a time limit, set the timer on the phones before they head out so they can keep track.

Make a starting place and call it “home base” so they know where to return with their finds when they’re finished. 

Safety First

First and foremost, you will want to practice important safety procedures. Follow this guide while preparing for your nature scavenger hunt:

  • Never travel alone! Always have at least a pair in each group.
  • Provide at least one member in a team with a cell phone and a whistle. This way they can contact someone in the event of an emergency. The whistle can be used for finding each other.
  • Dress for the weather. Dress warm in cooler weather and be sure not to overdress in the heat.
  • Never wear open toed shoes. Boots and tennis shoes work best in a nature scavenger hunt.
  • Wear gloves when necessary so that fingers don’t get cold or pricked on sharp objects.
  • Stay away from wild animals, snakes, and insects. Use good judgement, if you’re not sure you should approach something then you probably shouldn’t. 
  • Carry water and stay hydrated. You don’t want to spoil a good day by getting sick.
  • Never enter onto private property. If you find someone’s yard, house, barn, etc. don’t enter, that’s considered trespassing and you could get into trouble.
  • If you find something you want to take a picture of, be sure not to include people you don’t know or private buildings, this could also get you in trouble. If you need to take a picture of something and you’re not sure you should, you can either skip it and look for something else or ask for permission. Again, use good judgement, if you’re not completely sure about something then you probably shouldn’t do it.
  • Never litter and always clean up any messes that you make.

With all these safety precautions, you are now ready to begin your scavenger hunt! The following printable nature scavenger hunt list with 121 nature items will help you get off to a good start. Be safe! 

A collection of printable nature scavenger hunt lists for kids. Great for outdoor field trips, hiking, or taking the kids camping. Keep the kids engaged outdoors while they try to find the items on these lists.
A printable outdoor scavenger hunt list for kids. Great for keeping the kids engaged while camping and hiking.

Now that you have this list of printable nature scavenger hunt clues, you should never have to face another boring outdoor trip again. Find more scavenger hunt clues. Be safe and have fun!