This is the Month of September!

2018… Updated January, 2018 Monthly, Weekly, and Themes of the Day are a great way to build your month’s activities! Be sure to check out the following special days!


  • Baby Safety Month
  • Classical Music Month
  • Hispanic Heritage Month (Visit Mexican Theme)
  • International Square Dancing Month
  • Little League Month
  • Better Breakfast Month
  • National Blueberry Popsicle Month
  • National Chicken Month (See Chicken & Pig Theme)
  • National Honey Month
  • National Good Manners Month
  • National Rice Month (Ideas  below) 
  • National Fall Hat Month
  • National Piano Month
  • National Preparedness Month
  • National Yoga Awareness Month
  • Older Workers Month
  • Self Improvement Month
  • Travel Agent Month
  • Read a New Book Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month begins every year September 15, and ends October 15


2018 September 9, 2018
2019 September 8, 2019
2020 September 13, 2020
2021 September 12, 2021
2022 September 11, 2022
2023 September 10, 2023
2024 September 8, 2024


Originally founded in 1904 as National Apple Week, it was expanded in 1996 to a three-month promotional window from September through November!!! See tons of ‘Apple Ideas’!


1.   National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day
2.   National Blueberry Popsicle Day
3.   Uncle Sam’s Birthday – September 3, 1813
4.   Newspaper Carrier Day

Labor Day:  ; (See Red/White/Blue Category)

5.   Be Late for Something Day
5.   National Cheese Pizza Day (Make some from Bagels, Bobli or English muffins!)
6.   Read a Book Day!
7.   Grandma Moses Birthday
7.   Google Founded Anniversary (1998)
8.   International Literacy Day (See the many Fun Literacy Ideas)
9.   Teddy Bear Day (See Teddy Bear theme and bottom for game)
9.   Bonza Bottler Day: Just a reason to celebrate. See description at page bottom! Combine it with….September 9th…Wonderful Weirdos Day A great day to be silly & have fun! Have breakfast for lunch or dinner…wear your shirts backwards…wear two different colored socks!
10.   Swap Ideas Day
11.    National Day of Service and Remembrance
12.   Chocolate Milkshake Day, Popcorn Day, (Visit Popcorn Theme) and Mushroom Day
12.   Video Games Day
13.   Milton Hershey (the candy) Birthday (Make something chocolate)
13.   Raold Dahl Birthday
13.   National Peanut Day
13.   Positive Thinking Day
13.   National Celiac Disease Awareness Day
13.   National Anthem Day
14.   National Cream-filled Donut Day
15.   Make a Hat Day
15.   National School Backpack Awareness Day
15.   Costa Rica Independence Day
15.   El Salvador Independence Day
15.   Guatemala Independence Day
15.   Honduras Independence Day
15.   Nicaragua Independence Day
15.   United Nations: International Day of Democracy
16.   Mayflower Day
16.   Mexico Independence Day; (See Mexican Theme)
16.   United Nations International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone
16.   National Play-Doh Day (See Play Dough Category)
16.   Collect Rocks Day (See Stones, Rocks, Pebbles Theme)
16.   Step Family Day
16.  Hurricane Katrina National Day of Prayer and Remembrance
17.  Curious George Day
17.  Citizenship Day
17.  Constitution Day/Pledge Across America
17.  Constitution of the US: Anniversary (1787)
18.  AKC Responsible Dog Ownership day
18.   Chile Independence Day
18.   International Coastal Cleanup Day
18.   National Respect Day
18.   International Eat an Apple Day See tons of ‘Apple Ideas’!
19.   International ‘Talk like A Pirate Day’
19.   National Butterscotch Pudding Day
20.   First Railroad Station Opened – Sept 20th
20.   National Neighborhood Day
21.   United Nations International Day of Peace
21.   World Alzheimer’s Day
21.   National POW/MIA Recognition Day
21.   International Day of Peace
21.   Miniature Golf Day (See page bottom)
22.   Business Women’s Day
22.   Elephant Appreciation Day (See Elephant Jokes & Game at page bottom)
22.   International Day of Radiant Peace
22.   National Centenarian’s Day
22.   Ice Cream Cone Invented
22.   Hobbit Day

Autumn Equinox Day
2018 Sunday, September 23
2019 Monday, September 23
2020 Tuesday, September 22
2021 Wednesday, September 22

(Make your planning easy and visit Autumn/Fall Category Theme!)

23.   Energize Day
23.   Dear Diary Day…Have each child start a 2013/2014 Journal! Write in it at least once a week.
24.   National Punctuation Day
24.   Hug a Vegetarian Day
25.   Native American Day (The fourth Friday of September)
25.   National Comic Book Day
25.   Boys and Girls Clubs Day for Kids
25.   Love Note Day
25.   National One-Hit Wonder Day
26.   Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday 1774
26.   National Good Neighbor’s Day
26.   Family Health and Fitness Day
26.   National Hunting and Fishing Day
27.   Ancestor Appreciation Day (Start a Family tree or photo album)
27.   Family Day: A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children
27.   World Tourism Day
28.   United Nations World Maritime Day
28.   Ask a Stupid Question Day (Think up silly questions and do a computer search to see if you can find an answer for it!)
30.   National Women’s Health and Fitness Day


SEPTEMBER 9 – Don’t forget ‘Bonza Bottler Day’ !

It’s a day just to have a reason to celebrate. So celebrate!!!
This happens each month when the day and date are the same number!
Example: January 1, February 2, March 3, April 4, May 5, etc.

Bonza Bottler Day is a favorite with many school classrooms and programs because it provides a break in routine for the students and teachers. It has been celebrated since August 8 (8-8) 1985!

When the number of the year also coincides with the number of the day and month  (November  11, 2011, there is reason to have a bigger celebration (more food, more friends and more decorations).This is called a ‘Bodacious Bonza Bottler Day’. As the official website  states, “Bodacious means extraordinary, impressively great in size, or enormous” Consider making this a monthly event the kids can look forward to!

SEPTEMBER 9TH—TEDDY BEAR DAY (Visit the Teddy Bear and Other Bears Theme)


1. Play the LISTENING GAME. Keep still and listen for 60 seconds. Have the children list what they heard during that time.

2. HEARING GAME. Fill small cans with such things as beans, buttons, rice or water. Make sure there are two of each can that hold exactly the same item. Glue the lids on the cans. (Covered bottles or boxes can also be used.) Have children shake the containers and guess which two hold the same items. Example: Which two both have the rice? Etc.

3. Read the book, HELEN KELLER by Margaret Davidson. It’s for K thru 3rd grade and tells of Helen’s childhood and victory over disabilities. (She was both deaf and blind)



Collect and donate items on animal organizations’ wish lists: Example: Paper towels, dried dog food, milk substitute, portable cages, blankets and towels, cleansers, and food bowls.

1 cup peanut butter
12 oz. package chocolate chips
1 stick butter
1 12 oz. box Crispix cereal
2 to 3 cups powdered sugar

  • Melt the peanut butter, chocolate chips, and butter together. Pour over the cereal in a large kettle or bowl and stir well. Pour the powdered sugar into a large brown paper bag and add the cereal. Fold the bag to seal and shake well to coat evenly.


A child is picked to play the part of the dog. He or she sits on a chair with an object under it (to represent the bone) with their back to the group.
While the dog is turned around with his or her eyes closed, someone steals the bone and hide it somewhere on his person.
Then everyone sings: Doggy, Doggy, where’s your bone? Somebody’s stole it from your home. Guess who it might be.
The dog has three chances to guess who took it.
if the dog guesses right, he gets to do it again. If he guesses wrong, then the child who has the bone gets a turn as the dog.


Need: Golf clubs (or sponge and yardstick), golf ball or rubber ball, masking tape, glue, scissors, markers, shoe box. cardboard, Coffee can.

  • Use your own clubs, or use masking tape to adhere a new sponge to a yardstick
  • Build your course (see ideas below) using the coffee can for the final hole.
  • Take turns playing your way through your course.
  • Save your obstacles for the next rainy/snowy day.


  • For a tunnel, cut out the bottom of an empty oatmeal box, and place the box on its side.
  • To make a house, turn a shoe box upside down and cut out an entrance from one end, and the exit from the other end.
  • Fold a piece of cardboard in half and set it up like a tent for the ball to go through.
  • Place two or three Frisbees on the floor to form a curved fairway for the ball to go through.
  • Make a ramp by scoring (run one point of the scissors in a straight line without cutting all the way through) a piece of cardboard twice. Bend slightly at each score mark to create a upside, flat, and downside to your ramp. Put some books under the center section for support.
  • For a straight fairway, use two rows of building blocks.
  • Make a sand trap from a hula hoop.
  • For a pipe use paper and tape it.
  • Put a chair or stool in the center of the room for the ball to go under.


The leader gives each team a large piece of thick paper. Being blindfolded– the teams collectively draw an elephant.
1. The first player in each team draws the body…
2. The second draws the head…
3. The third-legs, etc…
4. The team which finishes the drawing first —and whose drawing is the most accurate becomes the winner.


How can you tell when an elephant has been in your refrigerator?
Look for elephant tracks in the butter.

How do you know if there is an elephant under your bed?
Your nose is touching the ceiling.

How do you make an elephant float?
Add two scoops of ice cream and a can of root beer to one elephant.

Why do elephants wear sandals?
So that they don’t sink in the sand.

Why do ostriches stick their head in the ground?
To look for the elephants who forgot to wear their sandals.

What’s gray, carries a bunch of flowers and cheers you up when your ill?
A get well elephant.

Which is stronger an elephant or a snail?
A snail, because it carries its house, an elephant just carries its trunk.

Who is the most famous singing female elephant?
Elephants Gerald.

Why are elephants wrinkled?
Have you ever tried to iron one?

Why aren’t elephants allowed on the beach?
Because they can’t keep their trunks up.

Why did the elephant paint himself orange?
So he could hide in the pumpkin patch.

Why did the elephant paint his toenails red?
So he could hide in the strawberry patch.

Why did the Elephant stand on the marshmallow?
So she wouldn’t fall in the hot chocolate.

Why do elephants eat raw food?
Because they don’t know how to cook.

Why do elephants rarely travel by plane?
It’s tough to get their trunks in the overhead bins.

Why do ducks have flat feet?
To stamp out forest fires.
Why do elephants have flat feet?
To stamp out flaming ducks.



Ingredients: 3 cups cooked leftover cold rice
1 cup of cooked chicken, pork, or beef cut up in bite size pieces
1 egg
2 Tbsp soy sauce
1 Tbsp Teriyaki sauce
1 tsp, garlic powder
1 green onion chopped
1/2 cup frozen peas and carrots mix
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
Black pepper to taste.

Add oil In wok or frying pan over med add cold rice after oil is hot, continually stirring for about 3 minutes; add frozen peas and carrots, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and garlic powder continue stirring until vegetables are tender about 10 minutes.

Add cooked meat stir for another 3-4 min or until meat is warmed through. scramble egg in a bowl, push all of the rice mixture to one side of pan or wok slowly add the egg to the empty space in pan scramble until cooked through then mix together with rest of rice mixture.

Add green onion and black pepper to taste. (Can be made at home and re-heated)

***You could also STEAM SOME WHITE RICE and serve with sweet/sour sauce and Chicken McNuggets ***Offer CHOPSTICKS for the children to eat with.

Required: Rice, 1” or smaller safety pins, bowl and timer
Players: Small to large groups
Pour one box of rice into a bowl, add one package of 1” safety pins and mix well.
Each player is to try to find the safety pins with their fingers without looking.
They are allowed 30 – 60 seconds to do this.
The person with the most safety pins is the winner.

COLORED RICE  to glue onto construction paper to create unique pictures
1 cup uncooked, white rice
1 teaspoon alcohol
Food coloring
1.  Combine the alcohol with four or five drops of food coloring in a plastic zipper bag.
2.  Add rice and shake until color is evenly distributed.
3.  Spread colored rice onto a cookie sheet and let dry. (If it’s sunny and not windy, rice can be dried outside.)

TWENTY GRAINS OF RICE – World Food Hunger Program  Using the internet children can donate 20 grains of rice to the WORLD FOOD HUNGER PROGRAM!  If your program has access to a computer and the Internet, introduce the children to the idea. Click here This Web site offers an English multiple-choice vocabulary test. For each word defined correctly, 20 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations World Food Program to help end hunger.To date–over 66 Billion grains have been donated!!!!

In many parts of the world it’s the beginning of the school year. Check out the wonderful ideas for starting the new school year!



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