Fun January Themes and Activities for Kids

January Activities

Looking for some fun theme or activities ideas for your kids or classroom? Look no further. Here you will find a collection of ideas for the month of January.

Flower: Carnation
Birthstone: Garnet
Astrological Sign:
~Capricorn~ December 23 January 20
~Aquarius ~January 21-Feruary 19

Planning  activities can be so easy! Just base your fun around the ‘Themes of the Month or Day”!

A collection of January themes and activity ideas for kids and the classroom. These fun ideas for the month of January will keep the kids learning and having fun all month.


• National Skating Month (Ideas page bottom)
• National Mentoring Month
• National Thank You Month
• Eye Care Month
• National Hobby Month
• National Soup Month (See page bottom)
• National Staying Healthy Month, National Oatmeal Month, and Hot Tea Month

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

In the United States, Dr. martin Luther King Day is always observed the third Monday Of January.

Theme Day Ideas for the Month of January

1.   New Year’s Day
Betsy Ross’s birthday, 1752
2.   Georgia became 4th State in 1788
Forefather’s Day-Haiti; Science Fiction Day
3.   Perihelion Day (Earth is closest to sun)
Quadrantids (Meteor shower:also tomorrow)
Alaska became state in 1959
J.R. Tolkien (author) born, 1882; Festival of Sleep Day
4.   Utah became state in 1896; Trivia Day; Louis Brialle born 1809
5.   National Bird Day  (See ideas in Bird Theme)
6.   Joan of Arc born 1412
Epiphany (Three Kings Day)
7.   Galileo discovers Jupiter’s four biggest moons – 1610
Old Rock Day (See Stones & Rocks Theme)
8.   Stephan Hawking‘s birthday,1942
9.   Connecticut became 5th State in 1788
National Apricot Day (Serve something with apricots in it!)
10. League of Nations founded 1920
11. Amelia Earhart: first woman to fly solo (Hawaii to Ca.)
Milk Day  Visit the short Theme of ‘Milk Day’  In 1878 – milk was delivered for the first time in bottles.

12. John Hancock born 1737
Work Harder Day
13.  Make your dreams come true day! (What are your children’s dreams? Write about them-draw/paint them. What are your dreams? )
      Rubber Ducky Day
14.  Albert Schweitzer’s birthday – 1875
15.  Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday; Dress up your Pet Day; National Wear a Hat Day
16.  Dian Fosse (gorilla researcher) born 1932

16. National Nothing Day (What are some of your kids favorite ways to ‘do nothing’? Talk about it.)
17.  Benjamin Franklin’s birthday-1706
18.  Robert Scott reaches South Pole
Winnie the Poo Day
19. Paul Cézannes birthday- 1930
Popcorn Day (See POPCORN THEME )
20. Buzz Aldren’s birthday-1930; Penguin Awareness Day
21. National Hugging Day; 22. British colonists reach New Zealand – 1840; Answer your Cat’s Question Day
23. National Handwriting Day
 Measure your Feet Day-(Be sure to do this! See extension idea below)
National School Nurse Day
24. James Marshall discovers gold at Sutters Mill-1848
Thank your Mentor Day!
25. First Winter Olympics 1942
Opposite Day
26. Michigan becomes State- 1837
Australia Day
27. Mozart’s birthday – 1756
28. Arkansas makes honeybee the state insect – 1973; Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day; National Kazoo Day (See page bottom)
29. National Puzzle Day ~Visit Puzzle Theme Day ~page 2 at page bottom ; National Corn Chip Day

30. Franklin D Roosevelt’s birthday, 1882
31. Jackie Robinson’s birthday, 1919
Backwards Day Inspire your Heart with Art Day


Theme Day Ideas

 January 7 is‘OLD ROCK DAY’ 

Be sure to visit the ‘Stones, Rocks & Pebbles’ Theme page! Tons of fun ideas!


January 11th… For ideas VISIT SHORT THEMED ‘MILK DAY



Check out the Popcorn Theme Category (Lots and lots of ideas!)




Mix learning and fun! INTRODUCE MEASUREMENT …

Offer measuring tapes, rulers, thermometers, balance scales, measuring cups, clocks, hour-glasses, and stand-on scales…Help children weigh and measure everything…NOT ONLY SHOES AND FEET but… living plants, table heights, how many minutes it takes to eat lunch/snack. (Pre-K/K—how long each child naps, etc. )

Record measurements, repeat often, and discuss what changes and what stays the same.





National Kazoo Day falls on January 28 each year. However, some kazooists opt for celebrating Kazoo Day on the 26th, 27th or 29th while others find the fourth Thursday of January convenient…

How to Make a Kazoo

Need: Toilet Paper Tubes, Wax Paper, Rubber Band, Paint
Decorate a toilet paper tube with paint. Then punch a hole about a half-inch down the tube. Last…put a circle of wax paper over one end and secure it with a rubber band.



Can’t skate at a rink of outdoors? Try one of two of these ‘indoor’ skate-fun ideas…


Collect plastic grocery bags. Tie one on each foot. (This will take a little time.) Have children go into the gym and play a game–but they have to skate on the bags Basketball is a riot! From Mrs.Z/Rochester, Mi.


Supplies: Tootsie Rolls (1 for each child)
Shoe box for each team, Bell for each team
2 mittens for each team
2 bowls for each team

1. Place tootsie rolls, in a bowl, at the opposite end of the room.
2. Divide the children into two or more relay teams.
3. Explain that when you say, “GO” the first person on each team will put on the mittens, step into the shoe boxes and ‘skates’ to the other end of the room.
They are then to pick up a tootsie roll out of the bowl and race back to their team still wearing their mittens and shoe boxes.
4. Pass the mittens and shoe box to the next person in line, sit down, eat your tootsie roll.
5. The first team to finish eating their tootsie rolls wins! Adapted from



Make a skating rink on the carpet by placing tape on the floor as an outline and then put wax paper on the children’s shoes. They’ll y like to do this—and it’s also good for indoor large motor skills.



JANUARY IS NATIONAL SOUP MONTH Hot-hearty and healthy for cold days!!!
Great for after school programs…Think about making a big pot of soup in a crock pot. You can start it in the morning program and let it go on low during the day.

Have kids sign up to bring potatoes, small onion, carrots, celery, cans of beef broth, can of diced tomatoes, seasoning, crackers or rolls, etc.
* Each child would only have to bring a single item to make a huge pot.
* If your program isn’t too large—canned soup heated is also good!


From Tasha Palmer- Vista, California
I boil some chicken off the bone or purchase the chicken in a can at Sam’s Club. Chop some potatoes; throw in a can of green beans, corn, and tomato sauce. I also add some chicken broth. Simmer until done. (This is faster with the canned chicken) Serve in small cups with some saltine crackers.
(I made this for my 2, 3, 4 year old classes–Older mixed groups will also like it!).


Combine NATIONAL SOUP MONTH with OLD ROCK DAY (on the 7th) and make STONE SOUP!

Stone soup is a wonderful story to share with children in a group setting.  Read the story one day and the next day have  children bring a ziploc baggie of chopped up vegetables, herbs and/or spices (you can assign things to bring for a well rounded soup or let the children bring whatever they like for a mystery pot).


For more child participation-
1. Everyone can chop or measure ingredients.
2. Put all in a large crock pot. Cover with water.
3. Cook 2 to 3 hours on high. Remove bay leaf before serving…



Chinese New Year! 
2018        February 16                  Dog
2019        February 5                    Pig

…Also-now is the time to start thinking about the 100th day of school!  (Which is usually in February)


HAVE FUN WITH ALL THE WINTER PAGES! Some are below~Check category list for others…



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