101 Thanksgiving Charades Ideas for Kids

A collection of 101 Thanksgiving charades ideas. Great fun for the classroom or a Thanksgiving party of any kind.

Thanksgiving Charades 

A collection of 101 Thanksgiving Charades ideas for the holiday season. Not sure how to play? We will show you how.

Charades is a fun game packed with laughter (for more laughs, check out our thanksgiving jokes for kids). Everyone has their own traditions and ways of celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Some people travel, some watch the parade, and some people enjoy a game of football, but no matter how you choose to spend your day, it’s important to appreciate the time you have with your family. Eat, talk, play games, and enjoy each other’s company.

Consider putting a basket by the front door and tell the kids to put all their electronic devices in there until later in the day. Gather everyone for some old-fashioned indoor games and activities that can be enjoyed by the whole group no matter their ages. 

You might want to plan a scavenger hunt for the kids where they can find some fun Thanksgiving treats at the end, read some Thanksgiving stories to the younger kids, or plan to play some Thanksgiving Day charades.

For years, people have turned to charades as a fun way to bring a group together. It’s a game that is full of fun and laughter, and best of all, it can be played by everyone, so the little ones won’t feel left out.

Keep reading to learn more about how to play charades and for a list of 101 Thanksgiving Charade ideas, you can use to get the game started.

So, go ahead and start planning your day so that nobody will get bored or decide to draw a mustache on Dad when he falls asleep.

How to Play Thanksgiving Charades

Thanksgiving Charades is played just like the traditional game except the clues all have something to do with Thanksgiving.

If you’ve never played charades before it’s simple to learn, easy to play, and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family no matter their ages. 

Depending on the number of players you can either divide up into two teams or you can play as one big group.

The object of the game is for the actor, using gestures only, to make the others guess what they are describing without speaking.


Cut the Thanksgiving Charades ideas we have provided into strips, fold them, and place them in a container. Split the group into two teams and choose a team and player who will be the actor to give the first clue. Agree on a time limit and set a timer.

How to Play:

The actor must pick a clue from the container. Once the timer has been set the actor will then begin to act out the clue for the rest of his/her teammates to guess. The team then can shout out answers until someone guesses correctly. If the answer is correct the team will get a point, but if they don’t guess correctly when the time is up, the opposing team will get a chance to guess. If the opposing team guesses correctly they will receive the point. If neither team guesses correctly, no points will be earned, and the game will continue with the next player of the opposing team. 

If you choose to play as a group instead of teams, choose one person to begin acting out the clue. Play will then continue as above except the group as a whole will have a chance to shout out the answers. When a person shouts a correct answer before the time is up, that person will become the next actor. If no one gets the correct answer, the actor will then trade in the clue for a new one and begin again. Play continues until everyone has had a turn or all the clues have been used.

Remember, there is no speaking when acting out a clue, only hand and body gestures can be used. If you want to throw in a challenge, you can choose to disqualify an actor for talking and automatically give a point to the opposing team. Younger players might not understand what a gesture is, so the following are some suggestions to help everyone understand when playing charades:

  • If you are giving a clue that is the title of a book you can pretend to read.
  • If the clue is a song you can pretend to sing.
  • If you have a movie, pretend to crank a movie camera.
  • If you want to describe a word that sounds like another, tug on your ear to tell the players the word sounds like something.
  • When you want the group to know how many words are in the clue you can hold up the appropriate number of fingers.

If you want, you can set the timer after the actor has had time to read the clue and after he/she has used any of the above gestures.

The game is that simple! Use the following 101 Thanksgiving charades ideas to get started. You can tweak this list to fit your needs and age group and you can even add to it, just remember, no talking from the actor or the other team could choose to disqualify them if they want!

A collection of Thanksgiving charades ideas for the holiday season. Charades is a great game for the classroom, family night, or a Thanksgiving party. Lots of fun and laughter are sure to take place.

Charades Ideas

1. Cooking

2. Prayer

3. Mom

4. Grandma

5. Family

6. Kid’s Table

7. Cooking

8. Baking

9. Pumpkin Pie

10. Apple Pie

11. Mashed Potatoes

12. Gravy

13. Turkey

14. Caramel Apples

15. Cranberry Sauce

16. Sweet Potato Casserole

17. Green Bean Casserole

18. Salad

19. Stuffing Turkey

20. Pilgrim

21. Scarecrow

22. Wishbone

23. Cold Weather

24. Playing Football

25. Eating Snacks

26. Putting on a Coat

27. Playing a Board Game

28. Leaves Falling

29. Raking the Leaves

30. Jumping in the Leaves

31. A Hayride

32. Chopping Wood

33. A Parade

34. A Corn Maze

35. Setting the Table

36. Using a Napkin

37. Travel

38. Hugging Family Members

39. Washing Dishes

40. Charlie Brown

41. Passing the Food Around the Table

42. Getting Food from a Buffet Table

43. A Centerpiece

44. The Mayflower

45. A Tablecloth

46. Sleeping

47. Vegetables

48. Feeding a Baby

49. Eating

50. Indians

51. Carving Turkey

52. Lighting Candles

53. Slicing Bread

54. Delicious Food

55. Cornucopia

56. Reading a Recipe

57. Putting on an Apron

58. A Turkey Platter

59. Sailboat

60. Stirring the Food

61. Ham

62. Holiday

63. Tradition

64. Eating Leftovers

65. Grandpa

66. Grandparents

67. Aunt

68. Uncle

69. Siblings

70. Kids

71. Pretty Clothes

72. A Hoodie

73. Whipped Cream 

74. A Feast

75. Pleasant Aroma

76. A Bouquet of Flowers

77. Conversation

78. A Fireplace

79. Giblets

80. Kitchen

81. November

82. Plymouth Rock

83. Relax

84. Stressful

85. Red

86. Orange

87. Brown

88. Thankful

89. Full

90. Thursday

91. Menu

92. Once a Year

93. Eating Utensils

94. Welcoming Guests 

95. Feeding the Dog Under the Table

96. Eating a Turkey Leg

97. Shopping

98. Candy Corn

99. Apple Cider

100. Passing the Rolls

101. Loading the Dishwasher 

So, when all the tummies are full, and the dishes have been cleaned, gather everyone in the room for a fun and exciting game of Thanksgiving Day charades. You won’t have to worry about Dad falling asleep from all the tryptophan because this game is sure to keep him awake! When you run out of Thanksgiving Charades ideas, click here to find 101 more charades ideas. 

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