24 Short Christmas Tongue Twisters for Kids

A collection of Christmas tongue twisters.


Short Christmas tongue Twisters are great for linguistic fun and games and they serve a practical purpose in practicing pronunciation. The following games are fun and the twisters themselves are great to use for Drama Club exercises and at transition times of “waiting in lines”! Try some with your kids…Try at home too! Could also be great fun in the car… 


  1. Ten tiny tin trains toot ten times.
  2. Seven Santas sang silly songs.
  3. Santa’s seven sleighs slid sideways
  4. Tiny Tim trims tall trees with tinsel.
  5. Santa’s sleigh slides on slick snow.
  6. Bobby brings bright bells.
  7. Silly smelly snowman slips and slides
  8. How many deer would a reindeer reign if a reindeer could reign deer?
  9. Running reindeer romp ’round red wreaths.
  10. Santa Clause’s cloak closes tightly.
  11. Santa sang seven songs.
  12. Kris Kringle climbs Christmas chimneys
  13. Chilly chipper children cheerfully chant.
  14. Rudolph runs rings ’round Rover
  15. Eleven elves licked eleven little licorice lollipops.
  16. Santa’s sack sags slightly.
  17. Santas Sleigh Glides In The Sky.
  18. Santa stuffs Stephie’s striped stocking.
  19. There’s chimney soot on Santa’s suit.
  20. Comet cuddles cute Christmas kittens carefully.
  21. Kris Kringle clapped crisply.
  22. Santa’s Short Suit Shrunk.
  23. Eight elves eagerly ate everything.
  24. Crazy kids clamor  candy canes and Christmas cookies.


What can you do with tongue twister beside say them???

  • Illustrate various tongue twisters…
  • Write a book of tongue twisters…
  • Have a tongue twister contest between groups in your program…
  • Have kids write twisters that will stump other groups

TONGUE TWISTER BEE: Get twisted without getting tongue-tied.

  • Try some of the above Twisters.
  • The first person says the tongue twister once. The next person has to say it twice, the third person three times and so on.
  • Keep going until someone’s tongue gets twisted.

***IDEA: Try to say the tongue twisters with tongues stuck under the lower lip, or stuck out!!!  TAKE TURNS SAYING EACH  OF THE ABOVE THREE TIMES!