St Patricks Day Jokes for Kids

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St Patricks Day Jokes for Kids (leprechaun jokes)

These St Patricks day jokes for kids are a great activity for the Irish Holiday. Jokes are a great way to help make a fun and memorable day whether your are in the classroom or not. You can pass out one St. Patty’s Day joke per child and have each one read their aloud, or you can you pick and choose your favorite and read them to the kids. Below your will find a compilation of our best St Patricks day and leprechaun jokes. We hope you enjoy!

Why did the man cross the road?
Because there was a leprechaun on the other side with a pot of gold.

Why did St. Patrick drive all the snakes out of Ireland?
Because he could not afford plane fare.

What does a leprechaun call a happy man wearing green?
A Jolly Green Giant.

What is out in the yard all summer and is Irish?
Paddy O’Furniture.

Why do frogs like St. Patrick’s Day?
Because they’re always wearing green.

What happens when a leprechaun falls into a river?
He gets wet!

What do you get when you cross a pillowcase with a stone?
A sham rock.

What is Barney’s favorite thing on St. Patrick’s day?
A Blarney Stone!

What do you call a fake stone in Ireland?
A sham rock.

How did the Irish Jig get started?
Too much water to drink and not enough restrooms!

How can you tell if an Irishman is having a good time?
He’s Dublin over with laughter!

Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day?
Regular rocks are too heavy.

Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun?
Because they’re always a little short.

Why do leprechauns have pots o’gold?
They like to “go” first class!

Why did St. Patrick drive the snakes out of Ireland?
He couldn’t afford plane fare.




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