49 April Fools Pranks for Kids For the Funniest Day of the Year

April fools day pranks for kids list

Every year on the first day of April it’s what everyone knows as April Fools day. On this day, you are allowed to lie, tell jokes and prank your friends.

That is why we decided to make sure you will be ready for the next one with these awesome April Fools Pranks for kids that adults can actually use too.

With some many pranks to choose from, and so many variations, we hope this article will give you some ideas and clarity.

This article is for people who need to:

  • Find funny April Fools Day Pranks to play on their friends
  • Find April Fools Pranks their kids can take part in
  • Fun April Fools Pranks for kids at school
  • Overall best April Fools Pranks for kids

Best April Fools Pranks for kids

April 1st is a day for having innocent and infinite fun! With April Fools’ Day right around the corner, we have prepared a list of 49 fun and goofy pranks for both kids and parents.

Are you ready for the giggles? Keep in mind that getting upset is not an option on this special day!

1. Set your parents’ clock one hour forward

Set your parents’ clock one hour forward and wake them up by telling them that they are late. It should be fun to see how fast they can catch up with the missed routine before they realize it is a prank. 

2. Swap your kids’ favourite snacks or cereals

Carefully open the bag/package and replace your kids’ favourite cereals or snacks with a healthier variant (for instance, integral cereals or even vegetables). Seal back and wait to see how they react to the surprise!

3. Lollipops anyone?

Carefully unwrap a lollipop and replace the candy with a raisin or Brussels sprout.  Re-wrap the lollipop and offer it to your kid. Make sure to have some genuine lollipops ready as compensation.

4. Fake bugs for supper anyone?

This is a prank that works well for any family member, regardless of age. All you have to do is purchase some fake bugs and slip one into your victim’s plate. How scared will she/he get?

5. Hmmm … This Oreo tastes funny!

Carefully unscrew the Oreos and then replace the filling with mayonnaise, butter, toothpaste, etc. Put them back together and offer them to your kids. It should be funny to see how they react! 

6. Heavy sleeper?

If your kid is a heavy sleeper, pranking him/her will be a breeze. From using make-up to paint his/her face to sewing the sheets to the pyjama or changing rooms, anything goes.  

7. Why is food staring at me?

All you need for this prank is googly eyes and, obviously, food. Place a pair of googly eyes on everything there is in the fridge: from yoghurts to the bottle of milk or tomatoes. When your kid will open the fridge, all the eyes will be staring at him/her!

8. How did you crack your screen?

For this prank, you will need to get your hands on your parents’ smartphones, download an image that simulates a cracked screen, and set it as a screen saver.

As soon as your parents turn on their smartphones, there will be panic… and giggles when they figure out it’s just a prank! And, of course, a sigh of relief. 

9. The classical shaving cream prank

This is another classical prank that is sure to make everybody laugh. Once your victim falls asleep, put some shaving cream on his/her hand and use a feather to tickle his/her forehead.

Of course, he/she will instinctively scratch, spreading the shaving cream all over the face. 

10. Healthy Tootsie Rolls

All you have to do is replace the candy bars with carrots and enjoy the stunned look on your kids’ faces!

11. Coloured water

Put some food colouring or dye on the faucet rim. 

12. Why isn’t the remote control working?

There is nothing more frustrating than a remote control that doesn’t work. Instead of removing the batteries, use some tape to cover the sensor. It will take your parents longer to figure out what is going on. 

13. Is that a worm in my apple?

april fools pranks for kids

Take a whole apple and drill a small hole through it. You can use a screwdriver.

Then take a gummy worm and push it through the hole. Make sure its tail is still visible. Imagine your kid’s reaction when he/she opens up the lunch box!

14. The scary peeper 

This Scary Peeper Tapping Hag is ideal not only for Halloween but also for April Fools Day.

If you want to make your parents jump out of their socks, place it at their bedroom window and wait patiently for the screams.

Keep in mind that this prank is not suitable for persons suffering from heart conditions. 

15. The bossy box

For this prank, get an empty box and a piece of paper on which you have to write ‘You have just been bossed around by a brainless box!’ Place the paper inside the box, wrap the box nicely, and write on it: ‘Open me!’ 

16. A salty morning surprise

A simple, yet effective prank! If your parents are coffee lovers, all you have to do is replace the sugar in the bowl with salt. Then just wait for them to ‘enjoy’ their morning coffee.  

17. Fake Toilet Paper Roll

april fools pranks for kids

There is nothing more painful than going to the bathroom and realizing there is no toilet paper. You can learn how to make your own fake toilet paper roll here

18. No prank at all

This non-existent prank needs some preparation. We say non-existent because there will be no prank at all.

But your victim doesn’t know that! You can start talking about how awesome your April Fools’ Day prank will be several days before.

Tell your victim things such as ‘You will see how awesome my prank will be!’, ‘You won’t see it coming, trust me!’, etc. On April 1st, make sure you keep talking about the upcoming prank.

Your victim won’t be able to stop thinking about the prank that doesn’t actually exist. 

19. Unusable soap bar

If your parents use soap bars, then all you need to prank them is transparent nail polish.

Paint the soap bar with nails polish, let it dry, put it back where it belongs, and wait for them to take a shower or wash their hands. Well, they will try to do so…but nothing will happen.  

20. The toothpaste prank

That’s a classical prank that is sure to make your kids laugh. All you have to do is empty the toothpaste tube and fill it back with something that resembles toothpaste. Cream cheese or icing are excellent options. 

21. What’s wrong with these socks?

Take a pair of socks and sew them more or less halfway. Next morning, play nice and offer the socks to your victim. Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching him/her trying hard to put them on!  

22. Why isn’t the light switch working?

Sometimes the simplest pranks are the funniest ones. For this one, you will need some clear tape that you will use to cover the light switch. There will be a lot of confusion when the light switch won’t work. 

23. Tied shoelaces

After your kids go to bed, tie all the shoelaces together. You can even tie all their shoes together in a long string. 

24. A delicious mayonnaise Sundae

This prank doesn’t really need many explanations… Just make sure the Sundae looks as genuine as possible. So make sure to add syrup, sprinkles, etc.

25. The deceiving eye-pad 

april fools pranks for kids

This prank works wonderfully with teenagers. Call your kid and tell him/her that you have just bought them an iPad. Then go to the pharmacy and buy an eye-pad. A little cruel, we may say. 

26. Grapes under disguise

If your kids love chocolate eggs, this is the prank for you! Unwrap the chocolate eggs and replace them with grapes. Wrap them back carefully and invite your kids to a treat!

27. What’s wrong with the straw? 

Use tape to cover up one of the straw’s ends. Then treat your kid to his favourite juice. It will be fun to watch him/her struggle for a moment. 

28. Homemade fake chocolate

Dip some radishes or onions in chocolate. Make sure they are fully covered before you offer them to your kids. If they love chocolate, they will more than likely take a full bite. 

29. Am I going bald???

Now, this might be a cruel prank. But it’s effective and scary. All you need is some strands of hair (hair extensions, a doll’s hair, etc.) that you will have to place on their pillows or brushes.

Just make sure the strands match the colour of your parents’ hair.  

30. A frozen prank

For this prank, you will need to prepare breakfast in advance. If your kids love cereals for breakfast, fill a bowl with milk and add their favourite cereals.

If you are malefic enough, you can add the spoon too. Then put the bowl in the freezer. Next morning, serve the frozen bowl and get ready for the giggles. 

31. Solid milk

Pour milk into a glass and use powdered gelatin to solidify it. What can be more frustrating than a glass of milk that doesn’t pour?

32. We’re moving out!

april fools pranks for kids

For this prank, you will need some empty boxes and a ‘For sale’ sign. Before your kid comes back from school, place the sign in front of your house or on the balcony (if you live in a flat). Then place the empty boxes around the house. 

33. What’s that in the mailbox?

Do your parents check the mailbox every day? Then there’s your opportunity.

All you need now is the right scary tool.  Rubber bugs and snakes work wonderfully. But you can use anything you consider scary enough. Make sure to add a note that says ‘April Fools!’  

34. Broken doorbell

Before your kids come back from school, put a sign over your doorbell that says ‘Broken doorbell. Yell Ding Dong!’ 

35. Who spilled the milk???

How will your kid react if you spill milk over his/her favourite object? It’s time to find out! Here you can learn how to make your milk splatter. 

36. He/she is grounded!

This prank requires some acting skills. When your kid comes back from school, pretend you are having a conversation over the phone with his/her tutor.

The conversation should include replies such as ‘I wasn’t expecting this from him/her’, ‘Really? How could he/she do this?’, or ‘Yes, I’m thinking of a good punishment’.

37. Glue coins to the ground

38. This is not my family! 

Replace the family photos with photos of strangers.

39. Greasy doorknob

Doorknobs are difficult – and fun – to open if they are covered with Vaseline, oil, or any other greasy substance. Just make sure it’s not too difficult to clean afterward. 

40. Fake vomit

Buy fake vomit and place it next to the bed or in the bathroom. 

41. The Nutella prank

april fools pranks for kids

This prank became famous on TikTok. Dip your fingers in Nutella and then go to the bathroom.

Sit on the toilet and then ask your kid to bring you toilet paper. When your kid approaches to hand you the toilet paper, accidentally stain their hand with Nutella. The more you apologize, the more he/she will freak out. 

42. Coloured milk

For this prank, you will need some food colouring and a carton of milk. Just add the food colouring to the milk and wait for your kids to pour a drink. 

43. Shrunken shoes

Fill your kids/parents shoes with kitchen paper or cloths so that their feet don’t fit inside. It should be amusing to watch them trying to figure out what happened to their shoes. 

44. Delicious chocolate cake!

For this prank, you will need a sponge, chocolate icing, and – if you wish – coloured sprinkles.

The idea is to decorate the sponge to make it look like a delicious cake. Then leave it on the kitchen table and wait for your victim to take a bite. 

45. The shaving cream strikes again!

Put shaving cream on the toilet seat and wait for your victim to sit down. 

46. Cereal swap

Replace your kid’s favourite cereals with fake insects and let him/her pour the bowl in the morning. 

47. Balloons party! 

Fill your kid’s bedroom with balloons while he/she is sleeping. It should be a nice morning surprise! 

48. Fill the hallway outside your kid’s bedroom with cups of water

It shall be fun to watch your kid make way through all the potential mess. 

49. Morning bubble wrap 

It is impossible to argue that popping bubble wrap is a fun and relaxing activity that both kids and adults love.

But is it equally fun and relaxing stepping on it early in the morning? Well, maybe after the initial shock fades away.

For this prank, you will need to place the bubble wrap under the bathmat and just wait for your victim to step on it.