21 Fun Blindfold Games for Kids

blindfold games for kids

Blindfold Games

Blindfold games are the perfect activity for birthday parties, sleepovers, campouts or any occasion.

Kids find blindfold games very fun, exciting and engaging. They love being challenged to use their other senses and find it hilarious when they fall over or bump into other players! 

Although most people are only familiar with classic blindfold games like pin the tail on the donkey and the piñata game, there are actually dozens of blindfold games to choose from.

In this post, I’ll explain why blindfold games are so much fun and share 15 of the best blindfold games for kids. Let’s jump straight in!

Why Are Kids Blindfold Games Perfect For Group Events?

Blindfold games encourage teamwork

Many of the games listed below require the use of teamwork between a blindfolded person and a partner.

Teamwork is a valuable skill for children to learn and will help them in many aspects of their lives.

Many games also require the blindfolded player to trust the other players, which can help them develop solid friendships. 

Blindfold games are challenging

When blindfolded, children have to use their other senses. This can be quite challenging as they may not be used to finding their way around the world solely using their hearing, sense of smell, and touch.

This makes blindfolded games much more exciting compared to other types of games.

Blindfold games are fun

Kids love blindfold games because they are completely different from the other fun games they play.

They often involve players bumping into objects and other funny moments, which will have your children laughing their heads off.

blindfold games

The Best Blindfold Games For Kids

1. Pin The Tail On The Donkey

I’m going to start the list with a classic blindfold game for kids that most people would already know – Pin The Tail On The Donkey.

This is an American game that was played as far back as 1899. The rules are simple, so it can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

There are several versions of Pin The Tail On The Donkey, which use other animals including monkeys, unicorns, and dinosaurs. 

The goal of the game is simple: blindfolded players attempt to attach a donkey’s tail onto the rear end of a donkey illustration.

The person who manages to get the tail closest to the correct location is declared the winner.

To play, all you need is:

  • A large picture of a donkey (or some other animal)
  • Several tails, which can be attached to the picture using pins, velcro, magnets, or an adhesive material
  • A blindfold

Fortunately, you don’t have to collect these items yourself as there are several pre-made Pin The Tail On The Donkey Kits available. Some of the best include:

La La Unicorn Game (Pin The Horn On the Unicorn)
This unicorn-themed activity is actually two games in one – a “Pin the horn on the unicorn” game and “Pin the Tail on the unicorn”.

It includes a large 31.5 x 20-inch gloss poster with a large picture of a unicorn, a purple blindfold, 12 x horn stickers, 12 x tail stickers, and 12 x “Thank You for Making My Party Magical” Unicorn stickers.

The stickers are reusable, so the children at the party can play multiple games. Check out the La La Unicorn Game.

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Hokie Pin The Tail On The Donkey Party Game

This is a more traditional version of the game that includes a 29 x 19-inch donkey poster, 1 blindfold, 30 tails, and double-sided tape for attaching the poster to a surface.

The tails are stickers, so they cannot be re-used. Check out the Hokic Pin The Tail On The Donkey Party Game.

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Happy Storm Pin the Tail on the Llama

The Happy Storm Pin the Tail on the Llama game includes a 21.5” x 27.5” high gloss lama poster, 24 pieces of reusable lama tails, and a blindfold.

Also available as a skeleton (for Halloween) and clown. Check out the Happy Storm Pin the Tail on the Llama game.

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How to play Pin The Tail On The Donkey

  1. Attach the illustration of the donkey on a wall
  2. Select a person to go first. 
  3. Have the player stand about 5 meters back from the donkey and place the blindfold over their eyes.
  4. Gently spin than in a stationary circle five to ten times, so they are slightly disoriented. This makes the game more fun and challenging for participants.
  5. Hand the participant a tail and tell them to pin it on the donkey’s rear end.
  6. If the participant is a younger child, give them a hand by leading them towards the donkey. If a participant starts walking the wrong way, have people tell them they are not heading towards the right location.
  7. Let everyone have a turn. The winner is the player who pinned their tail closest to the correct location.

#2 – Blindfolded Twister

Blindfolded Twister is a variation of the popular 1960’s board game “Twister”. In the original, each player would spin a dial then place the specified body part on the specified color.

The blind version is similar, but much more chaotic as people attempt to position themselves without being able to see what they are doing!

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How to play Blindfolded Twister

  1. Unfold the large Blindfolded Twister mat on a flat surface
  2. Have players put their blindfolds on
  3. The first player will spin the dial on the spinner board. They will use their finger to feel where the dial landed, which foot or hand it landed on, and which shape they must place that limb on. Instead of having different colors, the mat and spinner board have shapes that you can feel with your foot or hand.
  4. They hop onto the mat and feel around with their hand or foot to find the right spot.
  5. The next player has a turn.

Play continues until a player falls over or cannot find any spots available for their hand or foot.

They will be declared out. The winner is the last player on the mat. This version of twister tests the memory more than the standard version because players need to remember where they felt a circle, snowflake, or another shape.

This makes the game exciting and even more fun than standard Twister.

#3 –  Blindfold Fetch

This outdoor game requires a lot of teamwork and coordination. It’s a particularly good game to play at school or a camp. 

How to play Blindfolded Fetch:

  1. Scatter several balls of different sizes across the playing area
  2. Define two separate home bases in the playing area that are equidistance apart
  1. Split the group into two teams and blindfold one player from each team. The two teams go and stand at their home bases
  2. Each team is then given 5 minutes to tell their blindfolded teammate where the balls are. Once they have located a ball, they must take it back to their home base. They continue collecting balls until the time is up
  3. The team that manages to collect the most balls are the winners

#4 – Blindfold Taste Test

This is a simple game that children of all ages can enjoy. Before playing, gather the following:

  • Blindfolds for all players
  • Between 5 to 15 foods samples in paper cups
  • A spoon for each player

How to play Blindfold Taste Test:

  1. Start by placing the food items into paper cups. You can either have several cups for each child or have them share cups. Don’t let the players see you preparing the cups or see what is inside the cups.
  2. Have each player try the foods in the same order, one-at-a-time.
  3. After they try each food, they must guess what it was. You can either continue passing the food around until someone guesses or have the players guess as individuals, making the person who guesses the most correctly be the winner.

Match the foods to the ages of the children. For example, young kids should have safe foods like jello, banana, chocolate, raisins, apple, ice cream, and milk.

If the kids are slightly older, incorporate less palatable foods like olive oil, salt, garlic powder, instant coffee, and curry.

These foods will give the players quite a shock and lead to some very funny moments!

Another slightly “nicer” version of this game involves multiple flavors of ice cream. Players have to sample each ice cream and guess the flavor. 

Note: Before playing this game, make sure none of the children have food allergies.

#5 – Key Keeper 

This blindfold game is perfect for team building as it encourages participants to work together. To play, you will need:

  • A large open space 
  • A set of keys (or some other object)
  • A blindfold
  • A facilitator who will decide which players can move
  • Between 3-10 players

How to play Key Keeper:

  1. Start by setting out a start and endpoint in the room. 
  2. Place a set of keys or some other object about 5 meters from the start line.
  3. Choose a person to be blindfolded. They will sit about a meter from the keys. The goal is to protect the keys from the other players.
  4. When the facilitator points to a person at the start line, they are allowed to move. Their goal is to obtain the keys and take them to the finish line. However, if the key-keeper hears them and successfully points to them, they are ‘out’ and must return to the start line.
  5. If a person successfully obtains the keys and reaches the finish line, they get to be the key-keeper in the next round.

Initially, the facilitator should point to a single player.  As the game progresses, they should use multiple players to make it more challenging for the key-keeper.

#6 – Blindfold Drawings

This is a simple pen and paper game that creates some “interesting” artworks. To play this blindfold game, you will need:

  • A blindfold for each participant 
  • A pencil and piece of paper for each participant

How to play Blindfold Drawings:

  1. Give all of the children a blindfold, pencil, and piece of paper
  2. Tell them to draw an object of some kind. It could be an elephant, horse, dog, pony or whatever else you can think of.
  3. Once everyone has had 10 minutes to draw, compare the illustrations they have created!

#7 – Piñata Game

The Piñata Game is a very popular party activity that young children are crazy about.

They love swinging a bat at a piñata and enjoy eating the delicious treats that eventually come out of it. To play the Piñata Game, you will need:

  • A Piñata
  • A blindfold
  • Candy, fruit, small toys, or other prizes 
  • A stick

How To Play The Piñata Game

  1. Fill a Piñata with your choice of prizes and hang it from a tree, ceiling beam, or another object
  2. Blindfold the child who is going to go first. Gently spin them around several times so they lose their sense of direction.
  3. Hand them the bat and verbally direct them towards the location of the Piñata
  4. Give the child a few swings at the Piñata, then give another child a turn
  5. Once the Piñata has been split open, let the player with the blindfold on know and allow all of the kids to rush in and grab their treats. It can be useful to have a separate bowl of treats available for the children who miss out on the initial rush.

The easiest way to set up the Piñata game is by buying a pre-made Piñata kit. Some of the best options are:

Fun fact: Although Piñatas are associated with Mexico, they may have originated in China!

#8 – Is That You Moriarty?

This is a hilarious dueling game that can be played with two or more people. The goal of the game is to hit the other player with a rolled-up newspaper.

However, it is made more challenging by the fact that both players are blindfolded and can only swing their newspaper after shouting “Is that you Moriarty?” To play, you will need:

  • Two rolled-up newspapers
  • Two blindfolds
  • Two players and one referee 

How to play Is That You Moriarty:

  1. Bring the players to a large indoor area or outdoor area.
  2. Blindfold both players and give them a rolled-up newspaper each.
  3. (optional) Gently spin both players so they lose their sense of direction briefly. 
  4. Play begins. Players must shout “Is that you Moriarty?” before they can swing their newspaper. This means that they must reveal their position before taking a swing.
  5. A point is awarded for each successful hit. You can either have the players take several steps back after each point or have play continue.
  6. The first player to 10 points is the winner.

Smart players will move stealthily around the playing area, trying to get behind their opponent before taking a swing. It is a lot of fun!

#9 – Mystery Object

Although Mystery Object is one of the simplest blindfold games for kids, it is also one of the most enjoyable. To play Mystery Object you will need:

  • Several different objects, including some unusual ones
  • Blindfolds for each player
  • A pencil and piece of paper for each player

How To Play Mystery Object

  1. Gather all players into a circle and have them put their blindfolds on.
  2. Take the first object and have players pass it around.
  3. Once everyone has felt and smelled (or tasted!) the object, remove it from the line of sight. Have the players write the name of the object on their piece of paper (without showing it to other players).
  4. After all of the objects have been passed around, have the players take off their blindfolds for the last time. Have them grade their answers, giving one point for every correct answer. The player with the most points wins a prize!

Get creative with the kinds of objects that you use. Start with something simple like a spoon or rubber band.

Then, move onto some weirder items like jello/custard, a piece of toast, a rubber spider, a snow globe, a pair of maracas and so on. Check out some of our other mystery game ideas

#10 – Blind Man’s Bluff

This is another traditional game that has been played for hundreds of years. It is a variation of tag, with the player who is “It” being blindfolded.

As they often say, the simplest games are the best. Blind Man’s Bluff proves that saying to be correct as children absolutely love this game!

To play, you will need a blindfold, 3 or more players, and a large open space.

How to play Blind Man’s Bluff:

  1. One player is designated as being the Blind Man. They will wear the blindfold.
  2. The Blind Man will count to five as the other players spread out around the room
  3. The Blind Man will then move about the room, trying to find the players
  4. Once they find a player, they must identify who it is. That person becomes the Blind Man. However, if they guess incorrectly, that person is freed and can leave the playing area.

You can make the game more interesting by allowing the children to dress up between rounds, so they are constantly wearing different clothes.

There are several variations of Blind Man’s Bluff which you may prefer. In another popular version:

  1. The Blind Man will stand in the center of the room with his blindfold on. He will be spun around several times, so he loses his sense of direction.
  2. The other players will be given time to find a position to stand in the room (60 seconds is usually plenty of time).
  3. After the time is up, the Blind Man will yell “Blind Man’s…” and the other players will respond with “Bluff”. Players can disguise their voices to distract or mislead the Blind Man. Players who are far away can yell “Bluff” very loudly or cover their mouths to make it sound like they are standing elsewhere.
  4. The Blind Man uses their hearing to locate players. Once a player is tagged by the Blind Man, they are out of the game.
  5. The winner is the last person to be tagged. You can either make the first or last person to get tagged the next Blind Man.

Make this variation of Blind Man’s Bluff more interesting by allowing players to reposition after every “Blind Man’s…” call. You can find more fun tag games on the site. 

Fun Fact: Marco Polo is the swimming pool game version! 

#11 – Trust Me

One of the reasons why blindfold games for kids are a fantastic addition at parties is that many of them are team-building. Trust Me absolutely falls into that category. To play, you will need:

  • At least 4 players 
  • A “maze” which can consist of obstacles like boxes, ropes, sheets, and other objects
  • A blindfold

How to play Trust Me:

  1. Set up your “maze” in a large room. It should combine physical barriers like boxes with imaginary hazards like mats that are meant to designate “hot lava”. Don’t let any of the players see it before the game begins.
  2. Divide the group into teams of two. One of the players from each team will be blindfolded.
  3. The first team will enter the room with the maze. You will explain to those players the meaning of the obstacles in front of them. You may have ropes that need to be jumped, boxes that need to be climbed over and imaginary hazards like lava (a colored mat) or monsters (large plush toys).  
  4. The player wearing the blindfold will have to walk through the maze, getting directions from their teammate. The teammate will describe the hazards in front of them and how to deal with each one.
  5. You can score the performance of the team by how many hazards they run into or how long it takes to complete the course. You could make some hazards force the team to return to the start.
  6. The team with the shortest time or most points win.

#12 – Catch My Shadow

This is another simple game that is surprisingly fun. Players will need to be as quiet as possible to catch their shadow. To play, you will need:

  • At least 6 players
  • Blindfolds for all players except for the “Shadow” player

How to play Catch My Shadow:

  1. Nominate one player to be the “Shadow”. The rest of the group will stand in a circle facing inwards and put on their blindfolds.
  2. The shadow will creep around to the circle, standing behind each player for three seconds at a time.
  3. If the player senses that the shadow is behind them, they will turn around and try to tag them. If successful, that player wins the round and will become the new shadow.
  4. If the shadow makes it all of the way around the circle, they win the round. They then have the right to choose a player to be the new Shadow.

#13 – Hit The Target

Hit The Target is another blindfold game for kids that really emphasizes teamwork. It is a fun icebreaker game that is fun for children of all ages. To play Hit The Target you will need:

How to play Hit The Target:

  1. Have the group split into teams of two.
  2. Nominate one player from each team to be the “spotter” with the other being the “thrower”.
  3. The thrower from the first team will toss the projectile at the targets.
  4. Once they have finished, their score will be counted and the targets will be reset. 
  5. The winning team is the one that gets the most points.

#14 – Minefield 

Minefield is an adrenaline-packed game where players need to cross an imaginary minefield while wearing a blindfold.

Fortunately, they have the help of a teammate who will guide them across. To play Minefield, you will need:

  • A dozen or more empty soda cans
  • A blindfold
  • 4+ players

How to play Minefield:

  1. Start by creating the “minefield”. Scatter the soda cans randomly across a playing area. The more cans you have, the better. You could also plastic cups, bells, and other household objects. Make the game even more exciting by placing mats on the ground, which are “booby traps” that need to be stepped or jumped over.
  2. Divide the group into teams of two. In each team, one player will be the spotter and the other will be the soldier.
  3. The soldier will put on the blindfold. They will then be walked up and down the edge of the minefield and spun around a couple of times to disorientate them.
  4. The spotter will then guide the soldier across the minefield, giving them explicit verbal instructions on when and where to move. Start a timer when the soldier starts moving.
  5. If the soldier steps on a mine, their team is out of the game until next round.
  6. If the soldier makes it to the other side, record their time. The team with the shortest time is the winner.

#15 – Farm Animals 

This game is absurdly simple but so much fun that the kids will want to play it again and again. To play, you will need a blindfold for all participants and a large open area.

How to play Farm Animals:

  1. Start by splitting the group into teams of two.
  2. Have each team choose an animal that they want to be. It can be any animal, but it must be unique (eg. you can’t have two teams being monkeys)
  3. Split the teams up so one player is to the left of the playing area and one is to the right.
  4. Have every player put on their blindfolds and ask them to spin around 4 or 5 times to disorientate themselves.
  5. When you yell “Go” the teams will start performing the noises that their chosen animal normally makes. They can’t use words, only animal noises. 
  6. Each teammate will attempt to crawl towards their partner using the animal noises as their guide.
  7. The first team to reach their partner is declared the winner!

Need some animal ideas? Check out our list of animals that start with the letter N.

#16 – Blindfold LEGO game

This is a great fun game to increase the sensory features of kids. Using simple LEGO bricks, and a blindfold, have the kids sit on the floor with some pieces of all sizes in front of them.

How to play:

The teacher needs to tell the students what shape they need to build, the students then need to use their sense of touch to figure out which LEGO blocks will work and build what they need.

A few examples can be to ask them to first build a square, maybe a straight tower etc, depending on the students age, you can increase or decrease the difficulty level.

#17 – Blind Chess

This is a tough one. Have two players sit in front of a Chess board, and have them be blindfolded obviously.

Now let them play the game without seeing each piece. The great thing about this game is that the Chess pieces are very easily recognizable with touch, so they should have no problem understanding which is which.

The tricky part? Moving the parts on the board.

#18 – Science of the Senses

Fun game that is great for the little ones.

This game will have the kids insert their fingers into a deep cup that is filled with different textures and they will need to guess what it is they are touching.

For example, you can place inside the cup:

  • Water
  • Sand
  • Pieces of paper and more

Each kid needs to guess what it is, and the one who got the most right will win the game.

#19 – Knock the pin

A fun game for two students. This will work on your team work abilities as well as to improve your ability to follow instructions without using your eyes.

How to play? Stand a pin or a cone about 5 feet away from the student who is blindfolded.

His team member stands next to him and try to explain to him where to throw the ball with the goal of knocking the pin over.

If he doesn’t make it, the team player runs and gives him the ball again and tries to make adjustments.

#20 – Snake trail

This might be the funniest blindfold game on this list. Make sure to prepare yourself for a lot of giggles and fun.

Stand a group of students in a line with all of them except the last one in the line blindfolded.

The only person who can see needs to give non-verbal instructions to the person in front of him, like, to go one step forward etc.

The person then needs to tell the person in front of him the same thing, and so on, until we reach the end of the line.

It’s funny because it’s a mix of broken telephone game and a cool game to have some laughs.

#21 – Water balloon piñata

Who doesn’t love a good Piñata game. We wrote about Pinata games for kids a few time before, but this time, it’s a cool variation of it.

Take a few water balloons and fill them with water. Now tie them all together on a string and hang them a little above kid’s height.

Now have a group of kids take turns trying to blow them out with a stick and obviously blindfolded. The result is a fun time with cool water during a hot summer day.

I hope you found 21 Blindfold Games for Kids useful. Give these games a try, you’ll find that kids love them!

A collection of fun blindfold games kids love.
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