27 Chicken and Pig Games and Activities for Kids

A collection of chicken and pig activities for kids.

Find pig activities for your next farm extravaganza, and also enjoy some from our fine feathered friends! Ask your children which farm animal is their favorite when they enjoy these chicken activities! Have fun with pig games, chicken games, and more!

Chicken and Pig Themed Games and Activities

1. Three Little Pigs Activity

Read the book, do some art and act it out!

Check out some of the activites listed on KidsActivities under the Farm or Harvest theme (Farm/Harvest Theme here) and read The Three Little Pigs or the True Story of the Three Little Pigs. To go along with it, make the Three Pigs House.

Spaghetti or straw

Children can make the three little pigs houses by using red paper for bricks, spaghetti for the straw, and small twigs for the house made of sticks. Afterwards, have children act out the story!

Read more about pigs. Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White makes great reading. It’s the story of a little pig names Wilbur, who helps his friend, the beautiful spider, Charlotte.

2. Pig Toe Art


  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Crayons or Markers

Paint children’s toes with pink paint. Press them on paper. Have children decorate toe prints as pigs and make a farm or country side on the rest of the paper around the pig’s prints.

3. Muddy Pig Art


Pink paper
shaving cream
brown paint

  • Make a template of a pig shape and trace it onto a sheet of large pink construction paper. Cut out the shapes.
  • Give each child a small cup of shaving cream; add a few drops of brown paint and mix…
  • Paint pigs with “pig mud”

4. Paper Plate Pig

  1. Paint a large paper plate and a small paper plate pink.
  2. Glue the small plate on top of the big plate to make the face. Cut out ears, nose, feet. Glue them on to pig.
  3. Draw eyes and a mouth with a black marker.
  4. Create a tail by twisting a pipe cleaner around a pencil and then taping it to the back of the pig.

5. Pig Snout Crafts

#1 Egg Carton, paint, marker, yard or string
Cut the egg carton bottoms (the part the eggs sit in) into its twelve sections. Have the kids paint it and put the nostrils on.

#2 Materials: Toilet paper roll. pink paint, pink paper, yarn or elastic, and glue.

Directions: Make pig snouts from toilet paper rolls cut in half and stapled, glued or taped together. Paint them pink or glue pink construction paper around it. Punch holes in sides and tie on yarn or elastic.

Pig Themed Snacks

6. Pigs in a Blanket

Version #1

Package of hot dogs or little smokies cut in pieces
1 can refrigerated biscuits (not the flaky type)


  • Flatten the biscuit, cut in half.
  • Place half the hot dog on the biscuit and bring the two sides of the biscuit together.
  •  Place on a cookie sheet and bake them the same temperature as it indicated for the biscuits.
  • They are done when the biscuit is done.
  • Dip in ketchup or mustard.

Version #2:

8 hot dogs
4 slices American cheese, each cut into 6 strips
1 can 8 0z. refrigerated crescent dinner rolls

Heat over to 375 degrees. Slit hot dogs to within ½ inch of ends; insert strips of cheese into each slit. Separate dough into triangles. Wrap dough triangle around each hot dog and place on ungreased cookie sheet, cheese side up. Bake 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

Version #3:

Bread slices
Cheese slices
hot dogs
tooth picks

Place cheese and hot dog on bread slice. Roll the two ends of bread up around the hot dog and secure with toothpick. Bake in pre-heated 350 degree oven until hot.(About 20 minutes)

7. Apple Pigs


Red Delicious apple 5 red gumdrops
Toothpicks 4 whole cloves
Fruit leather Red shoestring licorice


  • Turn the apple on its side.
  • Insert one end of a toothpick into a gumdrop and stick the other end into the bottom of the apple core to form a snout.
  • Break toothpicks in half and affix four gumdrops as feet. Set clove nostrils in the nose and clove eyes above the snout.
  • Twist off the stem, poke a hole with a toothpick, and insert an inch-long piece of shoestring licorice into the hole to make a tail.
  • Last, cut a piece of fruit leather into a rectangle measuring 1 by 1/2 inch, then cut again on the diagonal to form two equal-size triangles.
  • Affix upright triangles with small pieces of toothpick to create ears, and then bend over the upper portion of each triangle to cover the spot where the toothpick shows.

8. Pig Slop Snack

  • Put out chocolate pudding.
  • In separate bowls put out M&M’s, nuts, raisins, coconut, cereal, candy sprinkles, chopped apples and bananas!
  • Have children add and mix in what they like! Enjoy!

9. Little Piggies Jell-O Eating Snack and Contest 

  • To prepare, make one small bowl of Jell-O® for each child (plus a few extra).
  • Line the bowls along the ground outside if the weather permits.
  • If playing inside, lay a tablecloth or other mess protection under the bowls for easier cleanup.
  • To play, the kids place their hands on the ground beside their bowls and must keep them there throughout the game. When the command is given to start, all players begin eating their bowl of gelatin. The first one to clean his or her bow wins!

Pig Themed Games

10. Slopping the Hogs Game

This is a great activity for kids of all ages! Purchase or make bean bags suitable for tossing and draw a large picture of a pig on a piece of cardboard with its mouth wide open.

Draw and cut out the mouth so you have a hole large enough to toss the bean bags through. Place the box about ten feet away (adjust distance for the age of your guests) and give each child a chance to toss the bean bags into the pig’s mouth!

11. When Pigs Fly Game

Preparation for this game is dependent on the age of the children playing. Younger children may need to be taught how to make complete flying movements. You may also need to discuss which animals can and cannot fly. As the adult, it is best for you to be the first leader of the game. Afterward, let the children have turns being the leader.


Have children stand in a group facing the leader. Make sure each child has enough room to flap their arms in a flying motion.

  • The leader faces the group and calls out “Ducks Fly!” “Owls Fly!” “Pigs Fly!” and so on.
  • When an animal is named which does fly the children should be flapping their arms, when an animal is named which doesn’t fly, they should not be “flying.”
  • (This game is played with a point system and elimination but I like the idea of just playing for fun! It is also good for a dramatic play activity)

12. Finger Play Piggies 

“It’s time for my piggies to go to bed,”
The nice big mother piggie said.

“Now I must count them up to see
If all my piggies came back to me.

One little piggy, two little piggies,
Three little piggies dear.

Four little piggies, five little piggies-
Yes they are all here.

They’re the dearest little piggies alive…
One, two, three, four, five.”

13. Pig

I had a little pig,
And I fed it in a trough,
He got so big and fat,
That his tail popped off.
So, I got me a hammer,
And I got me a nail,
And I made that pig,
A wooden tail.

14. Talk/Teach ‘Pig Latin’

To all words beginning a vowel (a-e-i-o-u, add the syllable ‘way’ to the end of the word. ‘Eat’ becomes eatway and ‘over’ becomes ‘overway’.

For words that begin with a consonant, move the first letter of the word and add it to the end add ‘ay’ after the consonant.


Man = Anmay
Cat = Atcay
Ice Cream= Iceway reamcay

Make it easy on yourself with this Pig Latin to English translator

Do your kids know that pigs are intelligent? They wallow in mud to keep cool because they don’t have sweat glands. Having a piglet for a pet, is like having a puppy.

See more amazing facts about pigs here.

Chicken Themed Snacks

15. Chicken Feed

Version #1

Make a bowl of Chicken Feed by tossing together crisp, crunchy shoestring potatoes, salted corn nuts, shelled sunflower seeds and pistachios, dried blueberries and unsweetened coconut flakes for a crunchy, nutty treat. (Leave out whatever you don’t like)

Version #2 
Serve ‘chicken feed’ in pails – chips, cheese balls, popcorn, etc.

16. Peep Nest Pancakes

Make pancakes.In the center of each pancake make a nest shape with whipped cream.
Place a marshmallow chicken peep, jelly bean eggs or melon balls in the middle of the nest.

When these were served, KidActivities poured a little warm syrup on the pancake before putting on the nest of whipped cream. Optional ‘sprinkles’ were also added. All thought they were not only fun but tasted great!

17. Raw Egg (or Sunny Side up) On Toast (Eggs and Chickens go together!)

This ‘egg’ is a peach half!

1 slice poundcake
1/2 peach
Reddi-whip topping

Put slice of pound cake on plate.
Place peach half on top – round side up.
Add whip cream around peach and serve.
It looks like a raw egg on toast!

18. Baby Chick Cupcakes

Make cupcakes. Place coconut in resealable food-storage plastic bag. Add about 8 drops yellow liquid food color; seal bag and shake to mix. Frost cupcakes with white frosting. Top with yellow coconut. For eyes, add brown baking bits. Cut orange gumdrops to resemble beaks; place on cupcakes.

Chicken Activities: Games and Dance

19. Do the chicken pokey

Sung to: “Hokey Pokey”
You put your right wing in (put right fist under right arm-pit)
You take your right wing out.
You put your right wing in.
And you shake it all about.
You do the Chicken Pokey
And strut yourself around,
That’s what it’s all about!

Choice of additional verses:
“You put your left wing in.
You put your chicken leg in.
You put your chicken beak in
You put your tail feathers in.”

20. Chicken Dance

To the chicken dance music!
To the beat of the music:
1. Hold up your hands and make them do a taking motion-four times.
2. Flap arms like WINGS four times
3. Wiggle bottoms four times
4. Clap four times

21. Chicken Egg Roll game

The children (chickens) roll their eggs (plastic or real) using only their noses. (beaks) The first one over the finish line wins.

22. Egg and Spoon Races

Eggs (real hard-boiled or plastic), spoons, and an area to run are all you need for this game. Variations could include relays and obstacle courses. To make it easy for younger kids, place something on the spoon to make the egg stick.

Be sure to see all the egg race games! They start just below mid-page of Races, Relays, Beanbags, Balloons and Eggs!

23. Chicken Catchatori Game

You have two (or another #) taggers, and two youth with rubber chickens. The taggers run around and tag children to freeze them. The students with the rubber chickens can run around and unfreeze the “frozen.” After a few minutes you can switch the taggers and the chickens.

24. Run, Run Chicken

The children run from one safe zone to the next in the middle is the catcher, who calls, “Run run chicken go home” to signal the others to run across the mid space. Anyone tagged becomes part of the catchers for the next run, proceeding until all are caught and the game begins again.

Chicken Activities: Arts and Crafts

25. Painting with Peeps (The marshmallow chickens from Easter)

Cut out large “chick shapes” from white paper. Put tempera paint (white, yellow, orange, black) in containers and then use real candy “Peeps” to apply the paint in a sponge like effect.
The head makes a good grip for the bottom when the chick’s bottom is dipped in paint.

Extra fun! Have “Peeps” for a treat. If you’re concerned about younger children taking a bite during the painting, you can use vanilla pudding with food coloring to paint!

26. Footprint Chicks Art

  • Have children take off their shoes.
  • Using a pencil. Trace around their feet, on pieces of yellow construction paper.
  • Cut out the foot shape and have kids glue it toes down on a piece of white or light blue construction paper.
  • This will be a side view of the chick so have the children draw one eye, and a beak coming out of the side lower head part.
  •  Add 2 legs on the shape to turn it into a “chick!’ Kids Finish drawing around it anyway they choose.

27. Baby Chicks Craft

Cut the separate little egg cups from a white Styrofoam egg carton. Make jagged (saw tooth) edges around the top to resemble a cracked egg. Glue this to a small square of poster board.

Glue dried grass, hay, or excelsior around the bottom of the egg to form a nest. Use either two yellow cotton balls or two yellow pom-poms to form a chick. Glue one of top of the other inside the egg to form the chick’s body and head. Cut a tiny diamond from orange felt and fold in half. Put a string of hot glue on the fold and stick on the chicks face. Glue on wiggly eyes.

Interesting Observations from our Fine Feathered Friends (the chicken)

  • Chickens seem to enjoy watching television and listening to music. Some seems prefer classic rock, and others like classical music.
  • Chickens appear to have the ability to understand that recently hidden objects still exist, something that young children don’t even understand try it with your little brother.
  • Chickens are able to learn by watching the mistakes of other chickens.
  • Chickens can recognize more than 100 other chickens and remember them.
  • A mother hen will turn her eggs as many as five times an hour and cluck to her unhatched chicks, who will chirp back to her and to one another from within their shells!
  • Chickens have more than 30 different cries that they use to communicate, including separate alarm calls depending on whether a predator is traveling by land or sea.
  • Chickens have distinctive behaviors. Some enjoy human company, and others are shy or even a bit aggressive.

Be sure to check out the entire farm & harvest theme  and also the egg theme. You can’t have chickens without eggs!

For crossing the road jokes – Click Here!  Many are about Chickens!

What are the best chicken and pig themed activities? Find chicken and pig themed art, craft, game, and other activities.
A collection of chicken and pig themed games and activities for kids. Great for a farm themed day.