Walmart Scavenger Hunt List Ideas and Instructions

A collection of Walmart scavenger hunt list ideas.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to play Walmart Scavenger Hunt and share 21 ideas for your scavenger list.

You can make your scavenger hunts even more exciting by playing them inside a location where there are hundreds of potential items to collect, like a Walmart store.

Fun Walmart Scavenger Hunt Ideas

1. Find organic food with an animal on the packaging 

2. Find the item which starts with “E”, ends with “E”, but only contain a single letter (Answer: envelope)

3. Have one team member try on 5 different hats

4. Shake hands with someone you don’t know

5. Find food that everyone on your team hates

6. Get a picture of something out of place that actually makes sense (like a computer mouse in the pet section)

7. Get a picture of a food that everyone in the team has eaten this week

8. Find at least two versions of monopoly, scrabble, or trivial pursuit

9. Find an item that is black and boring until you press a button (Answer: Television)

10. Find 3 items of clothing which are the color purple

11. Find a device that has a ring but no finger to put it on (Answer: Phone)

12. Find a rainbow in a box (Answer: Crayons or Pencils)

13. Find an item that has a heart that doesn’t beat (Answer: Lettuce or Artichoke)

14. Get a picture of your team all wearing the same piece of clothing

15. Find a dog toy that looks good enough to eat

16. Find something fake which looks real

17. Ride a scooter around the toy section

18. Find an item that is soft but has a hard center 

19. Look for an item that has four legs, a back, but no body (Chair)

20. What type of coat can only be put on while wet? (Paint)

21. Help a stranger with their groceries – take a pic of it ( with their permission )

A printable Walmart scavenger hunt list.

Some tips

Keep these considerations in mind:

1. Safety

Walmart is a very safe location. However, it does contain some items which have the potential to be dangerous, including knives, scissors, matches, gas bottles, and so on. Make sure that none of the clues involve using these kinds of items. 

Additionally, remind participants that they should only walk while in the store. Running isn’t safe as players might run into a trolley, a shelf full of products, or another shopper.

Participants should be divided into teams. Stick together.

2. Noise

It’s important that you don’t make so much noise that you annoy other shoppers or employees.

3. Respecting the store

Always remember that Walmart stores are private property. The items contained within the store are not yours until you purchase them, so don’t damage anything. Players must also remember that many hard-working employees are responsible for keeping the shelves neatly stacked. Don’t make a mess while in the store or remove items from their place unnecessarily. It never hurts to give the store manager a heads up.

How To Play Walmart Scavenger Hunt

The idea of having a scavenger hunt inside Walmart is simple. Multiple teams of two or more players will read a series of clues to find certain objects. They must either use the item, collect the item or take a picture of it. The winning team is the one that finds the most items within the allotted time limit.

1. Select a playing location

If you are playing with younger children, you might want to limit the game to certain aisles. This will prevent them from getting lost in the store.

2. Create a list of items to find or activities to perform

Write down at least 10 things that can be found at a store. If the participants are young, make the descriptions of the items simple. However, if players are slightly older, write some list items in “clue” form where you don’t explicitly say what they need to find.

Instead of writing a list, you may want to do a photo scavenger hunt. You can find the scavenger hunt photo by browsing online and compiling a list of the product images you wish to find.

You can give all of the teams the same list with the items written in a different order, or you can prepare a different list for each team. It can also be fun to have teams write scavenger lists for each other. Just be sure to check the lists before play starts, to ensure there is nothing dangerous or too difficult to find.

Include actions for some items, like “Ride a bike” or “Get a selfie with a Barbie toy”. At the very least, players should take a photograph of themselves physically touching the object on the list for it to be considered found. They can’t simply look at it from across the store.

Another great way to make the game more interesting is to assign points to each item. The items that are easy to find are worth less, while more challenging items are worth more.

3. Divide the players into teams

Have players form teams of at least two players each. Each team must stick together as they work through their scavenger teams. 

4. Start the game

Once each team has their list, you can start the game. Played with a time limit of 15 to 20 minutes. Because each team will have a smartphone, you can set a timer on their phone so they know when to come back to the starting point.

5. Give the winning team a prize!

Once the game has finished, check the photos of each team to confirm which items they managed to find on their list. If you used points, calculate the scores. The winning team gets a prize of some kind. Buy the prize from the store as a token of appreciation for using the facility.


This can be one of the best scavenger hunt games to play. It’s indoors but the property is likely really big and can be overwhelming with all the various products. Put it on your bucket list and good luck on your next scavenger hunt find.

How to have a Walmart scavenger hunt.