18 Fun Valentine’s Day Games for School and in the Classroom

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Wondering what to do with kids on Valentine’s Day? What are some good Valentine’s Day games for school ideas? Whether you are having a Valentine’s Day party or just want to find some fun activities to celebrate the occasion, you will find them here. These fun Valentine’s Day games for kids are perfect for the classroom party or for some fun at home.

Valentine’s Day Games for school

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1. Heart Bean Bag Toss


  1. Before play: Cut a large heart “target” out of paper or fabric.
  2. Use a marker to make a large X in the center.
  3. Make or purchase three bean bags.
  4. To play – place the heart on the floor and a strip of tape an appropriate distance away. Six feet for young children, farther for older children.
  5. The players form a line and take turns standing with their toes on the tape.
  6. Toss the Bean Bags one at a time attempting to hit the X.

2. Valentine’s Limbo Contest

Play regular Limbo, but when children go out, they must say something nice about a child in front (or back) of them. This is one of my favorite Valentine games as it helps teach kids about kindness.

3. Friendship Cooperation Relay Game


  1. Use tape or chalk to mark starting and turn-around points on the floor. Match children with partners (You could use the broken heart game in the above idea) and then divide the group into teams. If teams are uneven, have one pair go twice.
  2. Each pair holds a towel between them with an inflated balloon resting on top of the towel. At the signal, have each pair race from the starting point to the turn-around line and back–while balancing the balloon on the towel.
  3. If the balloon falls off the pair must stop and replace it. Each pair then hands the towel with the balloon to the next pair in line until all have had a turn!

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4. I Love!


  1. All sit in a circle. Have someone start by taking a ball and saying “I Love” and then say something they love, such as, “I love ice cream.”
  2. They then roll the ball to someone else in the circle and it becomes that person’s turn to say something they love.
  3. The next person might say “I love bears” and then roll the ball on to someone else.
  4. Just as with all good game playing. Continue and end before the children grow tired of it.

Note: This is a good way to get kids to think about the things they appreciate and learn about each other.

5. Friendship Tower


  1. Divide the group into teams of four or five children.
  2. Distribute construction paper and tape to each team.
  3. Explain to the teams that they will have ten minutes to build the tallest tower they can without talking. They can use only the given supplies.
  4. At the end of ten minutes, have each team display their tower and discuss whether it was easy or difficult to build and why.

6. Instead of Simon Says, play “St. Valentine Says”


  1. One player is the leader or St. Valentine, and orders the other players to make motions by saying “St. Valentine says,” and then an action.
  2. They might say “St. Valentine says thumbs up”, “St. Valentine says hands on your head” or “St. Valentine says jump up and down.” The leader also makes all of these motions. If he omits the “St. Valentine says” part, and just orders “Thumbs up” or “Jump up and down”, the players must not make the motion. Anyone who does so is out of the game.
  3. The winner is the player who remains in the game the longest.

7. Stuffed Heart/Teddy Bear Race


  1. Divide the youth into two groups (if not even, have one child go twice).
  2. Give each team a small stuffed Valentine’s heart.
  3. Have one child from each team place the heart between their legs and hop to the end of the room and back.
  4. They give the heart to the next child in line, and this repeats until children have had their turn.
  5. The first team done is the winner.

8. Make Stuffed Hearts for Valentine’s Day Game in #7


✓ Two 8″ squares of red or pink felt
✓ 8″ cardboard heart templates to use as a pattern
✓ Pencil
✓ Scissors
✓ Safety pin
✓ Glue
✓ Fabric paint
✓ Polyester fiberfill


  1. Use the cardboard heart pattern template to trace two hearts onto the felt.
  2. Cut out hearts and place one on top of the other.
  3. Put a safety pin through the middle of the hearts to hold them in place while gluing.
  4. Glue the two pieces of felt together along the edge leaving a 3″ opening.
  5. Use fabric paint to add a child’s name to the top of each pillow: let dry.
  6. Stuff the heart with fiberfill and glue the pillow shut.

9. Valentine Day Bean Bag Toss Game


  1. Take a cardboard box and cut out 5-6 Valentine hearts. Make them big enough for young children to throw bean bags through.
  2. Decorate the box in Valentine’s Day pattern and colors.
  3. Have the children take turns throwing bean bags into the holes.
  4. If budget allows, have a prize for the child who gets the most in with three throws, and small prizes for all players.
  5. If you don’t have a box you can always draw hearts on the ground or wall with red or pink chalk and try to toss your bean bags. into them instead.

10. “What’s On My Back” Valentine’s Day Guessing Game


  1. Create some name tags with words that relate to Valentine’s Day, such as hearts, flowers, red, white, pink, and love.
  2. You’ll then tape these tags on people’s backs-but they can not look for the names. They must not find out what word is on their tag until the game starts.
  3. Everyone goes around and gives each other clues about the “valentine word” on their backs. You can ask a person only one question at a time. The game continues until everyone has found what their tag says.

11. Buzz Bomb Balloon Game


✓ 1 balloon per player, not inflated,
✓ Large heart shape from butcher paper
✓ Tape for the center of the target


  1. Form a line or circle
  2. All players inflate their balloon. Some players may need help.
  3. When the leader says “1, 2, 3, GO!” the players release their balloons in the direction of the target. (the large heart)
  4. Score 5 points for the closest balloon and 15 points for a direct hit.
  5. This game works well with teams – each team gets their own colored balloons; red, blue, green, etc. Or, you do not need to keep the score at all and just have fun playing the game several times.

12. Valentine’s Day Tiddly Winks Game


  1. Before play – cut a medium paper heart. Provide each player with 4 plastic disks (Tiddly Winks or Bingo markers).
  2. Form a circle at a table or on the floor. Place the heart in the center of the circle. When you say “Go” the players “shoot” their disks onto the heart by pressing the edges with another disk.
  3. How many can they get to land on the heart?
  4. It’s harder than you think! Let the kids try this as many times as they would like. If you have a large group of children, divide players into smaller groups and make more heart “targets”.

13. Throwing the Smile

This is a fun circle game. In this game, players are forbidden to smile, but – giggling and laughing will abound anyway.


  1. Players sit in a circle, making sure they can see everyone else. One player who is “It” starts the game by smiling widely, while all the other players are somber.
  2. “It” then uses their hand to wipe the smile off their face and throw it to another player, who has to catch the smile with their hand, and then put it on.
  3. The new “It” can wipe off the smile to throw to someone else (though he/she will probably choose to make funny smiley faces at everyone for a minute or two before relinquishing the happy role.) Meanwhile, all other players must sit stone-faced.
  4. One smirk and they’re out.

Tips: The youngest players are the least successful at winning this game (they simply can’t stop themselves from laughing), but they also tend to enjoy it the most.)

14. Heart Unhid Valentine’s Day Game


  1. Staple a 2″ piece of string to a heart cut out of posterboard or construction paper. Hide the heart while all players close their eyes. The Valentine maybe covered but the string must be left exposed and visible.
  2. Tell players to search for the Valentine, but when they find it they should not pick it up or tell anyone. Instead, they must just go and sit back down and say “Hearts Unhid!”
  3. They then wait until everyone else has found it. The first player to sit down then may hide the heart.

15. Themed Word Race

Challenge your friends to a race of the minds. (This can be played between two people or 3 or 4 youth on each team)

  1. Set a kitchen timer for one minute.
  2. When the time starts, write down as many Valentine and friendship related words that you can think of.


dinner outkiss
ribbonspaper doilies

16. Where’s Your Valentine Game

(Played like “Doggie Doggie where’s your Bone?”)


  1. Have one child sit in the middle of the circle while covering their eyes.
  2. Give another child a Valentine to hide behind their back.
  3. Have all other children put their hands behind their backs.
  4. Chant the following verse: Valentine, Valentine, Where’s your match? Wake up quick, And find them fast!
  5. The child in the middle gets three guesses. The one who hid the Valentine is the next to go into the middle.

17. Valentine’s Pictionary Game


  1. Divide youth into two groups.
  2. Have one child from each team draw a Valentine object on the whiteboard or blackboard while the rest of the team tries to guess what is being drawn.

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18. Find the heart scavenger hunt

Easy game to play with kids to celebrate Valentine’s day. spread small hearts around the house, or the classroom and have the kids try and find them while following up on clues.

This will keep them entertained for hours while learning.


We hope you have enjoyed this list of Valentine games for kids. These make great games for your Valentine’s Day party. Your kids are sure to be laughing and having fun. Keep the laughs going with these Valentine’s Day jokes you can tell to your kids!

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