How to Play Body Body Game

body body game

Body Body is a great game for birthday parties, as a sleepover activity, as a boredom buster or just because! A lot of people don’t know how to play it though but don’t worry, we have your back. Body body can be a fun group game for kids.

Remember safety first! This game should be supervised. Playing games in the dark adds additional risk.

Things you need to play:

Deck of cardsAt least 7 players
A big enough room to crawl aroundLight switch

Body Body Game Rules

You will need at least 7 people that are willing to play because it is far too complicated to do if the group is smaller. Find a deck of cards. For a standard deck, there should be 52 cards in the pack.

1. Attacker Number

As a group, figure out how many attackers you want to have. If you’re playing with a smaller number of people, only one attacker is necessary, however, for a big group ( 20 or more people ) you could have up to three.

2. Pick the Cards

Pick a card for every person who is playing ( if 7 people are playing, 7 cards will need to be picked out ). Make sure there are special cards in the ones you have chosen, so the attacker can be randomly decided in the next couple of steps.

3. Face Down

Once you have the right number of cards, place them face down on the floor in a pile.

4. Pick Up

Ask everyone to pick up one card each from the pile and look at it. Do not show or tell anyone else what your card is! The people or person that is/are holding the special cards are the attackers.

5. Explain Attacking Rules

Tell the group that the attackers must let someone know they are attacking them by squeezing their shoulders gently.

6. Circle Time

Now, all get together in a circle on your hands and knees. Someone has to be near the light switch so the lights can go off soon.

7. Lights

The person nearest to the light switch must turn them off now and then you can all start crawling around, ensuring you stay quiet.

8. The Attackers

Of course, the attackers will also be crawling around and attacking people by squeezing their shoulder ( not too hard ) while the lights are off.

9. Body! Body!

If you find someone lying on the floor – they have been attacked and you must shout “Body! Body!”.

At this point, the person closest to the light switch must turn them back on.

10. Voting Time

Everyone who hasn’t been attacked now decides who they think the attacker is.

If you have been called out and it was, in fact, you, say “You got me!”. However, if the group has got it wrong and it wasn’t you, say “It wasn’t me”.

Those who are attacked must sit at the side of the room until the game is over.

11. Keep it Going

The game doesn’t stop until the attacker ( or attackers ) have been caught or everyone has been attacked.

After it has ended, you could always play again to keep the fun going!

Video explanation

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