3 Easter Poems for Kids

A collection of Easter poems for kids.

It’s Easter time! This is a great time to do some fun activities with the kids. One fun activity can be reading Easter poems. For kids, they will listen closely, mesmerized by the rhyming words.

You can use these Easter poems as an Easter craft activity as well. Help your child make an Easter poster or a DIY Easter greeting card for close relatives.

Easter Poems

1. Some Things That Easter Brings  

Easter duck and Easter chick,

Easter eggs with chocolate thick…

Easter hats for one and all…

Easter Bunny makes a call!

Happy Easter always brings

Such a lot of pleasant things…

2. Easter Everywhere

Rabbits soft and cuddly

Baby chickens, too…

Easter eggs for baskets

White and pink and blue.

Easter cards of greeting,

Music in the air,

Lilies just to tell us-

It’s Easter everywhere.

3. Happy Easter Day

The tulips in the garden

Are wearing yellow hats;

The pussy willows by the brook

Have fur like any cats’.

The bee is honey hunting;

The robin’s chirp is gay;

And all the world is singing,

“Oh, happy Easter Day!”

In Summary

We hope you have enjoyed our collection of Easter poems for kids. Which one was your favorite? How did you use them?

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A collection of Easter poems for kids. Great for the classroom or at home rhyming fun.
A collection of 3 Easter poems for kids. Great for incorporating into an Easter craft project or for making homemade Easter cards.