The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers

As schools soon end their winter term, students eagerly await the Christmas parties, class films, and homework-free nights that comes with winter break.

Many students and parents love to also show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication that the teachers show day after day to their classrooms full of students. Though it is definitely not necessary, teacher gifts are kind and thoughtful gestures during this season of giving.  

Year after year, it is hard to be creative and give something that teachers really like, want, and find useful. If you are still wondering what the perfect gift is for your child’s teacher, look no further! I have the perfect list for you – curated for teachers BY a teacher.

Here’s an all-inclusive list that would work for classroom or specials teachers and elementary, middle, or high school-level teachers!  

Without further ado, let’s get the ideas flowing! Here are my top ten suggestions for gifts that teachers really want.

  1. Something Handmade – without a doubt, some of my very favorite student gifts have been items that my students have made. Over the years, I’ve received pencil holders, artwork, paintings, and even knitted items. This is a wonderful way to be intentional and create time to make something meaningful for your teacher!  
  2. Something for the Classroom – Teachers are still having to pay for their own materials largely out-of-pocket. This includes extra furniture like bookshelves or flexible seating, classroom library books, posters, etc. Consider donating something for your student’s classroom which can keep giving over and over again.
  3. Cleaning Products – It’s cold and flu season and those desks aren’t sanitizing themselves… The wet wipes, tissues, and cleaning products that were donated at the beginning year may need to be restocked. Check with your teacher and see what they might be in need of before the winter term ends.
  4. Letter of Appreciation – A letter is something that can be referenced time and time again when the going gets tough! Many teachers, including myself, keep these tokens of appreciation in their desk drawers and pull them out when they need a reminder. Consider writing a kind note to your child’s teacher along with a kind message from your child. It will mean more than you know!  
  5. Gift Cards – Check with your teacher about their favorite restaurants or coffee shops. This is always a winner! Another idea is to bring in their favorite lunch or beverage one day to school (check with them first before bringing).
  6. Car Wash Certificate – This is such a helpful gift for when the snow melts and there’s a lot of slush on the road!
  7. Plan a Party – If there isn’t a room parent in your child’s classroom, consider organizing a holiday party for the class complete with games, snacks, treats, and activity ideas. If there is an assigned room parent, offer to help them out with planning, decorating, or executing. Teamwork makes the dream work! This will be a great gift for the chaotic, end-of-quarter holiday season. If it doesn’t work to help with the party for Christmas, consider helping with a Valentine’s Day party, which is just around the corner in February.
  8. Volunteer Your Time – Parent volunteers are always highly valued. Whether it’s cutting out lamination or working with a student, we recognize that volunteering your time to help is a precious gift! Even if you can’t come into the classroom regularly, coming once or twice can make a big difference. Also, be the first to sign up for chaperoning a field trip! Now that is a memorable Christmas gift!
  9. Treats for the Teacher’s Lounge – This idea doesn’t have to be done only at Christmastime. It would be fun to see some yummy treats in the teacher’s lounge spontaneously during the year! It would be a great way to cover multiple teachers at once and show your appreciation to the whole teacher community.
  10. A Book – Whether for the classroom library or their personal one, teachers will appreciate the thoughtful act of giving them a book to dive into during the upcoming winter holiday! Consider gifting them your favorite book so that they can experience the joy of reading it too!

Teacher gifts are a sweet way to show your love and appreciation for the team of people dedicated to helping your child learn, succeed, and grow!

The best gifts I’ve received are the ones given from the heart. Leave the mugs and candles on the shelves, and create something meaningful for your teacher! They will surely cherish it for years to come and feel appreciated by your acts of kindness.