9 Olympic Themed Craft Ideas for Young Kids

A collection of Olympic themed craft ideas for kids.

Are the Olympic games approaching? It’s always a fun event that brings out country pride and spirit. These Olympic themed craft ideas are a great way to get young kids involved and learning about the Olympics.

Use these craft ideas to develop an Olympic theme day. In addition to crafts, you can play some Olympic themed games and host your own Olympics, giving young kids the opportunity to win their own medal.

These fun craft ideas can also be used to help decorate your space for your Olympic event.

Olympic Crafts for Kids

1. Make Olympic Flags

Make an Olympic flag (or flags) to have at your events or decorate your room.

Explain to the children:
1. The five rings (circles) are interlocking on a white background.
The white background symbolizes peace.
The colors of red, blue, green, yellow, and black, were chosen because each nation has at least one of these colors in its national flag.

2. The 5 rings represent the five major land areas of the world (show this land areas on a map or globe). The five interlocking rings represent the continents of Africa, Australia, Europe, The Americas, and Asia.
The rings are interlocked to show friendship among the nations.

2. Make Country Flags

Make flags of the countries represented at the Olympics.

Decorate the room with the flags. You can also put up a world map with the continents of Africa, Australia, Europe, The Americas, and Asia

3. Make Olympic Rings


  • Paper plates (five)
  • Scissors
  • Steak knife (optional)
  • Markers
  • Stapler
  • Hole punch
  • String


  1. Cut out the center of five paper plates.
    It’s easier to use a knife or scissors to make a slit in the center of the plate, then use scissors to finish cutting out the inner circle.
  2. Use markers or paint to color each plate the color of the Olympic rings. (Color one plate blue, one black, one red, one yellow and one green.)
  3. Arrange the plates in the order the Olympic rings are in the Olympic symbol. The Olympic rings on the upper row are, from left to right, blue, black and red. The Olympic rings on the lower row are yellow and green.
  4. Staple the plates together to create an Olympic rings decoration.
  5. If you want to hang your Olympic rings as a decoration, use a hole punch to create two holes in the top and hang it with string.

4. Make an Olympic Rings Mural


  1. Cut five large ring shapes out of sturdy paper.
  2. Have children work together to color or paint each ring one of these colors: red, green, black, yellow, and blue.
  3. Arrange the rings on a plain white sheet of butcher paper and hang it up for closing ceremonies or a room decoration.

5. Make an Olympic Torch


  • An empty plastic small drink bottle
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • Red/yellow/orange paper
  • Sticky tape.
  • Sandpaper


  1. Cut the bottom from the drinks bottle and discard it. You may need to smooth the edges for young children.
  2. Wrap the bottle in aluminum foil, tape down any loose edges. This is the torch.
  3. To make the flame, cut flame shaped pieces from the paper and tape to the inside of the torch. Start with small pieces at the edge that get bigger as you work in.

The torch part can also be made from paper towel roll tubes and covered in tin-foil.

6. Olive Leaf Olympic Crown


  • Green construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors


  1. Cut a strip of paper about 1 1/2 inches wide.
  2. Measure it around the child’s head and cut to size.
  3. Cut out MANY leaf shapes and glue them along the length of the strip, leaving a couple of inches at either end.
  4. Tape the two ends of the band together.

The first Olympic games were held in 776 BC. The olive tree played a crucial role in this event. The Olympic winners were awarded with a crown woven from olive branches. The first was a burning olive branch.

7. Laurel Wreath Crown


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Masking tape
  • Crayons
  • Markers or paint


  1. Make a leaf template; trace and cut out the needed number of leaves-
  2. Use a string to measure your head.
  3. Color the leaves on both sides green.
  4. Tape a leaf to the end of the pipe cleaner and secure it with tape. Tape leaves halfway down one pipe cleaner.
  5. Take another pipe cleaner and place a leaf on its end. Then twist it together with the other pipe cleaner.
  6. Add leaves halfway down the pipe cleaner.
  7. Use the string to measure the pipe cleaners. When the pipe cleaners length matches the string length add a leaf at the end.
  8. Twist the pipe cleaner to make a circle and secure with tape.

8. Make an Olympic Game Mascot

Possibilities are endless) With the children make a list of the qualities a mascot should have.


  • Styrofoam shapes
  • ipe cleaners
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Tin foil
  • Googly eyes
  • Paint
  • Spangles
  • Scraps of material, etc.


  1. Have children design and make Olympic mascots for you school or program.
  2. Make your character so it has all of the qualities of an Olympic mascot.
  3. Use a variety of art materials to make the mascots unique.
  4. Give the mascot a name.
  5. Display the mascots in your room.

Olympic Mascot History

Since the first mascot in Olympic history made its appearance at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, Olympic Mascots have become a main element of the Olympic image. As a unique and popular image full of vitality, a mascot is able to materialize the Olympic spirit, communicate the concepts of each Olympic Games, promote the history and culture of the host city and create a festive atmosphere for the Games. Mascots act as a significant vehicle for communicating the Olympic spirit to the general public, especially children and youth. Whatever shapes they have, they fundamentally share a creative rationale, that is, the mascots must be able to convey the theme of the Olympic Games, showcase the distinctive geographical features, history, and culture unique to the host city.

9. Themed Paper Ponchos


  1. Take a large piece of butcher or roll paper.
    Fold it in half, and cut out a neck hole along the fold to make a poncho!
  2. Next, decorate the ponchos in interesting designs, or to go with a themed day/week or party!
  3. Example: Decorate your poncho with an American Flag or red, white and blue for a Patriotic or Olympic theme!

In Summary

We hope you have enjoyed these Olympic themed craft ideas for young kids. How did it go? Did you get some creative results? Creating country flags is a project that can keep your little ones occupied for some time. Make sure you check out our Olympic themed game ideas.

A collection of creative Olympic themed craft ideas. Great for an Olympic theme day in the classroom.