How to Make Cascarones (Confetti Eggs) Step-by-Step

Learn how to make cascarones also known as confetti eggs.

“Cascaron” is the Spanish word for eggshell. Cascaróns are also known as confetti eggs. It is a Mexican tradition and is used in many celebrations including Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, and Cinco de Mayo. Below we share the simple steps for how to make cascaróns.

Origin of Cascaróns

Many people believe the history of Cascarones first originated in Asia to Italy by the explorer Marco Polo. He would give the eggs — often filled with perfumed powder — as gifts.

The custom traveled from Italy to Spain and was brought to Mexico in the mid-1800s by the wife of Emperor Maximilian. In Mexico, the powder was replaced with confetti, and Cascaróns became a part of holiday celebrations, including Easter, New Year’s Eve and birthday parties.

Is there a symbolic meaning of Cascaróns?

Here are what some believe the Cascarón to symbolize:

  • According to tradition, a confetti shower brings good luck to both the one who breaks the cascarón and the one above whose head it is broken.
  • It also symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb.
  • Men would throw them at women to show that they are attracted to them.
  • Some believe if you make a wish prior to breaking it, your wish will come true.
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Making Cascaróns



  1. Make about a half-inch hole–or the size of a dime– in the bottom or top of an egg.
  2. Remove the egg contents. (Either prop over a bowl and let the eggs drain—or See directions for blowing out eggs on Egg Decorating Page)
  3. Rinse out the inside of the egg. When it is completely dry– decorate it using your favorite method.
  4. Fully fill the dry egg with paper confetti.
  5. Once finished, place a small piece of scotch tape over the opening of the egg…or glue on a small piece of tissue paper that matches the egg.

Fun Cascarón Activities

Surprise someone by ‘cracking’ and egg over their head

Hide Cascaróns as part of an Easter-egg hunt and you can pair it with some Easter scavenger hunt riddles. When a cascarón is found, it can be cracked over someone’s head. Make a wish when you crack the cascarón.

Cascarones are a traditional part of the Easter season in Texas. In San Antonio, the “confetti eggs,” are sold in stores and is a basic part of Fiesta.

In Summary

We hope you have found this step by step guide on how to make cascaróns helpful. Remember cascaróns aren’t solely to be used as an Easter activity. There are plenty of opportunities to use them like New Years’, birthdays, and Cinco De Mayo.

Learn how to make confetti eggs step by step. These popular eggs are traditionally used at Easter, birthdays, and New Years. Thought to bring luck and make wishes come true.
A step-by-step guide on how to make the famous cascarone eggs. These popular eggs are also known as confetti eggs and can be used for various celebrations such as Easter, birthday parties, and New Years celebrations.