15 Firefighter Games for Kids

How many kids have the urgency to be firefighters when they get old? If you are a parent, it may be scary, but the truth is that it’s a nice urgency for all kids.

Sometimes they just feel that firefighters are fancy but some other times it’s a need to help people.

The good thing is that there are plenty of firefighter games to keep your kids occupied and teach them how to become amazing firefighters. 

Firefighter games

Firefighter games are easy to prepare, and they don’t need any props and game types of equipment. However, some of the games need some preparation but they can also be played for everyone with no age limit.

Firefighter games are excellent for organising parties or inviting your children’s friends. Prepare your kids for the big rescue, equip them with water and helmets and let the game begin! 

Below you will find some firefighter game ideas that are suitable for all boys and girls stated that they want to be firefighters when they grow old. It is about easy theme games that can entertain your little ones with no effort. 

List of Firefighter games

1. Firefighter obstacle course

Firefighter games

The fighter obstacle course is a great beginning for all your little firefighter lovers.

The first and most fascinating step is to dress them like firefighters. Take a 

  • Helmet
  • raincoat and 
  • big boots and let them dress.

Then your little firefighters are ready to jump on the truck! For the truck you don’t need any expensive game; just take cardboard and paint it with the colours of the fire truck.

Leave the cardboard open from the bottom so they can move it across the fire”. If it seems like a big process to build a fire truck, you can easily have your children push a toy fire truck through the cones. 

Once your little firefighters pass the cones, they will be able to see the fire. For the fire, you can use empty water bottles and paint them with the colours of the flames. Place them on a table and let them blow them out. 

There are 3 possible ways for them to blow out the fire:

  1. Bring the fire down with water guns.
  2. Bring the fire down with balloons.
  3. If you are outdoors, grab the garden hose and let them use it to extinguish the flames.  

When the flames are down the difficult course comes to an end. To make the game even more fun, you can let the kids blow out the “fire” one by one and count their race.

The fastest wins the game! Another option is to let your children set their own rules and have fun! 

2. Flame Fighters

If you are about to take the game in the garden, then you can create a really fun firefighter game. All you need to create the “Flame Fighters” game all you need is red chalk and your fence or a wall.

Take the red chalks and draw the flames on the fence/wall. If you want to create a more interactive game, then you can let them draw the flames on the fence/wall.

Of course, if you don’t want to get any of your gardens to build dirty then you can place chalkboards around the garden. 

The next step is to equip your little firefighter with water pistols and let them bring down the flames from the garden.

To make the game more interesting you can set a timer for five to ten minutes and check if they are good firefighters. Thus, you need to remember to equip them with a bucket full of water for their refills. 

3. Speedy Suits

The speedy suits are suitable for firefighters older than 5 years old. The youngest may need some help to play the game. 

To set the game you need two firefighter outfits – a raincoat, boots, helmet, and trousers – and maybe an oxygen tank to make it more real. You can create the oxygen tank by using a box with elastics as the straps.

Split your little ones and their friend into two teams and hang the outfits on the wall.

For the speedy game, the little firefighters need to run fast on the piles of clothes and get dressed as fast as they can, like they are running to bring down a real fire.

Next step let them undress and put the clothes back in the piles. Then it’s the turn of the next player. 

Each team must get each member of their fire crew dressed and undressed as quickly as possible. The fastest team on the average win the game! 

Speedy fighters can also be played by just two people. You don’t need many children to make it fun! 

4. Fire Truck Fun

What is funnier than a fire truck fun? Let your little ones build their fire trucks by using recycling cardboard boxes. This game requires kids to work together as a team and use their thinking caps wisely.

Grab your recycling boxes and let your children create their own fire trucks. 

You can use yoghurt containers, cans, cardboard boxes or any other recycling supply and paint them with the colours of a fire truck. 

If there is more than one kid in the game, you can separate them into two teams and let them create their trucks out of junk. 

The team who builds a design that resembles a fire engine wins the game. If your only child wants to play the “Fire Truck Fun” then you can let him/her build a truck at a designated time. 

5. Fire Hose 

Firefighter games

One of the easiest firefighter games is the “Fire Hose”. Place your children in a circle and let them hold each other’s hands. Of course, each hand should grab a different child.

As soon as everyone gets a hold of a hand, they are unable to let go. Using twists, turns, ducking, and stepping over other people, they must untangle the knot as a team without letting the hands. 

It’s the easiest and the cheapest game that you can have your little firefighters play. It can be fun and also boost their thinking and handy skills. 

6. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a game suitable for all the little ones that are older than 3 years old. Children need to be able to run to play the game. Unfortunately, the youngest should stay out of the game.

To start the game, you need to cut the flames from orange cards and hide them in the garden or in your house. 

Of course, you need to remember how many flames you hid! Everyone is challenged to hunt the flames until they are all located.

Of course, if you want to make the game tougher you can change the locations and “burn” your children’s minds and make them think harder. If your child is older, you can also write a message on each flame. 

When all the flames are found let your young firefighters decode the message.

7. Stop, Drop, And Rock N’ Roll

Are you ready to teach your little ones how to rock n’ roll? Stop, drop and rock n’ roll is an exciting and fun game that will teach your kids how to dance and control their bodies.

Start the music and let them dance with their hurt – once the music is over or stopped, they should stop what they are doing and roll on the floor like putting out the fire from their clothes.

The more they roll the more fires you will wipe out! The kid who does the best dancing moves and rolls faster wins the game. 

8. Firefighter Brigade

Firefighter games

What is funnier than a relay race? Kids love to run and play with each other while speeding around. 

Relay races are even more fun when children are tasked with transporting water from the fire to their starting position.

The first step to playing the “Firefighters Brigade” is to separate the players into two teams. A kiddie pool is all you need to start the race.

Feel the kiddie pool with water and place some identical empty buckets or pitchers at the corner of the kiddie pool.

Each team needs to create a line between the pool and its pitcher or buckets and be ready to protect them. The next step is to give each child a plastic cup and prepare them for the game. 

At the start of play, the closest player to the pool must fill up his or her cup and run it over to the next team member to pour it into their cup.

This process continues until the last team members spill the cup into the pitcher or the bucket. When the last player dumps the water into the bucket, the player should run and fill his or her cup with water from the pool. 

The winner of the game is the team who fills the bucket or the pitcher first! Of course, the game can be played for as many players as you want. You can even start the game with just two children.

Let alone, that the “Firefighter Brigade” is an exciting and fun game for both parents and children! Teach how to run as firefighters by improving their speed skills! 

9. Put out the Fire 

Playing this game is like playing with a human piñata. It is essential to have an adult who is fun-loving to play the role of the fire.

Are you ready to be this adult or do you want to call the young and fun uncle? Dress your children in orange and red clothes to place them in the firefighters’ mood – maybe you can also hang some streamers off of them.

The fire – adult should run around the garden and hunt the children – firefighters. The fun-loving adult should have on him a bag with candies! 

The little firefighters should target and shoot the “fire” – adult with a water balloon.

Once a water balloon finds the “fire” he or she gets rewarded with a treat by the fire throwing out another handful of candy. Once the candy finds the floor all the young firefighters can run to collect the sweet treat. 

The end of the game is when all the candy is extinguished from the “fire” – adult’s candy bag. 

10. Animal Rescue 

“Animal Rescue” is a game that can teach your kids many important life lessons. Animals are just like humans and must be prioritised in serious life-and-death situations.

To play “Animal Rescue” make a firefighter’s life net from hula hoops and small sheets of plastic tablecloths. To make the game fun and competitive you need one life net for every two players.

Separate the players into teams of two and let them grab a net. Next step, a volunteer must toss stuffed animals from a second-floor window or tree.

Then it’s time for the little firefighters to run and try to save the animals and place them safely on the safety nets. 

It’s a fun game that also improves teamwork skills, as the 2 pair teams must work together, and walk with coordinated movements to save the animals. 

11. Smoke Crawlers 

“Smoke crawlers” is a game that can teach life lessons to kids. Both adults and kids must know how to behave and what actions must take in case of a fire.

Smoke is dangerous, and children should know that they must avoid it. Teach your kids to crawl under the smoke in case of a fire and save them from any danger. 

To play the game, all you need is a black sheet or a dark tablecloth (to make it look like real smoke). Some adults-volunteers should hold the cloth or the sheet one to two feet above the ground and move it in the shape of waves.

Then children should synchronize crawl underneath the sheet and find the way out from the smoke. To make the game harder adults can move the sheets in different directions and change the direction of the exit point! 

12. Rescue the Cat

“Rescue the cat” is a game that can be played by kids older than 4 years old as it takes stable movements and a lot of walking around. One of the regular tasks of firefighters is to rescue the trapped cats from the trees.

Draw a tree on a piece of paper or a card. Then take a separate piece of paper or card and draw a cat with a long tail.

If you are not a good painter, you can easily print out the tree and the cat instead of drawing them. 

Connect the cat print to the tree print with a pin and you are ready to play the fun and exciting game.

The most important step of the process is that you need to blindfold your little players and rotate them around three times before they try to rescue the cat from the tree.

Then it’s time for the fun! Let them wander around till they find the tree and unpin the cat from it.  

13. Don’t Spill a Drop

“Don’t Spill a Drop” is a game that needs two teams to play it. Every team will have to use two small splashing/kiddie pools and paper cuts per each guest or player.

Load one kiddie pool with water and place the team players in a line behind the pool.

Then, a cup full of water needs to be scooped out by the player who is closest to the pool, then the players should turn around, and tip the water into the next person’s cup before the siren goes off. 

Eventually, the back person empties their cup into the second paddling pool and runs forward to repeat the process.

The objective of the game is to empty all the first kiddie pool into the second pool! The game finish when one team fills the second pool faster. 

14. Extinguish the Fire

Firefighter games

To play the “extinguish the fire” game you must cut some large flames from stiff cardboard or wood and paint them in the colours of the flame. 

The next step is to cut some holes in the fire shapes, of different sizes and write a number right next to them.

The smaller the holes are the higher number should have. Then, you should equip your little ones with a large number of filled water balls.

To start the game, each player should take a water balloon and target the holes in the flames trying to get them out of the hole without splashing it.

The players get points according to the size of the hole that they target! They win the points only if they get the water balloon out of the hole intact.

You can play as many rounds as you want! Just equip them with water balloons and let them play! 

“Extinguish the Fire” is a game that officially can be played outdoors. However, if the weather is not good or you don’t have a yard, you can let them play the game, by replacing the water balloon with beanbags.

15. Drop the Flame 

“Drop the Flame” is a game that can be played for all kids regardless the age. It’s also a suitable game for both inside and outside. All you need is some plastic cups and some flames made from paper. 

Cut the paper into the shape of flames and paint it with red and orange colours. If you are not a good painter, you can easily print out the paper flames.

Then, you need to pin one flame on each plastic cup. Lastly, place the plastic cups one above the other. Start in a line with six plastic cups and then place the rest above to create a small tower!

To start the game, you need to equip your kids with water guns and let them try to knock down the flaming castle.

If you want to create a more fun game, you can build two flamed towers and split your little ones into teams. The team that knocks down the flaming towers faster wins the game. 

Teaching your children how to become firefighters is a really good move to go with. Except for the skills you teach them how to care and love! Some children tend to love the action more than others.

That’s why firefighters’ game races are an amazing way to defuse tension and teach them all the necessary skills.

Another excellent option is to organise a themed firefighter party for your little ones and their friends.

What is more, fun than letting them race and fight to extinguish the flames and save lives? The game list above will give you all the ideas for creating the best party of your lifetime!

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