59 Field Day Activities for a Memorable Outdoor Day

Field day is an annual event where students take a break from their academics and have some fun under the sun. It’s an exciting day full of outdoor activities, games, food, and many good times.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for students to meet new friends, show off their talents, excel in sports, and compete in other fields of interest.

If you’re a part of the field day committee this year and you’re looking for some activities that are fun, unique, and easy to put together, here are 59 field day activities that will surely make the event more memorable and unique.

Awesome Field Day Activities and Games

1. Tug of War

tug of war kid game
A classic game that tests teamwork and strategy, tug of war is the perfect field day activity for students of all ages. | via yss

Tug of war is one of the oldest competitive sports still played today. To play this game, two teams need to stand on opposite sides of a rope, then try to pull the rope as hard as they can.

The winners are determined by whoever pulls their opponents to their side or across the center line first.

2. Dodgeball

kids playing dodge ball on grass
Dodgeball is a fast-paced team game that will test players’ agility, speed, and reflexes. | via amazon

The game of dodgeball can be played between two teams – who must at all costs – avoid getting hit with balls thrown by their opponents. The game mechanic is pretty simple – dodge the ball.

When the ball hits you, you’re eliminated. The team with the last man or woman standing wins the game.

3. Sack Race

playing sack race. Kids jumping inside sacks
Sack races are always a big hit at any field day. | via pinterest

A popular field day game, the sack race is a fun activity that will surely spark lots of energy and excitement.

For this activity, each team must have an equal number of players lined up against each other. Each member will wear the sack feet first, jump their way into a specified station, and then return to the starting point. The fastest team to complete the course wins.

4. Three-Legged Race

kids playing three-legged race
Three-legged race is a fun game that requires some serious teamwork and coordination.| via bouncycastlenetwork

Players need to pair up with another person to compete in a three-legged race. It is called a three-legged race because each pair will have to tie one of their feet together using some strings or shoelaces.

They will then race against other players toward the finish line. The fastest pair to reach the finish line wins the game.

5. 100-Meter Dash

girls running the 100 yard dash
If you want some great competition, a 100m dash is the perfect way to do it. | via activeforlife

This game is pretty straightforward – players simply need to run as fast as possible to the 100m mark before anyone else.

A 100m dash is a test of speed, endurance, and agility, so a race like this one is always going to be very exciting and intense – perfect for some fun and healthy competition.

6. Passing the Baton

passing the baton field day activity
Passing the baton is a classic relay race to test how well teams work together. | via statesmanjournal

In this game, each member of the same team has to run a specific distance while holding onto a baton, which then needs to be passed on from one player to another.

This continues until all of the players on the same team have completed their run and the last person carrying the baton crosses the finish line.

7. Hot Potato

a group of kids playing hot potato game
Hot potato is the perfect game for kids because it requires little to no strategy. | via playworks

Hot potato is a simple game where players have to pass a ball back and forth while some live music is playing in the background.

When the music stops, the person who’s holding the ball will be eliminated. This game is often played as a party game but it can also be a fun activity for young children during field day.

8. Human Wheelbarrow Race

kids playing human wheelbarrow game
This is a fun-filled game that requires a lot of teamwork. | via schoolyard

This game is played in pairs, where one player will carry the other’s feet while they race their way to the finish line.

The game requires players to work together to maintain the wheelbarrow position – if either player loses their balance, the pair will be eliminated. It’s an old favorite that always makes for a lot of laughter and smiles.

9. Cornhole

cornhole bags and mat picture
Cornhole is a great outdoor game that kids of all ages can enjoy. | via bhg

Cornhole is a game played by two teams against each other. Two cornhole boards will be placed at opposing ends of the field, where players need to toss their bags into the boards and try to shoot them into the hole.

The fastest team to shoot all of their bags in their opponent’s cornhole board wins the game.

10. Egg and Spoon Race

egg in spoon race field day activity
The egg and spoon race is an exciting game that tests the players’ patience, balance, and agility. | via verywellfamily

In this game, teams will be given a spoon and a hard-boiled egg that they need to balance throughout a course in the field.

The egg will then be passed on to the next person until all of the players have completed the race. If at any point, the egg drops, the player needs to go back to the starting point and try again. The fastest team to finish the course wins the game.

11. Musical Hoops

kids playing musical hoops with hoola hoops
Musical hoops is a variation of the popular game – musical chairs. | via topinspired

The idea behind musical hoops is pretty straightforward. Instead of using chairs, hula hoops will be laid down on the ground with one less hoop than the total number of players. Here’s how to play the game:

  • Each player will dance to the music and circle around the hoops, trying to jump inside one of them when the music stops.
  • Since there is one less hula hoop than the players on the ground, the person left without a hula hoop when the music stops will be eliminated from the game.
  • For every round, one hula hoop will be taken away until there’s a single hoop left and two players remain.
  • The two will then battle it out to see who can jump inside the last hoop first when the final music stops.
  • Whoever jumps inside the remaining hula hoop first will be declared the winner.

12. Hula Hoop Toss

hula hoops toss game
Place some cones on the ground and let the hula hoop tossing game begin. | via yourtherapysource

For this game, the players from each team will attempt to throw their hoops through the cone one after another. The mechanics of the game is simple – the fastest team to successfully shoot all of their hoops into the target wins the game.

You can increase the difficulty level of this game by placing the cones farther from the throwing point – making it harder for the players to aim and shoot their hoops.

13. Jump Rope

children jumping rope
A jump rope game will surely bring out some friendly competition during field day. | via todaysparent

This is a game of patience and endurance where each participant needs to play skipping rope for as long as possible.

All of the players will start at the same time and are free to do whatever jump rope technique they want – they simply need to outlast all of the other participants. The last man or woman standing wins the game.

14. Hula Hoop Contest

kids playing hula hoops contest
Hula hooping is a fun and entertaining game for kids of all ages. | via hoopnotica

This is a simple game of skill and timing that can be played by just about anyone. Players simply need to keep hula hooping for as long as they can – whoever can hoop the longest wins the contest.

This activity is also great for large group settings, you can have teams compete against each other as well.

15. Long Jump

kid doing a long jump activity
Long jump is one of the most traditional sports played during field days. | via sippicanweektoday

The long jump is a sport that requires players to run to a starting point, take off, and then jump as far and high as they can before landing on the sand.

As the name of the sport implies, the player who jumps the farthest wins. This is a great sport to play during field day because it allows students to be physically active and showcase their athletic ability.

16. Tire Roll

tire roll game
Tire roll is one of the most entertaining and unique physical games to play at field days. | via alwihdainfo

The objective of this game is for each player to roll a small tire across the field while navigating their way through a series of obstacles.

This fun and adrenaline-pumping activity requires speed, agility, and balance to keep the tire rolling without falling over. The first player to make it to the finish line wins the race.

17. Outdoor Bowling

outdoor bowling
Outdoor bowling is an easy game to set up at your school’s field day. | via hallmark

There are plenty of different ways to play outdoor bowling, from renting outdoor bowling sets and inflatables to making colorful bowling pins from bottled water and food coloring.

For the best outdoor bowling experience, choose a flat area in your school’s playground or on the grassy quad.

18. Obstacle Course

kid trying to pass the obstacle course
An obstacle course is a series of different challenges that are meant to test a player’s agility, strength, speed, and endurance. | via teachhub

A good obstacle course includes a variety of physical challenges such as climbing, jumping, running, crawling, and even swimming.

Players can compete individually or in pairs or groups. This is a great activity to challenge students’ athleticism, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

19. Giant Jenga

playing giant jenga game
In this big version of Jenga, the goal is for players to remove bricks from the wooden block tower without knocking any pieces off themselves. | via kellyannevents

Giant Jenga can be played with all the same rules as the traditional version, but the tower is much bigger and taller. The objective of this game is to remove as many wooden blocks as possible without letting the tower collapse.

This activity is a lot of fun and will help improve both concentration and hand-eye coordination skills.

20. Zumba for Kids

zumba dance party for kids
Kids love a good dance party, so why not arrange a Zumba dance session during field day. | via teachingexpertise

Zumba is a Latin-inspired form of dance fitness class that combines aerobics and dance into a fun and interactive rhythmic exercise program.

For young kids, it’s an easy way to burn calories, get fit, and have a great time. Zumba is a fun social activity to promote health and fitness during field day.

21. Pass the Water

pass the water
Pass the water is a fun game that will test the kids’ ability to work together as a team. | via blendspace

For this game, you only need to prepare some plastic cups, eye masks, and water.

This game requires children to be blindfolded to pass a cup of water to their teammates, who must then pass it on to the next teammate until it reaches the end of the line.

Whichever team manages to pass the most amount of water wins the game.

22. Hanging Donut

the hanging donut game
“Hanging donuts” is a fun and tasty game to play during field day. | via riderwrong

In this game of “hanging donuts,” you just need to place a cloth string between two trees or poles, hang some donuts, and let the game begin.

Each player needs to eat the hanging donuts only by using their mouths – no hands allowed. Whoever finishes eating his or her donut first, wins the game.

23. Hit the Tins

hit the tins game
Any target shooting game can be turned into a fun field day activity. | via nunscross

To play this game, you’ll need to prepare 10 tins, a table, and a few tennis balls.

Stack the tins into a pyramid, and then, each player takes turns throwing the tennis balls at the target tins. The person who hits and knocks the most number of targets wins the game.

24. Limbo Rock

limbo rack game for kids
The game of limbo rock will bring so much excitement and laughter as the stick gets lower and lower. | via kidspot

You only need a long stick to play limbo rock. Two people will hold both ends of the stick, while the players have to bend over to cross under it.

After each round, the stick will be lowered until the player who leans as low and far back as possible without touching the ground is declared the winner.

25. Car Wash Relay

car wash relay
Car wash relay is a great field day activity to foster teamwork and good sportsmanship. | via keepingkidsinmotion

To play the car wash relay race, each team will be given 2 buckets (1 empty, 1 full of water) and a sponge. The first player will dip the sponge into the bucket of water, then pass it to the next player, and so on.

The last player will then squeeze the sponge into the empty bucket, and return it to the starting player. After 5 minutes, the team with the most water collected into the empty bucket wins.

26. Mummy Wrap

mummy wrap game
Mummy wrap is an extremely fun and easy game to play during field day. | via sugarbeecrafts

To play mummy wrap, participants need to pair up with each other. One person will be the mummy and the other will wrap the mummy using a roll of tissue paper.

The goal is to get the mummy to be fully covered in tissue paper by the end of 5 minutes. The pair whose mummy is covered by the most tissue paper at the end of the time limit wins.

27. Dance Contest

dance contest
A dance or cheerleading contest is a healthy way to foster some friendly competition amongst students. | via amadorvalleytoday

The perfect team activity during field day, a dance, or a cheerleading contest can be planned as a kick-off event to the day’s festivities.

Participants can create teams with other classes or grade levels, or individuals can also compete against each other.

This is a great opportunity for kids to show off their dancing skills and have a lot of fun while they’re at it.

28. Water Balloon Toss

water balloon toss game
Water balloon toss is a fun team building activity during field days. | via childrensministryideasunlimited

Participants need to pair up with a partner to play this water balloon toss game. The players will take turns throwing a water-filled balloon at each other until it bursts.

The distance between the players will become wider and wider as the game progresses to make the game more challenging. The last pair with an unburst balloon will be declared the winner.

29. Stack It Up

stack it up game
Stacking is a competitive sport that kids of all ages can participate in. | via egcsd

There are many variations of this game but the basic premise of this game is that players need to stack a pile of items into a pyramid shape.

Cups, pails, bricks, and tins are just a few of the stackable items you can use for this activity. The fastest player to stack the pile into a pyramid wins the game.

30. Squeeze the Balloon Race

squeeze the balloon game
This is a dynamic race game to practice balance, coordination, and agility.| via pbs

In this game, each player of the opposing team will squeeze a balloon in their knees while racing from one end of the playing area to the other without letting go of the balloon.

Once the balloon drops, the player needs to go back to the starting point and redo the course. The fastest team to finish the race wins the game.

31. Hurdling

kids hurdling over grass track
Hurdling is an athletic event that requires quick reaction time and high-jumping ability. | via egcsd

Hurdling is a track and field event where participants need to jump over a series of obstacles (hurdles), which are placed at equal distances.

The objective of the game is simple: whoever jumps all of the hurdles the quickest wins. Hurdling is a sport that dates back to the early 19th century.

32. Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe

tic tac toe game playing field
A life-size variation of the classic tic-tac-toe game, but with a twist. | via parentlane

To play frisbee tic-tac-toe, simply make a 3×3 grid on the ground to serve as your life-size game board. Then, prepare two different sets of frisbees marked with “o” and “x” signs.

From a designated point, two players will have to throw their frisbees on the ground, trying to land one in each square. The player who lands three frisbees in a row first, wins the game.

33. Ring Tossing Game

ring toss game
A ring tossing game is a fun field day activity that’s very easy to set up. | via houstonacademy

For this simple yet very entertaining game, you’ll only need to prepare some plastic hoops/rings and a target.

Set the target 1 to 2 meters away from the throwing point and then let the kids battle it out to see who can aim and shoot as many hoops/rings as possible. This game will surely provide hours of entertainment for your next field day.

34. Balloon Pop Relay Race

balloon pop relay race
Balloon pop relay race is an exciting field day activity for kids of all ages. | via thedestinlog

To play the balloon pop relay race, each player from the different competing teams will be given an inflated balloon.

Chairs will then be placed opposite the starting point, and each player will have to pop their balloons by sitting on top of them. The first team to pop all of their balloons wins the game.

35. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
An exciting scavenger hunt game will surely be the highlight of any field day. | via ahealthiermichigan

Scavenger hunt games can be very challenging and exciting because they involve a lot of different physical and mental exercises for the participants.

You can easily set up this field day activity by preparing a list of things that the players must find and accomplish at every checkpoint. The first player to complete all of the tasks wins the game.

36. Giant Connect 4

a giant connect 4 game
Giant connect 4 is an exciting game of strategy for the youngsters. | via playchimes

Giant connect 4 is a life-size version of connect 4, a game that requires players to think fast and make strategic decisions.

The goal is to score points by connecting four pieces of circular tiles on the playing board – whether in a straight line or diagonally.

The player who manages to connect as many tiles as possible until the playing board is completely covered wins the game.

37. Soccer Billiards

a giant soccer billiard table/field where kids kick balls to pockets
Soccer billiards is a game of skill and strategy – the perfect field day activity to entertain both players and spectators. | via soccerpoolworld

Soccer billiards is a combination of pool and soccer. The game pretty much follows all of the rules and regulations of a regular pool, except that it is played on the ground instead of the pool table.

Each player will take turns to shoot the balls (in ascending order) by kicking them into the pockets. The player who manages to pocket the last ball wins the game.

38. Floor Chalk Art

kid drawing with chalk on the floor
Floor chalk art is a great way for kids to express their artistry and creativity. | via howdybabybox

If you are looking for a fun and unique art activity for kids, why not organize a sidewalk chalk art contest on your school’s upcoming field day?

Students with artistic talents can show off their drawing skills by making colorful chalk art for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to sporting events, it’s also important to nurture artistry and creativity in young children during their formative years.

39. Dunking Booth

a dunkin booth
A dunking booth will surely bring a lot of excitement and laughter to any field day event. | via egcsd

If your school’s field day committee has budgeted for something fun and novel, consider adding a dunking booth.

Dunking booths are usually available for rent at party supply stores, inclusive of assembly and dismantling. This activity will surely become the highlight of the entire event.

40. Basketball Free Throws

a girl throwing a free throw with a basketball on the field
The perfect way to add some healthy competition to a field day event is to have a free throw contest. | via ussportscamps

Free throw shooting contests will surely create a lot of excitement in the crowd.

Players will be tasked to complete a series of free throws from different angles and distances.

The farther the player shoots, the more points they get. At the end of the game, the player who scores the most points will win.

41. Kickball

a group of people playing kick ball
Kickball is a fast-paced team game played on a baseball field. | via kickballzone

The mechanics of playing kickball are pretty much the same with baseball. The only difference is that instead of using a bat, players use their feet to hit the ball.

The goal is to kick the ball hard enough for players to make a home run. Kickball is an exciting game that can really bring out the competitive spirit in everyone.

42. Hula Hoop Relay

hula hoop relay
This fun game will test your group’s teamwork and coordination. | via onekama

For this game, team members need to hold each other’s hands while the first player finds a way to pass the hula hoop to the next person without letting go.

The objective of the game is to successfully pass the hula hoop from player to player until it reaches the end of the line. The first team to have all their members pass the hula hoop wins.

43. Giant Checkers

Giant checkers board
An easier alternative to chess, checkers is a game that tests strategic thinking and concentration. | via qvsd

The goal of the game of checkers is to eliminate as many of your opponent’s pieces as possible by strategically placing your own pieces to block off their path.

Checkers is played on a traditional chess board but the pieces are only placed on either white or black tiles and allowed to move diagonally. The player who eliminates the most pieces within the time limit wins the match.

44. Space Hoppers

kids jumping on space balloons
Space hoppers are inflatable balls that look like yoga balls. | via kent

If you are looking for a fun and exciting field day activity, space hoppers are sure to be a hit.

For this game, each player would have to sit down on his or her own space hopper and then bounce up and down from the starting point to the finish line. The fastest player to make it to the finish line wins the game.

45. Pizza Box Relay

a kid carrying many boxes of pizzas
A fun relay game using just empty pizza boxes. | via capegazette

For this game, teams will be given no less than seven empty pizza boxes that each player needs to balance as they complete an obstacle course.

Whenever the pizza boxes fall on the ground, the player needs to go back to the starting point and try again. The first team to successfully complete the course wins the game.

46. Ping Pong Relay

ping pong relay games
A ping pong relay game with a twist. | via happymomhacks

In this game of ping pong relay, competing teams will be given plastic spoons and ping pong balls.

Each player needs to bite into a spoon, try to pick up a ping pong ball from a plate from the starting point and finish the course balancing the ping pong ball on the tip of the spoon without dropping it.

The team that finishes the course in the shortest time wins the game.

47. Bubble Station

soap bubbles with kids running around
Team sports are not always for everyone, but setting up a bubble station is sure to bring some fun and laughter especially to young children. | via parentmap

To set up a bubble station, you can purchase a bubble machine to automatically create bubbles that kids will love to play with.

Alternatively, you can also buy bubble guns and bubble bottles and let the kids have fun playing with them.

48. Hopscotch

hopscotch board on the ground
A classic hopscotch game will surely bring back a lot of happy childhood memories. | via gamesver

Hopscotch is an old school childhood game where players need to hop from one square to another by stepping on each square with a corresponding number in order.

This is a simple activity that not only improves balance but also helps sharpen kids’ counting skills.

49. Balloon Blowing Contest

a group of kids filling balloons with air
Kids will surely have a great time with a balloon blowing contest. | via gettyimages

Balloon blowing contests are very easy and simple to set up and play. Kids will only stand around in a circle and then the music starts.

As the music is playing, the kids will have to blow their balloons as hard as they can. When the music stops, whoever has the biggest balloon will be declared the winner.

50. Art Corner

art corner ideas
Setting up an art corner is a great way for kids to express themselves creatively. | via clcfc

A great way to encourage kids to express their artistry and creativity is to have a dedicated corner with art materials such as paints, markers, glue, scissors, tape, etc.

Kids can express themselves through drawing, coloring, and even sculpting. Before the day ends, teachers can choose the best artwork pieces and then display them at the school for others to admire.

51. Balance the Cup

kids carrying trays with water cups
“Balance the cup” is a fun and exciting team activity that everyone will enjoy. | via theindependent

To play this game, each team will be given a tray and a cup full of water. Each player will simultaneously take turns in balancing the tray with the cup as they try to complete an obstacle course.

Whichever team has the most water in the cup at the end of the game wins.

52. Airplane Toss

kids throwing paper airplanes
Let the students toss paper airplanes to see who can get the farthest. | via foldnfly

Airplane toss is a simple and fun game. The kids can design their own paper airplanes and compete to see which one flies farthest.

This activity requires only a few basic stationery supplies, including construction paper, scissors, and tape – but the fun and excitement are endless.

53. Coin Tower Challenge

a tower made of coins
Teachers can have students race against time to build the tallest tower out of coins. | via kansasdiscovery

In this coin tower challenge, students will have 5 minutes to build the tallest tower of coins possible.

The kids can use any amount of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, or half-dollars, and one dollar coins. The winner is determined by how tall the top of the tower is.

54. Giant Slingshot

kid shooting a giant sling shot
Target shooting games are always filled with fun and excitement. | via ryobitools

Giant slingshot is a target shooting game where players need to knock down as many targets as possible by launching a projectile (usually a ball or sand bag).

The objective of this game is to hit the most number of targets in the least amount of time possible.

55. Sponge Target Game

sponge target game
“Sponge target game” is an awesome way to teach kids to aim and shoot. | via kiwico

Sponge target game is very easy to set up and it requires just a couple of things: sponge and chalk. On the floor, draw a makeshift concentric circle target with corresponding score points.

Each player shoots from a distance, aiming to hit the middle of the target – scoring more points the closer they get. The person who scores the most points wins.

56. Tie-Dye Shirt With Water Guns

water guns filled with dye
 Make the perfect field day outfit using colored water guns. | via sixthbloom

A few days before your field day event, kids can make their own tie-dye shirts using water guns. Kids can play around with colors to create their own designs.

During the field day event, make sure everyone gets into the field day spirit and wear some cool looking T-shirts.

57. Bump Balls

kids playing with bump balls
Bump balls are great for keeping kids active on the field. | via hearthsong

Bump balls or BBOP balls are wearable inflatables that bounce when they come in contact with other players on the ground.

The rules of the game are simple: try to knock down other players by bumping them. The last person standing on the field wins the game.

58. Human Hoops

kids with small hoops connected to their hips
Pair up with your bestie for this fun field day game. | via ssww

To play this game, players need to pair up with a friend and stand on opposite sides of a large open area wearing small baskets on their waists.

For five minutes, the pair needs to shoot the ball into their baskets back and forth – like a basketball game. When the five minute time limit is up, the pair with the most points wins.

59. Pie Eating Game

pie eating contest
This is a hilarious game to play during a field day celebration. | via teachingexpertise

Have a long table set up with a few plates full of pies and let the players line up to eat their pies as fast as they can – only by using their mouths. The first person who finishes eating all of his or her pie, wins the game.

Make Your School’s Next Field Day Truly Unforgettable

A field day is a perfect opportunity to have fun and show your students that school is more than just a place to learn. It’s also a chance to bond with friends and celebrate sportsmanship, school spirit, and community.

If you’ve ever wished your next field day had a little more wow factor, use the above list of creative ideas to help you organize a truly unforgettable field day experience.

Remember, a successful field day means more than just throwing a football around and playing ball games – it’s about creating lasting memories that your students won’t soon forget.