Beginning of School Year


Consider focusing the ‘BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR’-on Getting to Know You. Each day, help children  develop a sense of community.  This can be an extended to a long-range project based on children’s interests and input.

2.  Encourage students to explore the unique qualities of themselves and of others.Have kids examine their current personal interests such as their “favorite” foods, colors, and activities. Have them think about their family tree and history, cultural backgrounds, etc.

3.  Help children identify similarities and differences between people. Highlight the commonalities among people and point out how Variety is the Spice of Life. You can do this by using analogies in the natural world; by referring to the numerous types of animals that exist within a species, such as different kinds of dogs (or flowers).

4.  Provide many opportunities for cooperative learning.

Note: A small number of children exhibit signs of difficulty adjusting to the start of the school year; most of those difficulties are short-lived and come at predictable times in a child’s life — at the start of kindergarten or first grade, in a change to a new school, or during the passage from one level of school to another.

Categories that are a great resource for the ‘Beginning of the year’!

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