100 Words That Rhyme With Tall

If you’re a writer, you’ve probably heard the saying, “rhythm is important.” In other words, a good poem, song, or piece of writing should have a smooth flow or rhythm to it.

Rhyming words have long been used in English literature to add beauty and grace to any written text – especially when it comes to music and poetry. 

Whether you are trying to write a poem, create lyrics for your next musical hit, or just looking for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing – check out these 100 words that rhyme with tall – including their definitions, related words, and more.

100 Rhyming Words With Tall list

1. Ball

A ball is a spherical object that bounces. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /bôl/.

A ball can be anything from a basketball, soccer ball, tennis ball, etc. They are often used in sports and games – particularly those played on a court or field.

2. Call

Call means to speak to someone over a mobile device or telephone.| via unsplash

Pronounced as /kôl/. 

In addition to speaking over the phone, to call or call also means to ask someone for something or help. The call can also mean issuing a command or request.

3. Fall

Fall is the season just before winter when leaves turn red, orange, or yellow.| via pexels

Pronounced as /fôl/.

In addition to being one of the four seasons, fall also means to move downward, descend, or go down. Another definition of fall is to stumble or trip. 

4. Wall

A wall is a physical barrier used to divide or enclose spaces. | via pexels

Pronounced as /wôl/.

Aside from dividing or enclosing spaces, (to) wall also means to keep someone apart from others or prevent them from getting into places.

5. Mall

A mall is a collection of stalls or shops within an enclosed space. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /môl/.

A mall is also called a shopping center or a retail center. It also means a place where people do things, such as a shop, dine, and go for leisure activities.

6. Crawl

To crawl means to move slowly on all fours or on hands and knees. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /krôl/.

When you crawl, you are using your hands and knees to get around, usually to escape or avoid something. For kids, the crawling stage is when they first learn how to move around independently.

7. Brawl

A brawl is a violent altercation between people. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /brôl/.

When two or more people fight each other, it is called a brawl. A brawl is also called a free-for-all fight that involves fighting, kicking, biting, scratching, punching, etc.

8. Install

Install means to put something into place. | via pexel

Pronounced as /inˈstôl/.

Installing something can be fixing a problem in the house, putting in a new piece of furniture, setting up a surveillance system or computer software, etc.

9. Recall

When you’re trying to recall something, it means you are trying to remember something. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /rəˈkôl,rəˈkäl/.

Recalling something could mean trying to remember what happened, remembering someone’s name, or remembering a misplaced object.

10. Poll

A poll is a survey that asks for opinions or preferences. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /pōl/.

The word poll is a verb that means “to vote.” A poll is when you are asked for your opinion or choice. It’s also a term that’s synonymous with elections.

11. Doll

A doll is an inanimate object that looks like a human being. | via pexel

Pronounced as /däl/.

Dolls are anything from toys, stuffed animals, baby dolls, action figures, rag dolls, etc. They are often played by kids of various ages, but mostly girls.

12. Null

When you nullify something, you make it not exist. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /nəl/.

When something is nullified, it is eliminated or made not existent. For example, you can nullify a marriage by getting a divorce or nullify a contract by canceling it or not honoring it.

13. Rainfall

Rainfall occurs when there is precipitation falling from the sky. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈrānˌfôl/.

Rainfall is the amount of water that falls from the sky and makes its way to the earth’s surface. Rainfall is measured in inches (in) or millimeters (mm) per hour (hr).

14. Waterfall

A waterfall is a body of water that flows over a steep drop and cascades down. | via pexels

Pronounced as /ˈwôdərˌfôl,ˈwädərˌfôl/.

A waterfall is the falling of water over a steep incline. They are often found in nature – created by glaciers, rivers, or mountain streams – but they can also be man-made, such as hydroelectric dams and artificial water features.

15. Alcohol

A waterfall is a body of water that flows over a steep drop and cascades down. | via pexels

Pronounced as /ˈwôdərˌfôl,ˈwädərˌfôl/.

A waterfall is the falling of water over a steep incline. They are often found in nature – created by glaciers, rivers, or mountain streams – but they can also be man-made, such as hydroelectric dams and artificial water features.

16. Basketball

Basketball is a popular sport played by two teams with one goal: score as many points as possible within four quarters.| via istockphoto

Pronounced as /bas-kit-bawl, bah-skit-/.

Basketball is a sport that involves dribbling, passing, shooting, and rebounding. It is typically played by two teams of five players each – in a court – for four quarters (12 minutes per quarter). 

17. Hall

A hall is a place where people can come together. It is used to hold meetings, conferences, and other social events. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /hôl/.

A hall is an open or enclosed space used for holding large groups of people, such as conferences, weddings, or parties. For example, a ballroom or banquet hall is used for holding parties and dinners.

18. Roll

Roll means to move or turn something in a circular motion. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /rōl/.

When you roll something, you move it around on a surface. A sushi roll or pizza dough, for example, is rolled out when they are made. A makisu is used for rolling sushi, and a rolling pin is used for making pizza. 

19. Small

Small is an adjective that is used to describe something tiny. | via pexels

Pronounced as /smôl/.

A small thing is something very little. The word small is also synonymous with tiny and minuscule, which means very little or insignificant amount.

20. Haul

Haul means to move something from one place to another. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /hôl/.

To haul something is to move or transport it. In trucking and transportation, professional hauling services refer to moving goods or materials from point A to point B. 

21. Overhaul

A word closely related to automotive, overhaul means to repair or rebuild something in its entirety. | via pexels

Pronounced as /ˌōvərˈhôl/.

To do a complete overhaul on your car is to take it to a specialist to fix all its problems, like changing the tires, new brakes, engine tune-up, new windshield, etc., to ensure that it is in perfect working condition.

22. Shawl

A shawl is a piece of fabric that wraps around the neck and shoulders to provide warmth during winter. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /SHôl/.

A shawl has a soft, fuzzy feeling, which can be easily wrapped around the neck and shoulders. It provides warmth during cold winters and can also be used to accentuate a plain outfit.

23. Nightfall

Nightfall is the moment when the sun disappears, and the surrounding starts to get engulfed by darkness. | via pexels

Pronounced as /ˈnītˌfôl/.

Nightfall is when the day is coming to an end, and the darkness of the night is gradually taking over. This word can also convey a melancholic feeling, i.e., it can describe sadness at the end of a day.

24. Coverall

A coverall is a piece of clothing often worn by those who work in messy environments. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /ˈkəvərˌôl,ˈkəvərˌäl/.

A coverall protects the clothes from dust, dirt, and debris thrown around while performing their job. It is usually worn by people who work in oil and gas facilities, construction sites, factories, etc.

25. Atoll

An atoll is a ring-shaped reef or barrier island surrounded by shallow water. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /ˈaˌtôl,ˈaˌtäl/.

Commonly found in the Pacific and other tropical areas of the world, volcanoes and coral growth form atolls. Ocean currents cause sediments to pile up and harden into rock, eventually forming a barrier island.

26. Toll

A toll is an amount you pay for using a certain service or road. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /tōl/.

The use of tolls varies from one country to another; for example, in the United States, it can refer to the charge for using a certain road or bridge or to the payment you have to make in order to enter an airport or public parking lot.

27. Downfall

The downfall can mean anything from a failure to a disappointment – and is often used negatively. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈdounˌfôl/.

A downfall is defined as something that has caused the loss of a goal or desire. For example, a person’s downfall may be a bad marriage, a bad business deal, or even getting caught up in a drug habit.

28. Mothball

Mothballs are used to keep unwanted insects away from your home. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈmôTHˌbôl/.

Mothballs prevent moths, cockroaches, and insects from settling on or munching items in your house. They are made from a mixture of chemicals that repel the insects away.

29. Oddball

An oddball is a person or thing that is out of the ordinary, odd, unusual, or eccentric. | via pexels

Pronounced as /ˈädˌbôl/.

If you are an oddball, then you are someone who does not fit into the crowd or normal way of doing things. You are an exception to the norm. You may also be someone who thinks or behaves differently from others.

30. Wormhole

A wormhole is a theoretical way of connecting different parts of space and time. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈwərmˌhōl/.

Wormholes are passages or tunnels through space and time, supposedly allowing travel between places in the universe. It is said that a wormhole can be used as a shortcut to travel from one location to another.

31. Cortisol

Cortisol is the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar and the body’s response to stress.| via depositphotos

ronounced as /ˈkôrdisäl, ˈkôrdiˌsôl/.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that affects metabolism and immune system function. The adrenal glands produce it under the control of the hypothalamus.

32. Protocol

A protocol is a set of rules and regulations that govern a specific activity. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈprōdəˌkôl,ˈprōdəˌkäl/.

Protocols are guidelines or instructions on how to follow a certain procedure. They are set to regulate, manage, and control any activity – ensuring the safety and integrity of a project, product, business, etc.

33. Pall

A pall is a thin piece of cloth that covers a coffin during a funeral. | via aleteia

Pronounced as /pôl/.

A pall is a ceremonial covering placed over a coffin during a Catholic funeral. It symbolizes the Christian dignity and the baptismal garment of the deceased person.

34. Bawl

Bawl is a slang word, for crying out loud. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /bôl/.

A bawl is a loud or hysterical crying. When someone bawls, they cry out with a great amount of volume or intensity, often with a sense of hysteria. Simply put, to bawl is to cry hard out of anger, sorrow, or fear.

35. Squall

A squall is a sudden strong wind gust or a localized storm. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /skwôl/.

A squall is a small-scale windstorm characterized by rapid fluctuations in wind speed, direction, and sometimes precipitation. The term is used in the context of weather to mean “a sudden, relatively violent gust or series of gusts of wind.

36. Troll

A troll is a fictional character in medieval literature, folklore, and legend. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /trōl/.

A troll is a mythological being or monster that inhabits the depths of forests and caves. They are known to be hostile, malicious, and mischievous, especially against humans.

37. Maul

A maul is an axe-like tool that is used to split wood. | via fireandsaw

Pronounced as /môl/.

A maul is a long-handled wooden hammer with an axe blade at one end and a round or flat head on the opposite end. The difference between an axe and a maul is usually size, with the maul being a larger version of an axe.

38. Snowfall

Snowfall is a heavy precipitation of snow, sleet, or freezing rain. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈsnōˌfôl/.

In meteorology, snowfall is defined as the accumulation of water droplets from the freezing or sublimation of atmospheric moisture.

Alternatively, snowfall also means the measure of snow that falls over a given area during a specified period of time.

39. Forestall

Forestalling is avoiding a potential future event by taking preventative measures. | via freepik

Pronounced as /fôrˈstôl,fôrˈstäl/.

Forestall is a deliberate action taken to avoid a specific outcome. For example, an investor might forestall the collapse of his investments by moving his money out of stocks before the market turns downward.

40. Parasol

A parasol is a large umbrella that is used outdoors to protect people from the sun.| via unsplash

Pronounced as /ˈperəˌsôl,ˈperəˌsäl/.

Often found in lawns, patios, and beaches – parasols are large, collapsible umbrellas that provide shade from the scorching sun. Parasols are often made from canvas, wood, and/or steel with a heavy base to prevent them from being blown away by the wind. 

41. Bookstall

A bookstall is a store selling books, magazines, and other printed materials. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /ˈbo͝okˌstôl,ˈbo͝okˌstäl/.

A bookstall is a store selling books, magazines, and other printed materials. These stalls can be found at train stations, bus stops, or street corners. The items in a bookstall may be new or secondhand.

42. Awl

An awl is a small stitching tool for poking small holes in fabric or a leader for threading. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ôl/.

An awl is a small, usually metallic, tool for making punctures in leather or similar soft material. It has a flat, blunt end used for pushing through the material. It is a must-have in any leather craft kit.

43. Sol

Sol is an ancient Roman God that personifies the sun. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /sōl/.

The ancient Romans believe that Sol is the source of all life. A symbol of the power of nature, it represents the light, warmth, and life that all living things need to thrive. There are two sun Gods in Roman mythology: Sol Indiges and Sol Invictus.

44. Thrall

Thrall is a word that refers to someone who is enslaved to another. | via slate

Pronounced as /ˈthrȯl/.

It is a noun that means subjection, servitude, captivity, or absolute control. To thrall someone means to dominate them or reduce them to a submissive state completely.

The word thrall originated from the old Norse þræll, which means someone in bondage or slavery.

45. Caul

Caul is the amniotic sac that encloses and protects the developing fetus during pregnancy. | via oldsuperstitions

Pronounced as /kôl/.

It is an anatomical term that describes the soft membrane that envelops the baby within the womb. Caul is derived from the Latin word “caput galeatum,” which means helmeted head.

46. Aerosol

An aerosol is a container filled with a liquid that is then dispensed into the atmosphere using pressurized gas. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /ˈerəˌsôl/.

It is a term used to describe various products usually sprayed using a propellant or compressed gas, such as hairspray, shaving cream, perfume, insecticides, and medicines.

47. Cannonball

A cannonball is a small spherical projectile propelled by gunpowder or other explosives. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈkanənˌbôl/.

A cannonball is a large metal sphere and a type of artillery shell that is fired from a cannon. Alternatively, the cannonball is also used to describe a person who puts his knees on his chest before jumping into a body of water.

48. Retinol

Retinol is a type of vitamin A that improves the skin’s appearance and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ret-n-awl, -ol/.

Found in many cosmetic products, this vitamin is known for improving skin texture and reducing lines and wrinkles.

When mixed with other chemicals, its effects can range from skin lightening and acne control to anti-aging and skin regeneration.

49. Knuckleball

Knuckleball is a type of pitch in baseball that is thrown underhanded with little spin. | via sbnation

Pronounced as /nuh·kuhl·baal/.

A knuckleball is an unorthodox pitch – thrown underhanded – with a slow trajectory and little spin, allowing it less control than the typical fastball. Due to its unpredictable nature, many batters find it difficult to hit.

50. Overcall

When you overcall in an auction, you bid higher than your opponent. | via CNBC

Pronounced as /ˌōvərˈkôl/.

An overcall is a strategy used in many games of bidding, such as auctions or poker. If you are competing against someone else for a prize, you may want to outbid him/her to win.

51. Sprawl

Sprawl is the tendency for cities to expand without regard to the original plans for urban development. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /sprôl/.

Sprawl is a common problem in cities where land is scarce. Cities must be planned properly and not allowed to sprawl in order to keep residents happy and the environment conducive to healthy living.

52. Chawl

A chawl is a low-rise building built for the poor and working class in India. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /χau̯l/.

In Mumbai (India), the city with the highest concentration of chawls, there are millions of people living in these types of buildings.

These tenements are not always dangerous but have low standards of housing and can cause a lot of issues for their occupants.

53. Fastball

A fastball is a type of pitch in baseball that is thrown at a very high speed. | via hollandsentinel

Pronounced as /ˈfas(t)ˌbôl,ˈfas(t)ˌbäl/.

A fastball in baseball is thrown at an extremely high velocity, making it a very difficult pitch to hit. On average, fastballs have a speed of at least 95 miles per hour, about 153 kilometers per hour.

54. Birdcall

A birdcall is a series of sounds birds make to communicate. | via kusc

Pronounced as /ˈbərd ˌkôl,ˈbərd ˌkäl/.

The sound a bird makes while calling another bird is known as a bird call. Birds make this sound to attract a mate or to defend their territory. Different species of birds use different birdcalls to communicate.

55. Lowball

When someone lowballs you, they offer a lower price than you ask. | via medium

Pronounced as /ˈlōˌbôl/.

Lowballing is an insult used to denote that someone has offered a significantly lower price (for a product or service) than what you asked for. In the business world, a person who offers a low price to another is called a lowballer.

56. Seawall

A seawall is a defensive barrier along the shoreline of a coastal city to prevent flooding.| via unsplash

Pronounced as /ˌsē ˈwôl/.

A seawall is a structure built to protect against floods and tidal surges. The construction of seawalls dates back to ancient times when they were used to protect cities and towns from tidal waves and sea surges.

57. Pitfall

Pitfalls are hidden dangers, both literally and figuratively. | via marketcircle

Pronounced as /ˈpitˌfôl/.

To trip over a pitfall is to fall into danger, trap, or snare. Literally, a pitfall is an open pit dug by a miner; metaphorically, it refers to any pitfall trap in the course of a journey or other activity.

58. Scroll

A scroll is an ancient form of writing where the text is written on a continuous roll of parchment or paper. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /skrōl/.

A scroll is a long piece of rolled-up paper or cloth with writings and markings on it.

In ancient times, people wrote on scrolls of leather or papyrus instead of paper. Papyrus, in particular, was very popular in Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs.

59. Goofball

A goofball is someone who’s extremely goofy, silly, or stupid. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈɡo͞ofˌbôl,ˈɡo͞ofˌbäl/.

An individual who behaves in a way that makes them look ridiculous or stupid is a goofball. A goofball can also be a very fun person to be around because they have an amazing sense of humor.

60. Freefall

Freefall is when something falls due to gravity without any resistance. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˌfrē ˈfôl,ˌfrē ˈfäl/.

Freefall is a state of falling motionless in the air for a certain period of time. An object in free fall will fall at a constant velocity of 9.8 meters per second because there is no force acting on the object to slow it down.

61. Eyeball

Freefall is when something falls due to gravity without any resistance. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˌfrē ˈfôl,ˌfrē ˈfäl/.

Freefall is a state of falling motionless in the air for a certain period of time. An object in free fall will fall at a constant velocity of 9.8 meters per second because there is no force acting on the object to slow it down.

62. Fireball

A fireball is a hot burning sphere of gas or burning particles.| via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈfī(ə)rˌbôl/.

A fireball is a hot burning ball of fire that appears in the sky and burns with intense light, heat, and energy. They can be a meteor entering the atmosphere, a star, or a piece of space debris. The sun is also a gigantic fireball.

63. Landfall

In weather and oceanography, landfall occurs when a tropical cyclone makes direct contact with land. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈlan(d)ˌfôl,ˈlan(d)ˌfäl/.

Landfall is the point in a cyclone’s track where it touches the ground. The area affected by the landfall may experience severe flooding and flash floods. In areas near the coast, storm surges and tidal waves may also develop.

64. Appall

An appalling, dreadful feeling of disgust and terror. | via gannett

Pronounced as /əˈpôl/.

Appall is an extreme form of shock, distress, and fear, often resulting from a strong sensation of disgust. It is also a reference to the feeling of revulsion, disappointment, and frustration evoked by such events.

65. Menthol

Menthol is a chemical compound that is used to make mint-flavored products like toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, etc. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈmenˌTHôl,ˈmenˌTHäl/.

Menthol is a terpenoid found in peppermint and other species of mint. It can be obtained through distillation or synthesis from its constituent, isoprene.

Menthol has a cooling effect on the mouth, throat, and nasal mucosa and is frequently added to consumer products for these reasons. 

66. Curveball

A curveball is a pitch that curves away from the batter or strikes him in a manner that causes him to adjust his swing. | via crowe

Pronounced as /ˈkərvˌbôl/.

A curveball is a ball thrown with a downward-twisting motion of the hand and arm.

When thrown with accuracy, the ball will deviate from the intended path to hit the batter, either higher or lower than he expects.

67. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat naturally found in food and animal products. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /kəˈlestəˌrôl/.

Cholesterol is a fat that occurs naturally in the body and is also found in animal foods such as milk, eggs, and meat.

Too much cholesterol can lead to hypertension and heart disease because it blocks the arteries and blood vessels. 

68. Mistral

A mistral is a strong wind that blows across the south of France, especially during winter.| via boatsnews

Pronounced as /ˈmistr(ə)l/.

A mistral is a cold front that blows across the southern coast of France to the Mediterranean during the winter. It blows in squalls and brings strong, cold, and dry wind.

69. Neanderthal

A Neanderthal is a member of a prehistoric species called Homo Neanderthalensis. | via BBC

Pronounced as /nēˈandərˌTHôl/.

A Neanderthal is an archaic human species belonging to the genus Homo, specifically Homo Neanderthalensis.

The Neanderthals roamed the earth about 130,000 and 40,000 years ago until all physical traces and evidence of them disappeared.

70. Drawl

A drawl is a slow and lazy speech pattern with prolonged vowel sounds. | via medium

Pronounced as /drôl/.

When someone drawls, they speak slowly or monotonously, often making long, drawn-out vowels. This sound pattern is common in Southern American English, Broad Australian English, and Broad New Zealand English accents. 

71. Spall

A spall is a fragment that breaks from a stone or an ore.  | via norstoneusa

Pronounced as /spôl/.

A spall is a rock that breaks off from the rock it’s in. It’s usually the result of weathering of the rock, but can also be caused by other factors. In construction, spalling happens when cement or mortar splits and slowly disintegrates.

72. Trawl

Trawling is dragging a net along the seafloor to catch any fish caught in the net. | via | istockphoto

Pronounced as /trôl/.

Trawling is the act of dragging a net along the seafloor to catch any fish caught in the net. It is often considered a bad fishing practice because it damages coral reefs and other untargeted marine life.

73. Catcall

A catcall is an unwelcome remark directed at a woman by a man, usually sexually suggestive or threatening. | via nordstadtblogger

Pronounced as /ˈkatˌkôl/.

A catcall is an unwanted comment directed at a woman by a man. It is usually sexual in nature but can also be a threat or an insult. It may be used to attract the attention of a passing woman.

74. Stroll

A stroll is a leisurely walk. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /strōl/.

Strolling is walking around to relax, take a walk or simply get some fresh air. It can also mean going for a walk without any particular destination. If you are going for a stroll, you will be walking in a pleasant area for pleasure and recreation.

75. Scrawl

A scrawl is a sloppy writing style that makes the writer’s words hard to understand. | via pinterest

Pronounced as /skrôl/.

Scrawling is a style of writing that has the writer’s words sloppily drawn on the page. This can be due to the writer being tired, distracted, or not in a good mood. The meaning is not clear, and the lettering is messy.

76. Pawl

A pawl is a mechanism that prevents a ratchet wheel from turning backward. | via wonkeedonkeetools

Pronounced as /pôl/.

In mechanical engineering, a pawl is an important component of a ratchet wheel, which prevents it from rotating in a reverse direction. It engages a tooth of the gear or wheel to prevent it from moving backward.

77. Drywall

A drywall is a wallboard used to divide interior spaces in a building. | via upgradedhome

Pronounced as /ˈdrīˌwôl,ˈdrīˌwäl/.

Drywall is an interlocking construction material consisting of a gypsum board or fiber cement board. It is a common material in construction because it is easy to work with, inexpensive, easily installed, and painted. 

78. Droll

A droll is a humorous, witty, or entertaining person. | via timeout

Pronounced as /drəʊl/.

A droll is someone who is witty or makes others laugh in a way that they can’t stop laughing. People usually find drolls very funny. They can be extremely amusing and entertaining to talk to.

79. Awol

Awol is when a person or employee goes missing without notifying anyone of their whereabouts. | via bestadvice

Pronounced as /ˈāˌwôl/.

Awol is an abbreviation for absence without official leave – meaning that the worker has not given advance notice of their intention to be absent from work. The term also refers to an unauthorized absence from a workplace.

80. Pinball

Pinball is a classic arcade game where players throw a steel ball at a series of targets on a flat, slanted table. | via pinballclassics

Pronounced as /ˈpinˌbôl,ˈpinˌbäl/.

A pinball machine is a type of amusement game that involves shooting a ball through a maze of mechanical obstacles and into a cup or pocket. A classic game in casinos – pinball machines can also be found in retro bars and clubs.

81. Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport played by two teams with a net between them. The team who gets the ball into the opponent’s court wins. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /ˈvɑl·iˌbɔl/.

Volleyball is a game where two teams of six players compete against each other. The goal of the game is to send the ball into the opponent’s side of the net and out again. The team who fails to do so loses a point. Whoever gets 25 points first wins the match.

82. Animal

An animal is a living organism that is part of the ecosystem and has a diet and breeding cycle similar to humans. | via maineproofreading

Pronounced as /ˈanəm(ə)l/.

Animals can be either vertebrates (animals with backbones) or invertebrates (without backbones). Like humans, they are multicellular beings that exhibit many characteristics that have evolved through natural selection.

83. Cardinal

A cardinal is a catholic leader that the pope appoints. | via catholicnewsagency

Pronounced as /ˈkärdənəl/.

A cardinal is a high-ranking church official that usually serves for life and is appointed by the pope. A cardinal wears a red biretta to represent his office. The College of Cardinals elects a new pope from among its members.

84. Ensemble

An ensemble is a group of people who act or perform together in a production. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /änˈsämbəl/.

An ensemble is a group of people who perform together. This word has a special meaning in music, where it represents the musicians on stage at a concert or theater production. It also refers to the members of a musical ensemble.

85. Dribble

guy dribbling a basketball between legs
A dribble is when a basketball player passes the ball between his legs while running. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈdrib(ə)l/.

A basketball player dribbles in order to either get past a defender or move the ball up court. Failure to dribble the basketball properly will result in a violation called “traveling.” It happens when the player takes too many steps without dribbling the ball.

86. Scramble

Scramble means to agitate or stir rapidly.| via istockphoto

Pronounced as /skram·bl/.

When you scramble something, you stir and mix it vigorously. For example, you might scramble an egg by beating it and folding it into an omelet. The word scramble can also be used to describe a situation that is confusing or disorganized.

87. Softball

Girl in baseball gear
Softball is a variation of baseball, but it is played with a bigger ball in a smaller field. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /saaft·baal/.

Baseball and softball are both team sports that are similar in many ways (both batting and fielding strategies), but differ in that baseball is played on a larger area while softball is played on a much smaller field and only seven innings long.

88. Banal

Banal is something that is mundane, boring, or trivial. | via sosbusinessdevelopment

Pronounced as /bəˈnɑːl/ or /ˈbeɪnl/.

Banal is an adjective meaning commonplace and dull. If something is banal, it is not remarkable or exciting. For example, if your friend says something is banal, they mean it is uninteresting or unimportant.

89. Catchall

A catchall is a bag or basket for holding small things. | via food52

Pronounced as /ˈkeCHˌôl/.

Also called an”everything bag,” – it’s the perfect thing for collecting odds and ends, such as keys, pens, papers, toys, etc., so you can keep them in one place and quickly find them when needed.

90. All

All means the entire amount. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ôl/.

All is used as an intensifier to express a full or entire amount of something. For example, “all these books” would mean every book you’ve read, “all day” means the whole day, and so on.

91. Loll

man sleeping in bed
Loll is to sit, relax, or be lazy. | via seeds

Pronounced as /läl/.

Loll is used to describe someone who sits, relaxes, or does other activities that are relaxing or that do not require much energy or focus. Simply put, loll means carefree, lazy, and relaxed. 

92. Meatball

meatballs in plate
Meatballs are small balls made from ground meat. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /ˈmētˌbôl/.

Meatball is a term used to describe a ball or ball-shaped food usually made from ground meat, often served in pasta dishes. Meatballs can be made from ground beef, pork, chicken, etc.

93. Overall

Overall means “in general” or “on the whole ”. | via macmillandictionaryblog

Pronounced as /ˈōvəˌrôl/.

Overall mean something that applies to the whole group or the whole thing. For example, “Overall, the results were positive.” This means that, generally speaking, everything went well.

94. Paintball

Paintball is a game where participants use small paint-filled spheres (bullets) to shoot at each other. | via unsplash

Pronounced as /ˈpāntˌbôl/.

Paintball is a fun game where players compete against each other with small balls filled with paint. The aim of the game is simple – to hit your opponent with paintballs before they hit you.

95. Snowball

A snowball is a small round mass of snow, ice, or similar material. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /ˈsnōˌbôl/.

A snowball is an object formed by shaping snow into small spheres or balls. Kids often make small snowballs for snowball fights and big ones to make snowmen. A snowball can also be formed when snow rolls down a hill or an incline.

96. Windfall

A windfall is a benefit, advantage, or blessing that comes unexpectedly. | via CNBC

Pronounced as /ˈwin(d)ˌfôl/.

Windfall is a benefit or good fortune that comes all of a sudden and unexpectedly. For example, it is possible that you can get a windfall if you win a lottery or you inherit a huge lump sum of money. 

97. Moll

A moll is a woman who accepts sexual favors in exchange for money or gifts. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as /mäl/.

A moll is a female who offers her sexual services in return for money or gifts. She is usually referred to as a hooker or a prostitute. The term moll is derogatory and is often synonymous with the words “whore” and “slut”.

98. Befall

Befall means something unfortunate or bad happens.| via vox

Pronounced as /bəˈfôl,bəˈfäl/.

Befall is a verb that means something unpleasant or negative happens to a person. For example, he was befallen by a terrible disease that was hard to treat, and it killed him.

99. Folle

A folle is a person who is crazy, delusional, or psychotic.| via depositphotos

Pronounced as /ˈfɔl.le/.

Folle is an adjective that means “crazy” or “out of one’s mind.” It is used to describe a person who behaves in an erratic, irrational, or confused way.

100. Yawl

A yawl is a boat used as a private yacht and a pleasure craft. | via istockphoto

Pronounced as yôl,yäl/.

A yawl is a recreational sailing boat that can also be used as a powerboat for racing and other purposes. Yawls are characterized by two sails, one on each side of the hull.

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