173 Who knows Me Better Questions

Who knows me better is a fun game to play with family or friends. The basics of the game are simply to take turns and ask the other person questions about yourself and see how well they know you.

If it’s family members you would expect them to answer a lot of the questions correct. However, you be surprised that when put on the stop, a lot of time people who are close to you get it wrong.

Who knows me better questions massive list

To help you have a fun night at home, or even with your close friends, we created a massive list of who knows me better questions organized by categories for your convenient:

  • Do you know me questions – to start
  • How well do you know me – second level questions
  • Who knows me better questions for family
  • Who knows me better questions for friends

Do you know me questions – Easy to get things started

We usually like to start with these questions because they are supposed to be very easy to get right, this way, even someone who is not super close to you, but knows you pretty well, should answer correctly easily.

who knows me better questions
  1. What is my last name?
  2. What is my favorite color?
  3. Do I have a pet or not?
  4. What is my favorite band?
  5. What is my favorite music?
  6. What is my favorite movie?
  7. What is my favorite book of all time?
  8. What is my favorite sports team? ( If you’re into that )
  9. How many brothers or sisters do I have?
  10. What is my favorite holiday of the year?
  11. Do I like hiking?
  12. Am I left handed or right handed?
  13. How old am I?
  14. Am I an introvert or extrovert?
  15. What is my favorite weekend activity?
  16. What do I like to do on my birthday?
  17. Do I like presents or not?
  18. Do I like surprise parties?
  19. What is the color of my eyes?
  20. Do I drink tea or hot choco?
  21. Do I like ketchup or Mustard?
  22. Do I eat meat or not?
  23. Am I close to my family?
  24. My favorite type of movie? Horror? Comedy? What?
  25. Do I play video games?
  26. My most hated thing in the world is?
  27. What is the color of my hair?
  28. Do I like to exercise or not?
  29. Do I have an iPhone or Android phone?
  30. Do I wear a watch or not?
  31. Do I like to wear hats?
  32. What kind of car do I drive? ( if any )
  33. What color is my car?
  34. If I go to college, what is my major?
  35. Do I like to study?

How well do you know me questions

who knows me better questions

This is the second phase, after the first batch, these questions are for people who know you better, but maybe not like a sibling. The questions are also meant to spark interest and make people learn new things about you, so don’t stress about the fact they may not know all or more of these about you, it’s just part of the fun.

  1. Do I live in a house or apartment?
  2. Do I have my own place or still leave with family?
  3. Do I have a job?
  4. Do I like hanging out with people I work with?
  5. Am I married?
  6. Where do I work?
  7. What is my job title?
  8. What is my full name?
  9. Do I have any tattoos?
  10. Do I have any allergies?
  11. Where did I vacation last?
  12. Do I prefer sweet or salty treats?
  13. What app on my phone do I use the most?
  14. Did I have any pets when I was little?
  15. Am I a good cook?
  16. Do I like to drive?
  17. Can I play any instruments?
  18. Do I like to dress up for Halloween?
  19. Did I traveled after college?
  20. My favorite TV show?
  21. My favorite movie of all time?
  22. Do I play sports?
  23. Do I listen to music with earphones on or off?
  24. Do I own an iPhone or Android?
  25. What color is my car?
  26. Can I ride a bicycle?
  27. Can I ride rollerblades?

Who knows me better questions for friends

who knows me better questions

Now it get’s more interesting, up until now it was questions that will help get to know you better, and for people who are not super close to you like your family or close friends. So now we go deeper with a bunch of questions for your close friends to see who of them knows you better.

  1. What was the last things I did yesterday?
  2. What is my favorite meal?
  3. What is my favorite joke?
  4. The most hated job I ever had?
  5. What is the next event I am looking forward to?
  6. What song do I hate the most?
  7. Did I ever lose anyone close to me?
  8. My biggest achievement of my life was?
  9. What is my biggest fear?
  10. What is my biggest dream?
  11. What is my life goal?
  12. If I win the lottery ( when ) what is the first thing that I buy?
  13. My favorite celebrity is?
  14. My least favorite celebrity is?
  15. Do I love remote work or not?
  16. When was the last time I was sick?
  17. Was I ever fired from a job?
  18. What do I hate about myself?
  19. What is thing I love about myself?
  20. My most embarrassing moment was?
  21. Have I ever broken a bone?
  22. Did I ever had surgery?
  23. Did I ever dyed my hair?
  24. What is my biggest regret?
  25. Am I religious at all?
  26. Was I homeschooled?
  27. Do I like to dance when no one is watching?
  28. Do I snore at night?
  29. Do I like spicy food or not?
  30. Do I like camping?
  31. Was I at camp as a kid?
  32. Do I like to eat breakfast or not?
  33. Will I ever go a blind date?
  34. How did I meet my husband?
  35. Who are my best friends?
  36. Do I like swimming or not?
  37. Do I like the beach?
  38. Winter or summer person?
  39. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  40. Marvel movies or DC Comics?

Who knows me better questions for family

who knows me better questions

When talking about family, these are the people that know you best right? Well, think again, most of us don’t really tell our family members everything, and some of these who knows me best questions will surprise even your closest sibling.

  1. What was my first childhood memory?
  2. Did I ever got in serious trouble?
  3. Who was my first crush?
  4. Something that I always struggled with?
  5. Funniest text I ever sent on the family whatsapp group
  6. What I refused to eat as a child?
  7. Craziest thing I ever did to my hair?
  8. What was my favorite childhood book?
  9. What meal mom makes that I love the most?
  10. What is my all time favorite family tradition?
  11. What was my favorite TV show as a kid?
  12. At what age did I had my first boyfriend/girlfriend?
  13. Am I good at making new friends or not?
  14. Did I have to do chores around the house as a kid?
  15. Am I closer to mom or dad?
  16. Did I used to have binky asa baby or not?
  17. Was I afraid of the dark as a kid?
  18. Where is my favorite family vacation spot?
  19. What did I said I wanted to do when I grow up as a kid?
  20. When I’m sad, what should you say to me?
  21. When did I get my own room?
  22. What was my favorite song as a kid?
  23. What is my ideal perfect day?
  24. What is my ideal perfect date?
  25. Who asked me to my prom?
  26. Am I a cat or a dog person?
  27. Am I a planner or go with the flow person?
  28. Did I ever brake the law?
  29. Who is my favorite super hero?
  30. What is my favorite sleeping position?
  31. Am I an early bird or sleeping in type of person?
  32. What would I bring with me to a deserted island?
  33. What is my biggest fear?
  34. Do I want kids in the future or not?
  35. How many kids do I want?
  36. Do I believe in the afterlife?
  37. Do I belive in god?
  38. Did I ever had braces as a kid?
  39. Do I binge watch?
  40. Do I sing in the shower or not?
  41. Who is my celebrity crush?
  42. Do I watch reality TV or not?
  43. What is my zodiac sign?
  44. When is my birthday?
  45. Chocolate or Vanilla?
  46. What always makes me laugh?
  47. What always makes me cry?
  48. What was the name of our childhood pet?
  49. What is the thing I do best?
  50. What is the thing I do worst?
  51. Who is my best friend?
  52. What was my first job?
  53. What is my biggest dream?
  54. Do I prefer TikTok or YouTube?
  55. Do I prefer texting or phone calls?
  56. How old I am?
  57. What’s my favorite school class?
  58. Who was my favorite teacher?
  59. What is my favorite hobby?
  60. What is the last thing I do before I go to bed?
  61. How much money do I have?
  62. Do I have any savings?
  63. If I were an animal, what would it be?
  64. What noise do I hate the most?
  65. What noise do I love the most?
  66. Am I a picky eater or not?
  67. Do I like to eat leftovers or not?
  68. My favorite type of pie is?
  69. Where would I like to live when I grow up?
  70. Do I like to go out or stay in?
  71. Where was I born?

How to play the who knows me better game

So this can either be a fun activity with no actual rules, or you can turn it into a game which is more structured, for the more competitive people. Let’s see how we can turn this into a fun game for the family or close friends:

Set up

Sit a circle, or just around a table with all the players ( friends or family )

Print these questions on paper. and give each person his own sheet

Have chips, or a pen and paper to write down scores.

Game play

Decide who goes first, and either pick a random question from the sheet or just go by number order.

Ask the group your question, or ask a specific person in the group the question.

If he or she gets it right, they get a chip, or 1 point.

*Make sure you cross the question from the sheet so you won’t ask the same question twice.

When everyone asked their questions, the person with the most points wins the game.