Top 28 Music and Movement Activities to Get Kids Grooving

Top 28 Music and Movement Activities to Get Kids Grooving

How can you combine music and movement to engage kids effectively? What unique activities can inspire creativity and physical activity in children?

Nothing beats the combination of music and movement when it comes to keeping kids entertained and engaged.

Musical activities help children improve their coordination and motor skills and play a crucial role in their cognitive, emotional, and social development.

If you’re searching for entertaining, educational and engaging music-based activities to get kids grooving, you’re in the right place.

From creating their symphony with household items to forming a dance routine to their favourite songs, these activities will cater to children of various ages and preferences.

Explore our top 28 music and movement activities to get kids grooving.

Top 28 Unique Musical Activities for Kids

Whether it’s a rainy day indoors or a sunny day in the park, these musical activities will surely get your kids grooving, learning, and, most importantly, having fun.

Our top 28 picks for musical movement activities for kids list offers games, exercises, and experiences that blend music and motion beautifully.

These activities are not just about making noise or wild dances. Each activity is designed to develop specific skills in children.

For instance, some games enhance listening skills, while others focus on coordination, rhythm, or creativity.

Moreover, these music-based activities provide an entertaining way to learn, keeping children engaged while fostering their love for music and dance. 

1. Musical Chairs 

Musical Chairs

A classic among kids’ games, musical chairs don’t fail to excite. All you need is some fun music and a few chairs.

Remember, the number of chairs should always be one less than the number of participants.

The rule is simple – everyone must find a seat when the music stops. The one left standing is out.

This game helps kids develop their reflexes and listening skills.

2. Freeze Dance 

Freeze Dance

Kids love to dance, and freeze dance adds an extra layer of excitement.

Play some music and let the kids dance freely.

Suddenly stop the music, and everyone must freeze in their current position.

Any movement means they’re out of the game.

This activity encourages body control and self-discipline.

3. Dance Painting

Top 28 Music and Movement Activities to Get Kids Grooving

If you want a combination of art, music, and movement, dance painting is perfect.

Give each child a paintbrush and some paint, then play music and allow them to paint on large sheets of paper on the floor as they dance.

This activity helps kids express themselves creatively while enhancing their motor skills.

4. Percussion Party 

Top 28 Music and Movement Activities to Get Kids Grooving

Create a percussion party using homemade or store-bought instruments.

Kids can explore different sounds and rhythms, which helps in cognitive development and rhythm recognition.

5. Musical Storytelling 

Musical Storytelling

Narrate and assign different characters or elements to other musical instruments.

For instance, a flute could represent a bird, while drums could signify thunder.

As the story unfolds, kids play instruments when their character or element comes up.

This enhances their listening skills and boosts their imagination.

6. Hokey Pokey Dance 

Top 28 Music and Movement Activities to Get Kids Grooving

The hokey pokey dance is a classic activity that involves singing and movement.

It encourages kids to move different parts of their bodies to the beat, enhancing coordination and body awareness.

7. Marching Band 

Marching Band

Turn your kids into a marching band.

Assign different instruments to the kids and let them march to the beat.

This is a great activity for understanding rhythm and cooperating as a group.

8. Scarf Dancing 

Top 28 Music and Movement Activities to Get Kids Grooving

Give each child a scarf and put on some music.

They can twirl, shake, and move their scarf to the music.

Scarf dancing is fantastic for improving gross motor skills and exploring movement.

9. Stretchy Band Activities 

Top 28 Music and Movement Activities to Get Kids Grooving

Using a large stretchy band, kids can sit or stand in a circle and move the bar up, down, in, and out to the rhythm of the music.

This activity promotes teamwork and coordination.

10. Rhythm Call and Response 

This game is about echoing rhythms.

Start with a simple clapping or drumming rhythm, and ask the kids to repeat it.

Gradually make the beats more complex. This encourages rhythm recognition and concentration.

11. Animal Dance Party 

Animal Dance Party

Choose a selection of music representing different animals (like quick for a rabbit or heavy for an elephant).

The kids dance and move like these animals as their song is played.

This is a fun way to explore different ways of moving.

12. Sound Train

Top 28 Music and Movement Activities to Get Kids Grooving

Start a sound train where one kid makes a sound or rhythm, and the next kid repeats it and adds their own, and so on.

This activity promotes listening skills and creativity.

13. Groove and Glide 

Top 28 Music and Movement Activities to Get Kids Grooving

Kickstart your music-inspired games with an activity that lets children glide across the floor to their favourite tunes.

Using paper plates as “skates,” kids can slide around, trying to keep in time with the music.

This game is fantastic for improving balance and coordination, and it’s a lot of fun!

14. Symphony of Sounds 

Using various items around the house, have the kids create their symphony of sounds.

This could include pots and pans as drums, a comb and wax paper as a kazoo, or rice in a container as a shaker.

This encourages creativity and helps children understand different sound mechanisms.

15. Dance and Draw 

Play lively music and give the children markers and a large piece of paper to draw on.

As the music plays, children dance and draw, creating art as they move.

This combination of art and movement allows children to express their creativity and develop motor skills.

16. Rhythm Relay Race 

Rhythm Relay Race

Organize a relay race where each child has to run to the finish line while keeping to the rhythm of the music played.

This game enhances their listening skills and adds a musical twist to a traditional race.

17. Musical Hide and Seek 

Musical Hide and Seek

This is a unique take on the traditional hide-and-seek game.

The seeker can only move when the music plays while the hiders find their spots.

The seeker must also stop when the music stops, adding an extra challenge to the game.

18. Balloon Bop 

Balloon Bop

Inflate a few balloons and let the kids keep the balloons in the air while dancing to the music.

This activity gets children moving and develops their hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

19. Stomp and Clap 

Play a rhythm using a combination of stomps and claps, and let the children replicate it.

This game is excellent for developing a sense of rhythm and improving coordination.

20. Dancing Shadows 

This game is a must-try if you have a projector.

As you play music, let the kids dance and see their shadows projected on the wall.

It’s a fun, active, and imaginative activity that blends dance and science.

21. Sensational Singalong 

Sensational Singalong

Choose a kid-friendly song with easy-to-remember lyrics.

Play the music and encourage the children to sing along and create movements or a dance routine to accompany the lyrics.

This helps to improve memory and promotes expressive activities.

22. Sound Matching Game 

Create pairs of different sounds using musical instruments or everyday objects.

Blindfold one child and ask them to match the sound they hear to the corresponding object or instrument.

This game is great for developing listening skills and understanding sound differences.

23. Jumping to the Beat 

Top 28 Music and Movement Activities to Get Kids Grooving

Put on some energetic music and let the kids jump or hop to the beat.

This is not only fun but also develops their motor skills and sense of rhythm.

24. Music and Movement Yoga 

Combine music with simple yoga poses for kids.

As the music changes, so do the poses.

This activity enhances flexibility, balance, and tranquillity.

25. Ribbon Twirling 

Give each child a ribbon stick and put on some music.

Kids can twirl, wave, and dance with the ribbons, encouraging coordination and creativity.

26. Bean Bag Boogie 

Top 28 Music and Movement Activities to Get Kids Grooving

Place a bean bag on each child’s head and play music.

The goal is to move around without dropping the bean bag.

This activity enhances balance and motor skills.

27. Sing and Strum 

Sing and Strum

Introduce kids to simple musical instruments like the ukulele or a mini keyboard.

They can sing along as they strum or play, stimulating musical interest and cognitive development.

28. Interpretive Dance 

Play various music and ask the kids to express how the music makes them feel through dance.

This is a fantastic activity for emotional development and self-expression.


Music and movement activities, or musical games for kids, are a fantastic way to keep them engaged, entertained, and learning.

They provide children with an outlet for energy and creativity while developing essential motor and cognitive skills.

From musical chairs to interpretive dance, these 28 activities will surely have children grooving and moving in no time.

Encourage your children to join in these fun activities and witness their development in rhythm and coordination, not to mention the joy and excitement they’ll experience through the power of music.

The joy of movement combined with the rhythm of music creates an enjoyable learning environment, stimulating physical and cognitive development.

These 28 unique music and movement activities are designed to help your children learn, grow, and, most importantly, have fun.

So why wait? Turn up the volume and let the fun begin!