20 Marble Games for Kids

When was the last time that you played marbles? This marble games for kids post will take you back for sure.

Do you have plenty of unused marbles at home and you don’t know what to do with them?

Marbles are probably one of the biggest parts of our childhood, but nowadays children have no idea how to play with them.

With the modern developments, tablets, console games etc, kids lost their connection with real games. That’s why it’s time to use your old marbles and teach your kids what real fun means. 

Marble Games for Kids

There are a number of variations of marble games, ranging from some of the oldest to some of the most unique in history. With marbles, you can create creative and innovative games that your kids will love.

Each family can decide how to use the box with the marbles. However, we are here to help you!

Below you will find a list of the most amazing marble games that you can play with your kids; from the oldest and more traditional ones to the most modern and creative! 

List Of Marble Games for Kids

1. Marble Toss

One of the most creative and fun marble games is the “Marble Toss”. It’s a simple game for the whole family, no matter the age.

All you need is a simple basket and 1 large marble and 20 same-coloured marbles for every player.

The youngest player should toss the marble into the whole, and this marble will serve as a marker.

The winner of each round will toss first the next marble into the whole, for the start of the new round. Like any other game “Marble Toss” is played like any other game.

Each player has its own turn and they toss the marble from a specific distance.

The round winner is the one who has the most marbles with the toad. The best player out of three rounds wins the game. 

Additional rules: when you toss the marble from your hand, you can not take it back – even if it doesn’t reach the basket or bounces back to you.

2. Marble Roll

Marble roll is one of the funniest games with marbles. All you need is a cardboard box to build this small marble point. 

It’s a fun game that kids can even rebuild and play themselves. Place some ribbons or paper on the cardboard, number each one of them with a number, and choose your turns.

After choosing your turns you need to pass your marbles by each one of the ribbons.

If you manage to pass it by all the ribbons then you take all the points. The player with the more points wins the game. 

3. Marble Obstacle Racing

Marble Games for Kids

The future holds a fun marble race if you are armed with a box full of marbles and a sandbox.

Marble obstacle racing can be both intense and exciting. All you need is to find something smooth that looks like a road with turns. Then you need to pick the smaller marble and place it at the starting point of the race.

Place some obstacles, to any object that you like and then slide your marble in. Then the next player should do the same. 

The player who finishes the race in a shorter time wins the race. You can play as many rounds as you want! 

4. Marble Tilt

Marble tilt is like any other game with tilts. Create a tilt with small wooden sticks and glue that sticks in the cardboard in the shape of the maze! 

When you’ve done that, your game board is ready. At the end of the game, you can create a small hole to create the finish point.

Then, place your marble on the board and try to balance it in order to take out of the maze and place it at the last hole. If you want to make the game even more fun, you can create as many labyrinths as you want. 

The player who finishes the maze in a shorter time wins the game. Marble tilt can be played with teams and with an individual player.

5. Glass Marble Roll

Glass marble roll is a challenging game to play and it can be quite intense and fun. It’s a game that can help your children’s concentration and mind development. 

If you are busy and you want to keep your kids engaged “glass marble roll” is the best choice.

On the other hand, if you have time you can create a family-time game, and enjoy some time together. 

Instructions: Take cardboard, and cut some square holes on one of the large sides. Each hole should be different in the size.

Then place some numbers above the holes and the game is ready! All you need to do is choose your turns and start sliding your marbles.

The player who passes his/her marbles from the hole with the bigger number wins the game. 

6. Classic Marbles

Marble Games for Kids

The “Classic marbles” game is one of the most traditional games. As parents, you definitely know how to play classic marbles.

Playing a game like this is an amazing way to show your children how was your childhood and how much fun you had.

The rules are quite easy! Draw a circle at least 2 feet in diameter (depending on the player of the game). Place some marbles in a circle formation inside the circle.

Each player should have one marble throughout the entire game, and to start, the first player should roll the marble into the circle. 

The game aims to push out of the circle the other marbles. Each knocked marble gives you one point! The player or the team with the more points win the game. 

7. Mini Marble Golf

The best game for acquiring accuracy skills is mini marble golf! It’s better to play it outdoors. It’s a slow-paced and simple game that can be played by children of all ages. 

The first step is to dig a hole in the ground, big enough to fit your marble. Choose the distance that you want to toss the marble from (the youngest the player the shorter the distance).

Starting at the starting point, the first player will roll their marble toward the hole. Players can sit out the rest of the round if their marble hits the hole on their first attempt.

The next player slides his/her own marble! If a player doesn’t manage to roll the marble in the hole, in the next round he/she starts playing from wherever it might stop after being rolled. 

The player who rolls the marble in the hole with the fewer tosses wins the game. You can make the game harder by adding some obstacles on the field.

8. Eggs In a Basket

Create the game easily with an empty egg carton and a black marker. Write on the downside of the egg carton on each compartment.

For example, write 15 under one compartment, 10 under two compartments, 5 under four compartments and 1 under five compartments.

The first player in the game will keep 5 marbles and each marble will illustrate one opportunity in the game. 

The player throws every marble, striving to land in one of the egg carton’s compartments. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins. This game is also amazing to personalise and create your own variation.

9. Booby Trap

The “Booby Trap” is a game for the most intermediate marble players, and will definitely test your patience and tolerance. It’s an excellent game to teach your kids some skills that will need in their lives.

Take some pens and pencils and place them on a large table (the largest the best). Use the pens to create a maze; but each maze road should fit two marbles.

In the middle of your maze, you can add some obstacles (try to use a rubber, a pencil sharpener, or a bottle cap). A marble is rolled into the maze’s entrance by the first player.

Next, the next player attempts to avoid the first player’s marble. In this maze, the goal is to make it to the end as quickly as possible without touching the opponent’s marble.

10. Colour Match

Marble Games for Kids

Enjoy this fun and hair-raising game for two or more players that test your frustration, patience and your capability to precisely control a small glass ball. 

To play the “Colour Match” you need a larger and wider space. To start your game take out all the marbles and assign a colour to each player. Place all of the marbles in a circle evenly spaced.

The coloured marbles should be placed as randomly as possible. The objective of each player is to collect all of the marbles in their designated colour. 

11. Off the Wall 


If you feel that your kids have lost their energy then the “Off the Wall” game is the best option to get back the energy and the intensity.

It’s a game that will keep your hands engaged! You don’t need plenty of staff to play the game; all you need is a marble, an empty cup and a wall. The rest are pretty easy.

You place the empty cup on the floor, you bounce the marble on the wall while you try to give it the direction in order to put it in the empty cup.

If you want to make it even harder, you can bounce your marble off the floor and let it bounce back to your cup after hitting the wall.

To make it more challenging you can find different bouncing styles and techniques. The player who shot in the empty cup most times wins the game.

12. Thin Ice

The ice board is an actual board game that can be purchased online and in-store.

However, the ice board can be easily made DIY. It doesn’t require a lot of effort.

To create the game all you need is Water beads marbles, or cooked tapioca pearls, cardboard (roughly 8″x8″), a hot glue gun, an embroidery hoop, paper towels, small tongs, a couple of small bowls or plates and water. 

The game itself is easy and fun! All you need to do is to move the water beads with the tongs and practice your kid’s motor skills in a funny and innovative way!

Steps to create the Thing Ice game

Create six legs out of scrap cardboard, paint them and then glue them together in pairs.

Put a piece of paper towel in an embroidery hoop and push it into the cardboard legs to create “thin ice”. Fill a bowl with water and beads and separate a pair of tongs.

13. Marble Box

Marble Box is a classic game that can be easily played anywhere without a lot of equipment.

A chalk square is all that is needed for this game, so it can almost be played anywhere. One of the most classic ideas is to hold a target marble.

Each player flicks their marbles with their thumbnail and tries to hit the target. And that’s the game!

Easy and can be set out anywhere! All you need is a good mood and some marbles. It’s up to you and your family how many marbles you will use for the game. 

14. Marble Skee Ball

Do your kids know anything about Arcade? If yes, the Marble Skee Ball will be a really fun game to play.

To create your skee ball you need rubber bands, card stock paper, scissors, a hole punch, tape and permanent markers. You can print the ideal board or create it with some cardboard pieces. 

The size and the specific type are up to you. By using the permanent markers add some colour to your arcade board and get ready for the game. Marble Skee Ball is a total twirl on that classic game.

15. Marble Race Track

Marble Race Track is a fun and competitive game. It’s a DIY craft that will keep your kids busy the entire day.

Let alone that at the end of the craft you will have an amazing game! To create your racing track you just need paper plates, paper towel tubes and some tape.

Create a track from paper plates and tubes and watch the marbles roll down into the tray. Cut some holes in the middle of the plates, and arrange your plates along the tube.

Use the tape to connect the plates and keep them steady! And let the game begin. Toss the marble in your track and let’s have some fun! 

16. Pool Noodle Marble Race

Are there any pool noodles and glass marbles lying around? If the answer is yes then it’s easy to play the “Pool Noodle Marble Race”.

You will need one pool noodle, a shoe box, one piece of A4 paper, one black marker paper, 2 bamboo skewers, masking tape and scissors.

When you have all the materials, slice the pool noodle in half lengthways, get the shoebox and cut out the side of it, draw the finish line on the A4 paper as the pool noodle will stand there, put it up with the skewers and pass the masking tape. 

At the end of the process set out the marble run and drop your marbles. The “pool noodle marble race” is the best game to enjoy some time out of the pool and do a more creative and intense game. 

17. Newton’s Cradle

Marble Games for Kids

Are your kiddos creative and always try to find new games and ideas? Then creating Newton’s Cradle is an excellent way to let them have fun but also teach them about science and maths.

All you need is jumbo craft sticks, marbles, string, scissors, glue, tape, a pencil, a hot glue gun or just glue.


Step 1: Glue four craft sticks jointly to make a square. Reprise with (4) more craft sticks and let them dry peacefully. With this first step, you will have your frame. 

Step 2: Cut the string into same-length pieces

Step 3: A marble should be glued in the centre of one of the pieces of string. Once you have six marbles on a string, glue them all to the centre.

Step 4:Make six marks on the two craft sticks and make sure the marks are in the middle of the sticks. 

Step 5: Glue a marble to one end of the strings with the string attached to the craft stick at each mark.

Step 6: Take the glue and create your frame. The two sides should be hot glued to each other perpendicularly. At the end of this process you will have your final frame; a cube.

Step 7: On one side of the frame hot glue your craft stick.

Step 8: Now take your second stick and glue it to the oposite side of your frame. 

Step 9: Connect the loose ends of each string to the marked craft stick with a marble. Pull the strings and make sure that your marbles are well aligned. When viewed from the top, the marbles must also line up horizontally.

Now it’s the end, pull your marble and let them go!

18. Marble Painting 

Do you want to find a game for your youngest ones? If yes, the best option to go with is a marble painting.

To play this game with your babies you need marbles, a box, a paper slide to fit on the box, small plastic cups and spoons. Fill some small plastic boxes with colours and place your marbles in the colours.

Then let your kiddos toss the colour-coated marbles in the box! Let their imagination run wild; let them create every shape that they like. 

At the end of the game, you will have a nice handmade painting. The colours and the size is up to you and your kiddos.

19. Valentine’s Marbles

Marble Games for Kids

Valentine’s Day is getting closer, and the little kiddos know to understand the meaning of this celebration. 

That’s why a marble game can place you in the mood and help your kids interact with the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Take some red fluffy stricks and create a maze shaped in the shape of hearts.

To make the maze more fun and challenging create hearts of different sizes aligned together.

Are you ready for the game? Toss the glass marble in the heart and try to find the finish line of your heart maze. 

20. Guess How Many 

One of the simplest games to play with marbles is “Guess How Many”. This game can be played with so many different objects. Using a jar, collect all the marbles you find around your house. 

Load as many jars as you like and let your kids guess the number of marbles that there are in each jar.

The one who guesses the closest number wins. To make the game more fun you can give a small prize at the end of the game. “Guess How Many” is the easiest game and you can play it everywhere with no age limit. 

A marble set is cheap to buy, and you can find it anywhere online. 

Nothing can beat the marble games on the fun, no matter how simple they look or how they’re shaped.

Our list will show you a full collection of fun, easy, challenging and interactive marble games. Let your children enjoy games like you used to do in the past by sharing your old marbles with them and letting them connect with the real, traditional world. 

Scratch your memory and remember how much fun you had when you were a kid! Sometimes the simplest games are the funniest. Who doesn’t love the marble games?

Let your kids enjoy the fun! Of course, it is up to you and your family how you will play with your marbles!

The list is just a small guide to remind you of all the exciting games that you used to play in the past. Marble games are both for beginners and advanced players! Chose your family’s level and start the game.