31 Kiddie Pool Games For the Hot Summer Days.

Who doesn’t love to play with the water in summer? Adults but especially kids love being in the water and enjoy funny and exciting kiddie pool games during the warm summer days.

However, going to the sea is not always an easy choice and it needs a lot of preparation. 

Therefore, an inflatable kiddie pool can save you from all the trouble and can also entertain your little ones.

Kids of all ages enjoy playing different pool games and getting wet. There are plenty of activities to do in any type of pool, that can offer you a fun time but also can help your kids improve their swimming abilities. 

kiddie pool games

A kiddie pool can be the most amazing game during summer as it can help you organize fun activities for your young ones.

Set up the kiddie pool and enjoy the sun and the warmth with your babies. The games in the pool are exciting for all the family and they can create stronger bonds with your kids. 

That’s why we created a list with the most fun and ridiculous kiddie pool games!

Read the list below and get ready for the most fun water adventure with your little ones. 

List of Kiddie Pool Games

1. Sponge Run

A kiddie pool is the best object for creating fun and inexpensive fun games! What you need to make it even more fun is a sponge. 

Organize a sponge run with your kids and spend some fun time together. The sponge run will helo you keep cool and active!

Take a sponge and swallow them into the water, run back and try to fill the bucket by squeezing the sponge. The faster you run the better! 

2. Indestructible Books

For the youngest kids and babies, you can create an amazing time by giving them a waterproof book in the kiddie pool.

Your babies will enjoy the water but will also learn that a book is always a fun activity to do at a place.

3. Ball Game

A ball game is always an entertaining activity. So, what if you transfer it to the water? Get a ball and play with your little ones in the pool.

If your pool is big enough you can try to play water polo, or dodge ball in the pool!

If your kiddie pool is not that long, you can play passes or even volleyball. A ball can always offer the most flexible games!

4. Plastic Balls

Put some plastic balls on the kiddie pool and let your kids get involved with them. Fill the whole pool with plastic balls and let them think of the games that can play.

You can do that even if you don’t have any water in the pool. Of course, a bit of cool water will make the game a lot more fun.

5. Find the Treasure

Sink a treasure in the pool and let your kids fight to find it! Let them dive into the water and swim in order to find the treasure.

It will be a fun activity that will improve their swimming abilities. If there is more than one kid, then you can create a treasure competition for them.

6. Water Gun Tug

kiddie pool games

Grab some water guns and start playing the tug game. Try to avoid the water gunshots and stay in the game the longer you can.

The tug game is ideal both for kids and adults. Why don’t you try to play all together and enjoy some fun time together?

You can even use the pool as a safe place for the game, or as a place of water supply.

7.Outdoor Bath

Fill the pool with water and add some soap; create the best bubble bath and take a funny bath in the backyard with your kids.

Imagine how many games you’ll do with the bubbles and how much fun your kids will have?

Having a bath outdoors is exciting, even without the bubbles! In the end, you can relax in the kiddie pool and enjoy the sunset.

8. Create a Kids’ Garden

Take a kiddie pool and fill it with soil, then plant some flowers and any other type of plants.

Create an enjoyable kids’ garden with your little ones and get dirty. Playing with nature is an amazing way to build strong relationships but also teach them the importance of the natural environment.

When your little kiddie garden is ready add some small figures to make it even more exciting.

9. Animal Squeeze

kiddie pool games

This game is a lot similar to the sponge game, but you can play it by using cloth animals.

Soak the cloth animals in the water and try to add as much water as possible, then run fast behind and squeeze the animals into the bucket. Do it till the bucket is full of water! The fastest kid wins the race. 

10. Colorful Icecubes

Freeze some tubes of colorful ice cubes and then add them to the kiddie pool. Let your kids play with them till they are fully melted. The results in the water will be magnificent. 

A colorful artwork will be created when the ice cubes melt in the water.

11. Water Dance 

Let your young one’s splash in the water! Who doesn’t love to do big splashes in the water? Kids will definitely enjoy the sound and the water waves that will be created in the pool.

Of course, if you want to create a complete activity you should teach them solid dance moves and let them make them perfect. Teaching them water dance is fun and exciting.

12. Splashing

kiddie pool games

Do a family bath in the pool and enjoy the splashing. Play together with your kids and get wet!

Nothing is more fun for your little ones than playing together out of ordinary games. It’s quite relieving getting wet on the warm summer days.

13. Fill the Pool with them in it

What could be more fun than getting your little ones wet while you are filling the kiddie pool with water? The anticipation and excitement that will feel will be invaluable.

Try to take a bucket and fill the pool while splashing the water on them. Maybe you can enter the pool and play with them. 

14. Fish the Letters

Grab some waterproof letters and soak them in the water. Then give a net to your kids and let them fish the letter that you ask them.

Tell them a word and let them fish all the letters that they need in order to write it.

To make it more fun and competitive you can give them a specific time to write the word. In the end, the winner can take a winning prize like a big cold chocolate ice cream.

15. Mud Games

Have you ever thought of filling the kiddie pool with mud instead of water? Kids love getting muddy and dirty; it’s quite exciting for them to toss the mud in them.

Sometimes it’s even more fun when they have a specific place to do it. A kiddie pool is a perfect place for mud games as it gives them limits.

They can do whatever they want inside the pool, but outside of it, everything will stay clean.

16. Create a Sandbox

Buying a sandbox from the market is quite expensive, but if you have a kiddie pool you can use it for the same purpose. 

Fill the kiddie pool with sand and add inside all the toys that your kids love. Creating a sandbox is like creating a beach in your garden.

Let them play the castle game or play with their trucks. Kids love playing in the sand! Why don’t you create the perfect place for them?

17. Drawing in the Kiddie Pool

Sometimes letting your kids draw in the house can be a disaster. However, a kiddie pool can help create the perfect place that can limit them by drawing the walls. 

Put your kids in the kiddie pool and let them draw for hours. This game is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It’s a game, especially for a toddler who spends hours trying to create their first drawing. 

18. Water Beads

kiddie pool games

Playing with beads is exciting, but before buying some water beads make sure that your kids are at the right age to play with them. Fill the pool with the water beads and let them play! 

Tip: Keeping a large sheet underneath the kiddie pool will prevent the kids from tossing beads all over your yard.

19. Grab the Ball

Take a ball and place it in the middle of the kiddie pool. Then whistle and let them start the competition. 

One team on the right and one on the left? Who is going to win? The kids must take the ping pong ball on their side and keep it safe for a couple of minutes.

The strongest will win the game! Imagine their laughs while they are water-fighting to catch the ball! 

20. Frisbees and Sponges

Get some floating frisbees and some small sponges. Place the sponges in the pool (if they are large, cut them into small pieces).

Then, place the kids in a queue and let them throw the frisbees and target the sponges. Whoever manages to get toss the frisbees and circle the sponges wins.  

You can also play it the opposite side, soak the sponges with water and make them a bit heavy, place the floating frisbees on the water and then try to toss the sponges onto the frisbees. Whoever targets more sponges wins the game. 

21. Splash with Water Balloons

kiddie pool games

Keep the kiddie pool filled with water balloons. Then let your kids play any game that they like. 

They can play water balloon war or create teams and toss the water balloons, the team that will break the more losses.

The kiddie pool is the best place to fill it with as many water balloons as possible! It’s a nice opportunity to get wet with funny ways.

Of course, to make it even more fun, join the game and play with them the water balloon war. 

22. Turn the kiddie pool into a Pond

Grab some floating fish and turn your kiddie pool into a pond! Give a toy fishing rob to your kids and teach them how to fish.

To make it more fun you can create the fish with noodle foams. Except for the fishing you can let your kids swim with the “fish” and feel like they are in a real natural environment. 

23. Walk on a Plank

One of the most fun activities is the balance games. Place a plank on the edges of the kiddie pool and let them walk along it.

Whoever manages to walk along the plank without getting wet wins the games.

It’s a game that will help children improve their balance! They will also learn how to be patient and do careful movements while having fun.

24. Bath the Dog

Sometimes it’s hard to find a place to bathe your dog. Have you ever thought of bathing them in the kiddie pool? Or even better; Why don’t you let your dog take a bath with the children?

Let them have an adventure together! They can play games in the pool and at the end, you can give your dog his ordinary bath! 

25. Water Park

Create a DIY water park with things that you have in your yard. Take the plastic slide and put it in the kiddie pool! Let your kids enjoy the good weather while sliding in the water.

If you have plastic swings you can also place them above the kiddie pool and allow your kids to splash their feet while swinging.

If you are planning to go with the swing is better to be a long one as its side needs to be out of the pool! 

26. Play Tea time

Play tea time in the pool with your little ones. There are plenty of tea sets suitable for kiddie pools and kids.

Try to buy a silicone tea set that won’t hurt them. Place the set in the pool and let them have the most amazing tea time! Don’t forget that drinking tea is a healthy habit! 

27. Sensory Bags

If you look for something different, why don’t you create a sensory bag for your kids? Sensory bags are the most amazing games for toddlers who want to learn and explore the real world.

A sensory bag will give your kids the smell, the touch, the sight, and the taste of the object that they are investigating. Create a waterproof sensory bag and let them explore the world.

28. Synchronised Swimming Game

Synchro swimming is one of the hardest swimming sports. So, why don’t you try to give your kids the feeling of the Olympic Games?

Show them some easy moves and ask them to do them simultaneously. Let them splash in the water till they swim as athletes.

This game will improve their swimming abilities but also create stronger bonds! 

29. Chicken Fight

Chicken Fight in the kiddie pool may be a bit hard. However, you can show your little ones how to play this funny and exciting game securely. 

The best thing is to have an inflatable pool that will not cause any accidents. However, if you are playing with them, you have nothing to worry about.

30. Pool Basket

Basket is one of the most exciting games. Can you imagine the feeling of playing it in the water? 

Buy a floating pool basketball hoop and let the game begin. This game can be best defined as a combination of water polo and basketball!

All you need is a basketball hoop and a competitive and playful mood.

31. Build a Submarine World

Let your kids be creative and challenge them to build a complete underwater world.

Or even better, let them pretend that they are their favorite sea animals. Do they want to be sharks, starfish, or Nemo? Let them experience how is marine underwater life.

Summer is here, and the weather is warmer than ever. So, why don’t you use the kiddie pool and create a fun and cool experience for you and your little ones?

You can let your kids play in it and you can relax in the sun, or even better you can organize fun activities in the pool and enjoy some creative and exciting time with them.

A kiddie pool is the most flexible summer game. Why don’t you give it a shot?