45 Circle Games for Kids That Never Gets Bored

Sometimes it’s hard to entertain the children, as they get bored easily. Games that include balls or any other type of game equipment don’t stand for long.

That’s why a really good option is to think of creative games, that will keep them busy for a long time, without the need for any extra equipment.

It’s quite usual to form circles with the kids and their friends to make any type of announcement or start a discussion.

However, how would you feel if a circle is all you need to create entertaining and easy-play games for them?

What are circle games for kids

Circle games are played when kids are sitting or standing in the form of a circle.

Most of the circle games are inexpensive and require just a ball or even nothing. It is about games, that don’t require attention and can be played easily by kids of all ages. 

That’s why we are talking about games that can easily fill all the boredom gaps between parties and kids’ gatherings. 


It is worth mentioning that circle games can be played by both small groups and big groups. You can also create theme circle games, like music games, riddle circle games and more.

To make it easier for you we’ve created a list of the most amazing circle games for kids of all ages. 

List Of 45 Circle Games for Kids


This is a quite fun game that can be played with kids of ages. An adult should say “one two three look” and then kids should look at another kid of their choice. 

Players can not change their chosen person during the whole game rounds. The fun part is that if two kids look at each other then both are out of the game.

However, if they look at a different person then they close their eyes again and wait for the next “1-2-3 look” call. The game continues till only two players are left in the circle.

You can play this game as fast as you want. The “1-2-3 look” game does not require any skills.  

2. 3-6-9 Clap Game

The 3-6-9 game has a quite specific rule – everyone must know how to count! 

It is about an elimination game, and each player should focus on staying last in the circle. To start playing the game you should know that players should never mention neither the numbers 3, 6 and 9 nor any number containing 3,6 and 9. 

However, instead of saying those numbers, kids can clap their hands when it’s their turn. The first kid should start by saying one, the second continues with two, but the third should just clap his/her hands.

If they clap, they continue playing if they are confused and say the number then they are eliminated from the game.

3. Action Syllables

Choose a team from the circle! Then, every syllable of each participant’s name should be associated with an action.

For example, Elvis’ name has two syllables, so he shakes his hip and snaps his fingers. Once Elvis has performed his action and said his name, the entire group repeats.

Following the 2nd person’s name, the group repeats, and then Elvis does his action again. The game is finished when everyone has done it. It’s a great little name game for the kids

4. Alibi Game

All the kids should be gathered in the shape of a circle. Then a chosen kid should play the detective and will leave the circle for a couple of minutes.

To continue with, another kid is chosen as the criminal. (Of course, the detective should not know who the criminal is). The detective returns and gets to the centre of the circle. 

Then the detective tries to identify the criminal by asking questions to each player in the circle. Questions can include things like:

  • Where have you been last night?
  • What did you do between 10 and 2
  • Why no one saw you yesterday?

The detective continues by asking the same question to everyone. All players except for the “criminal” gives the same alibi.

However, the criminal should think of a different story to tell about last night. The detective should remember the answers and identify the different ones along with the criminal.

If the detective doesn’t identify the criminal, the criminal wins and becomes the next detective. 

5. Animal Alphabet

Animal Alphabet is one of the easiest games to play. All you need is a player to say an animal by a specific letter.

The next step is for all the players in the circle to say an animal whose name is commencing with the next letter, according to their order on the circle. For example you pick animals that start with the letter J.

The player who does a mistake loses and the game starts from the beginning. The last person who stays in the circle wins the game.

6. Assassin Remix

Are you ready to figure out who is the assassin? This game is known by a different name Murderer, Wink etc). 

Given the type of game, we would recommend this game for children over 10 years old. There are some main roles for the “Assassin remix” game; those include: Assassin, Mayor, Doctor, Judge, and all remaining campers are listed as Civilians.

Write the name of the roles on small pieces of paper and put them on a hat or a bowl. Then the players should choose one randomly. 

The roles should remain secret! Only the Mayor make himself obvious to the rest of the players, as he needs to tell all the other players what to do! The mayor is the leader-narrator of the game. 

All players apart from the mayor should close their eyes. Then the mayor should tell the assassin to open his/her eyes and kill a player by pointing with his/her finger.

Then the mayor should tell the assassin to close his/her eyes. Next, it’s the turn of the doctor. The mayor will tell the doctor to open his eyes and heal the person who thinks that died.

Unless the doctor was able to save the victim, there has been a death in the town, and the mayor will announce his name.

After the death, the mayor will let everyone open their eyes and discuss the game. The persons who die are not allowed to speak and say their opinion.

For the judge, this is the most important part since he will decide who the assassin is based on what the civilians say.

Then everyone is going back to sleep and the mayor tells the judge to open his eyes and point to the person who thinks that it is the assassin. 

If the judge points to the correct person, the civilians win the game. If he doesn’t the game continues in the same order, until the players guess who the actual assassin is. 

The assassin must determine who the judge and the doctor are, kill them and win the game.

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7. Birdie on a Perch

It is best to play this game with an even number of players so that no one feels left out. Also, make sure you have a large playing area, preferably a grassy one so that no one gets hurt. 

This game is suitable for older kids as it is required a little muscle strength. Place the players in teams of two but think that one should be able to carry the other.

As the carriers form circles, their partners form circles around them. A clockwise walk is performed by the inside circle, whereas a counterclockwise walk is performed by the outside circle. 

When the narrator of the game shouts “Birdie on a Perch” the partner should find his carrier and jump on his back

The last who jumps on his partner is eliminated from the game. The game continues until only one winning team is left! 

8. Blind Cow

The Blind cow is a really fun game that can be played in a circle. All the players should form a circle facing the centre. One of them should be blindfolded. 

The blindfolded kid is known as the “Blind Cow”. The Blind Cow is placed in the middle of the circle and the game is ready to begin. 

Then a ring will sound from somewhere in the circle and the blind cow should identify where the sound came from. The game leader should give the order and stop the ring.

Then the blind cow should try and guess who rang the bell. If the blind cow guesses correctly this player becomes the next blind cow; if not the game continues as it is until he finds who holds the bell.

9. Burn Game

This is the first game on the list that requires a ball. All players should form a circle and one sit in the middle of it. The sitting player should close his eyes and count to 20.

Then he shouts “Burn” and whoever is holding the ball is out of the game. While the sitting player counts, the rest should pass the ball to each other and make a game.

The players who are out must sit on the ground with stretching legs. To pass the ball to the next player, the person to the left must jump over the legs or step over the legs once the game begins again.

It is a fun game as the person who holds the ball needs to pass through the entire row of the sited players in order to avoid getting burned. 

Keep in mind that kids are better to walk instead of run during the game. You want to avoid any accidents or crying. 

10. Cat and Mouse

This is a game that requires many kids. To play this game you need 20 or more kids. Then decide who is the cat and the mouse.

The rest of the kids are creating a circle. The mouse is placed inside the circle and the cat is outside of it. Then the mouse starts to get inside and outside of the circle without being caught by the cat.

The cat is not allowed to enter the circle, but can only reach it and grab it. The rest of the players try to push the cat away from the mouse.

Lifting their hands allow the mouse in and out of the circle, but they can also block the cat from getting closer. The game ends when the cat catches the mouse! Then another player can become the cat and continue to a new round.


11. Catch the Bunny

“Catch the Bunny” is another game that requires a ballA small ball which is named “Bunny” starts the game. Pass the bunny to a person and then let him pass to the next person in the circle; when the ball is halfway through a larger ball, named the “Farmer” gets in the game.

The farmer should be given to the same player that started the game. In an attempt to catch up with the bunny, the Farmer gets passed around the circle; but the Bunny continues to move.

The Farmer can change direction at any time, but the Bunny should also follow. The game ends when a player holds both the Farmer and the Bunny.

12. Catch, Don’t Catch Game

One player should be placed in the middle of the circle and hold a ball. Following that, this player goes around the circle and gently tosses the object to the players, saying “catch” or “don’t catch.”.

If a person from the circle catches the ball when the thrower yells don’t catch, this player is out. When the game continues the players can make it harder by increasing the speed. To end the game only the middle player should stay standing.

13. Circle Run

To play the Circle Run game, arrange children in a circle and assign numbers 1-4 to each one of them. The size of the group will determine the number of #1’s, 2’s, etc. Then, a number should be called out by the game leader, and the rest of the players who match the shouted number should stand up and run clockwise in the form of a circle.

 A warm-up is advised before the first official round, as the players need to start getting used to the orders. An out occurs if a runner is passed outside by another runner. The game ends when only one player remains in the circle.

The assigned leader or the adult should continue shouting numbers till the end of the game. The game ends only when you have your little winner in the circle. 

14. Come with Us or Run Away

Standing circle games are fun for kids of all ages, but it requires 15 people or more. To start the game kids should hold hands and form a circle.

Two chairs are missing from the circle, so two children are selected to tag the players who already have a chair. As the players run around the circle, random pairs of joined hands are randomly hit by the taggers who shout, “Come with us!” or “Run Away!“.

Following the instructions of the tagger, the two tagged players either follow or flee the tagger. There is a race between the four of them to see who can find an empty seat first.

Next, the two left tap together their joined hands. It is an active game that younger kids will love.

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15. Change Seats

Children form a circle seated in seats. One player should stand in the centre of the circle and leave his sit empty.

The game starts when the middle player tries to reclaim back the seat. While the rest of the players are seated, they attempt to stop him by switching seats and sitting on his vacant one.

Young players should only be moving in the form of a circle, clockwise, until the time that someone will shout “Change Direction“. It’s easier for the player in the circle to reclaim his seat when the rest change direction. 

The one who will lose his/her seat must take over the standing place in the middle of the circle; then a new game is ready to start.

16. Get Inside!

“Get Inside” is a circle game for ten or more players that will appeal best to children aged eight and up. After getting into a circle and holding hands with one another, a rope circle is placed on the ground inside the circle. 

Grabbing the hands of the children next, they try to pull them into the rope circle.

Since everyone is doing the same thing, the game becomes more challenging and children let go of each other’s hands one by one. If this is the case, they must jump into the rope circle. The child who remains outside is the winner.

17. Cobbler

As the young sit in a circle, they begin singing the following song:

“Cobbler, Cobbler where’s my shoe? Have it ready by half past two

If by half past two it can’t be done. Have it ready by half past one”

Next, the leader passes one of his or her own shoes behind the back of the person next to him. It continues in this way around the circle.

There is a player who has closed his eyes in the centre of the circle. Whenever the song is sung through once, the shoe stops in the circle, and everyone places their hands behind their backs. 

The middle player attempts to guess where the shoe stopped. He/She has up to three guesses. If they don’t find the player who holds the shoe someone else should go in inside the circle.

18. Chicken Picks

Chicken Picks needs a rubber chicken. Make a circle with players and have one player stand in the middle. Decide what you want to talk about.

When you say “Go,” give the rubber chicken to one of the people who will start to pass the chicken around the circle. During one round, the chicken should travel around the circle, while the person in the middle lists as many things as possible related to the topic. 

As soon as the chicken reaches the starting point, the person must stop talking. The group should have a designated counter that counts the number of items that the middle player listed during the round. 

A winner is determined by who is able to list the most objects. Topic example: games with balls, sweets, chocolates etc.

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19. Find the Ring

A ring is strung on a string and held by all the players who form the circle. Each player holds both ends of the string and passes the ring around the circle without being assisted by anyone else. 

There is a player in the middle of the circle. If the player in the middle thinks where the ring is, he/she taps the hands under which they believe the ring is. 

When he taps the right hand, he changes places with the other person. When everyone has been seated in the circle and the string is still held by only one person, that person wins.

20. CN Tower Ball

To play CN Tower Ball you need a ball and 6 or more players. Each player should be standing in a circle with his or her legs spread apart.

A 2 handed fist must be made with both hands with both feet touching the person next to you. There is a ball in the middle of the circle, and the players are trying to hit it between other people’s legs or between two people in the middle.

When the ball passes from a person, that person “loses” a hand. If this happens again, the player turns his or her back and continues to play.

However, if the ball strikes the same person for a third time, the player is out of the game.

You can even turn it into a name game where players have to hit the ball and call out the name of the person who will receive it.

21. Do You Love Your Neighbour?

The bigger objective of the game is to avoid being in the middle of the circle. All players must be seated in a chair, or have an objective to mark their spot.

One player should be placed in the middle of the circle. The player in the middle asks another player if he loves his neighbour. If the answer is no, then the player behind this player should switch their places and the middle player should try and still a chair or spot. 

If the answer is yes then the game must continue as it is with a different question. The outside player should say “I don’t love people who”, and the players who match the description should stand and change sits.

Then the middle player should again start to still a seat. If a player loses the chair, he goes to the middle of the circle, and a new round starts. 

22. Stand Up and Shout

This game is good for getting a group going; players stand up at random and shout numbers.

As soon as the number of players is determined, the game leader should start counting them. In the case of twenty players, the numbers will be from 1 to 20 in order. 

It is not allowed for more than one person to stand at a time. The last person to speak is the loser. When a player commits one of the following violations, their turn is forfeited:

  • Stand when a different player is already up
  • Call out a number at the same time as another player

23. Drop it – Catch it

All members of the group should be facing the centre in a circle. Make sure that they all spread their arm’s length. 

A ball is passed back and forth between a person in the centre and the surrounding players. Whenever a player throws the ball to another player, the middle player must say “drop it” or “catch it”. 

When the player receives instructions, he or she must do the opposite. Players must catch the ball if the centre player says “drop it” and vice versa.

The person in the middle must swap places with the person who made the wrong move.

24. Frogger

The “Frogger” game is started by sitting everyone down and asking them to close their eyes tightly. Then let them know that you are about to tap a player on the head. 

The person you tap is the “frogger”. Froggers stick their tongues out at people as a form of communication. Prior to the frogger being chosen, a detective will leave the circle, come back, and try to guess who the frogger is.

The frogger should freeze and the detective has 3 guesses to go with. Froggers should wait a few minutes before freezing. When he freezes, she should grab the funniest face that he can make and hold it.

As soon as the detective runs out of guesses or finds the frogger, the game is over.

Musical Circle Games

In music circle games, a song is sung or music is played. The 5 music games on the list are some of my favourites! Most music games have been around for a long time. Music games help kids socialise and improve their music skills.

25. Musical Chairs

If the group consists of at least ten people, musical chairs are a favourite game for any age group. 

There are no limits to how many times children can play this game as they never seem to get bored of it. To begin the game, all kids should sit in a circle in their chairs.

After the music starts playing, the children must stand and walk around until the music stops, then sit in the closest chair.

 For each round this game requires one chair to be removed, resulting in one player being “out.” The last player standing is the winner.

26. In and Out the Dusty Bluebells

Players are forming arches by raising their arms upwards in a circle. One player winds their way around the circle through the arches. 

Players in the circle tap the shoulders of the people closest to them when they say or sing the “tappity tappity” song. As they pass through the arches together, the two players join hands.

After everyone has filed under the wall, the last person left builds a bridge against the wall. A new game begins when the last player leaves.

The «ΤappityΤappity» song

In and out those dusty bluebells,

In and out those dusty bluebells,

In and out those dusty bluebells,

You shall be my partner.

Tippy Tippy Tap Tap on your shoulder,

Tippy Tippy Tap Tap on your shoulder,

Tippy Tippy Tap Tap on your shoulder,

You shall be my partner.

27. A Tisket, a Tasket

To play this amazing music game you should organize the children into a circle and give them a basket and a letter. 

Children sing the following song, while the child with the basket skips around the outside of the circle. After skipping for a while, the child deposits the letter behind the child.

In the meantime, the child who received the letter leaps up and runs in opposite directions back to the empty space with the child who deposited the letter.

Once the song has been sung, the first person who sits in the empty space gets the basket and letter to deposit. Each child should have a chance to play.

The “Tisket, Tasket” Song

A tisket, a tasket,

A green and yellow basket,

I sent a letter to my love,

And on the way, I dropped it.

I dropped, I dropped it,

And on the way, I dropped it,

A little boy picked it up,

And put it in his pocket.

28. The Farmer in the Dell

One player has the role of a farmer and he is placed in the middle of the circle. The rest of the players sing the farmer’s song and dance while the farmer stands in the circle.

When the children sing the stanza, the middle player who joined the dance last chose the next player. For example, the farmer chooses the wife and the wife chooses their kids.

The game continues until they build the whole family. The last player who joins the dance is the “cheese” and becomes the next farmer.

The Farmer Song

The farmer in the dell,

The farmer in the dell,

Hi-ho, the derry-o,

The farmer in the dell.

The farmer takes a wife.

The farmer takes a wife.

Hi-ho, the derry-o,

The farmer takes a wife.

The wife takes a child.

The wife takes a child.

Hi-ho, the derry-o,

The wife takes a child.

The child takes a nurse.

The child takes a nurse.

Hi-ho, the derry-o,

The child takes a nurse

The nurse takes a cow.

The nurse takes a cow.

Hi-ho, the derry-o,

The nurse takes a cow.

The cow takes a dog.

The cow takes a dog.

Hi-ho, the derry-o,

The cow takes a dog.

The dog takes a cat.

The dog takes a cat.

Hi-ho, the derry-o,

The dog takes a cat.

The cat takes a rat.

The cat takes a rat.

Hi-ho, the derry-o,

The cat takes a rat.

The rat takes the cheese.

The rat takes the cheese.

Hi-ho, the derry-o,

The rat takes the cheese.

The cheese stands alone

The cheese stands alone

Hi-ho, the derry-o

The cheese stands alone.

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29. Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush

This is an amazing music game that encourages good hygiene by teaching children how to wash their hands and faces. 

Children perform the associated actions for each other as they sing the song. During the chorus, they perform a circle dance while joining hands.

The “Round the Mulberry Bush” Song

Here we go ‘round the mulberry bush,

The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush,

Here we go ‘round the mulberry bush

On a cold and frosty morning.

First Verse:

This is the way you wash your hands,

Wash your hands, wash your hands.

This is the way you wash your hands,

On a cold and frosty morning.

For the rest of the versions, the children replace with the following actions:

  • Brush your teeth
  • Brush your hair
  • Wash your face
  • Wear on clothes

30. Button Button Who’s Got the Button? 

To play the game you need to use an object such as a button that can be hidden in your hands or behind your back. 

One player should be designated as “It”. When a child is given a button to hide behind his back, “It” uses his hands to cover his eyes. In the same way, all other players put their hands behind their backs. 

When “It” uncovers his eyes, he has three attempts to figure out which child has the item. Adapt the game to your personal preferences and then ask the question. For example, “who has the button”?

31. Grandma’s Underpants

The major aim of the game is to make the person standing in the middle of the circle to laugh. 

“It” is a person who stands in the middle of a circle of kids. “It” can only say, “My grandmas under pants,” when the kids on the outside of the circle ask it a question.

As soon as the kid outside the circle makes the “it” laughs or smile, he or she gets a place in the middle.

32. Fruit Salad

Assign one person to be “it” and get everyone seated in a circle. “It” stands in the middle. Assign players in a random (and equal) order to be apples, bananas, or oranges.

The “it” will then name one of the fruits. “It” tries to sit in an empty seat before someone else gets there while all the players who are that fruit have to move to find another seat. 

“It” is whoever ends up without a chair. Upon hearing the word “fruit salad”, everyone must jump up and move! 

33. Parachute

The classic and most popular circle game of all time, the parachute game, is a great choice for kids of all ages. Children love to bounce inflatable balls on top of parachutes and make them fly.

Using a bed sheet is a convenient alternative to a parachute if you do not have one!

34. Human Knots

5 to 10 players should stand in a circle for this kid’s circle game. Each player places their hands in the centre and grabs hold of any two players. Afterwards, everyone twists and turns while holding hands to untie the “knot”.

35. Jack Sprat

Choose a person to be “it”. Once everyone has been divided into pairs, have them stand in a circle. When “it” says “face to face,” the partners face each other. 

Other options include “back to back and “side to side. As soon as “it” gives the order “Jack Sprat”, everyone (including “it”) should try to find another partner. The player who fails to find a new partner now becomes the new “it”.

36. Circle Tag

The circle game list could not exist without including the “Circle Tag”. A circle should be formed with one player being “it”. Then “It” starts running outside of the circle and tags one player. 

After tagging, “it” and the tagged player run outside of the circle but they follow different directions.

The two players running competing to win the empty spot. The player who remains without a spot becomes the next “it” and starts the new round.

37. Bean Bag Pass

To play theBean Bag Pass a circle of players and two bean bags are required. A player will receive one beanbag, while the player sitting beside them will receive the second bag. 

On the “Go” call the players who hold a bean bag passes it to the player beside them. The two bean bags start travelling in different directions.

The game ends when the bag goes back to the player who started. The player who takes back the bean bag first wins the game.

38. Hide the Carrot

To play the “Hide the Carrot” game all you need is one carrot and try to trick the player who sits in the middle of the circle.

The game is easy and simple; one person stands in the middle of a circle, while the people around him pass an object behind his back. While the player in the middle isn’t looking, the player who holds the carrot takes a bite. 

If the carrot is eaten before the player inside the circle finds it, then the person who took the last bite wins the game. However, to play the carrot game you should make sure that all players can eat carrots.

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39. All Change

The game leader should tap each child on the shoulder as they stand in a circle. When a child initiates an action (e.g. clapping), the others must join.

In the next round, the leader taps a new player on the shoulder and the rest of the players switch to that new action. You can also use sounds to play the game!

40. Ninja

The must-do objective of the game is for one player to become the leader-ninja, you is the last player who stands still. 

A circle of people is formed by all the people standing tightly together. The players should rub their hands together till the leader shouts “hiya”.

Upon hearing the leader’s hiya, everyone jumps back and freezes in a Ninja pose. One player should start playing and make the first move.

If no player makes the move, then the leader should start the game. Players should try to touch one person on the right or left side! Each player can only perform one move.

Upon completing their attempt, they must freeze in one position. The target player can only avoid the hit with one move.

They then try hitting the person next to them. When someone is frozen be hit by another player or the leader, he is out of the game.

41. Pass the Banana

As you can see from the name of the game, the main objective of the game is to pass the banana to the rest of the players.

Firstly, all the players should be sat on the ground in the form of a circle. The players need to keep their hands tucked under their legs and sit close together. 

As in most of the games, one player must be placed in the middle of the circle. The people in the circle should pass the banana under their legs secretly, and the player who is sitting in the middle must figure out where is the banana.

42. Smelly Onions

Name each player ketchup, mustard, or relish and arrange them in a circle. As soon as one of those items is called out by the leader, the players who are named under that item should stand up and run around the circle in a specific direction to return to their positions.

Those who sit last in their positions become smelly onions and head to the centre. When more players are inside the circle, rather than outside, the game ends.

43. Snake

You will need at least ten players to make this a fun and effective game for children of all ages. 

Children join their hands in a circle. One player is assigned the role of the snake’s beginning, while another person is assigned the role of its end.

Starting by crawling, going over, and underneath the arms of the children, the player should reach the tail of the snake with all the other players following while holding hands together. 

Children must figure out how to untangle themselves while still holding hands once the first player reaches the end of the snake.

circle games

44. Who’ll go boom?

“Who’ll go boom” requires a ball and a sheet of paper and markers. The players must be sat in a circle. One of them should hide the ball (bomb) inside a bag.

Grab a small ball such as a dodgeball or foam ball. With a black ball and a white marker, doodle on it for the best results. 

The next step is for the players to find the password to disarm the bomb. The best password is a well-known word. Then all of the players should start calling letters in order to find the password.

If the players can not find the password the bomb will explode. Usually, the game lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. 

45. Twenty-One Double Bounce

A circle is formed and someone starts counting from number one. The count is carried out right around the circle. In the case of a single consecutive number, counting moves right, but in the case of two consecutive numbers, it moves left. 

When a player should count “21” he/she is out of the game. Everyone is trying to stay in the circle for as long as they can.

Circle games are fun and exciting for kids of all ages. Most of them are easy to play and they don’t require effort.

In the list, you will find static and active circle games for all tastes. All the games can also be played in schools and summer camps. Are you ready to have an exciting time with your little ones?