75 Simon Says Ideas And How to Play the Game

Looking for some awesome Simon says ideas? We got your back! If you already know how to play the game just skip to the ideas section, but we think reviewing the rules again will help even the seasoned players ( it’s such a simple game honestly ).

A classic action game that always puts a smile on kids’ faces, Simon Says can be played anytime, anywhere. And, to be honest, with a little twist, adults can enjoy it as much as kids do!

It can also be used in the classroom as an icebreaker or to teach kids body parts, words in a foreign language, colours, animals, etc. As long as you put in creativity, kids will always enjoy this game!

Simon Says Ideas – How to play Simon Says

Game preparation

This game requires no preparation. All you need is at least 3 people willing to have fun.  Obviously, the more the merrier! The only thing players have to do is listen closely and follow Simon’s directions!


One of the players is designated Simon and will have to stand in front of the whole group. Simon’s role is to give directions that the players must follow.

Beware though! There is a trick: players must obey only those commands that start with “Simon Says.” If you are Simon, your goal is to trick players to follow your directions when they are not supposed to do so. 


If, for example, Simon says, “Simon says jump,” players must jump. However, if Simon says nothing else but “run,” (omitting “Simon says”), players must not run. Those who do not pay attention and run are eliminated.

If a command implies more than one action, players must perform them in the correct order or they get disqualified. The last player standing will become the next Simon. 

Simon Says Ideas and how to play the game
Cool Simon Says Ideas

Ready for lots of giggles and infinite fun?

75 Simon Says ideas

  1. Talk like a robot!
  2. Sing your favourite song!
  3. Jump on one foot!
  4. Do a silly dance!
  5. Roll on the floor!
  6. Freeze!
  7. Pretend you are skiing downhill!
  8. Pretend you are a cat!
  9. Bark like a dog!
  10. Do a push-up then brag about it!
  11. Act like your favourite cartoon character!
  12. Rub your belly!
  13. Clap your hands!
  14. Walk like a penguin!
  15. Pretend you are a monkey!
  16. Laugh as loud as you can!
  17. Pretend you are a rock star!
  18. Perform a belly dance!
  19. Crawl like a baby!
  20. Give yourself a hug!
  21. Snap your fingers!
  22. Jump to the right, jump to the left, then run on the spot!
  23. Tickle the person next to you!
  24. Tickle your feet!
  25. Draw a penguin with your foot!
  26. Cry like a baby!
  27. Walk backwards!
  28. Touch your shoes!
  29. Act like Superman!
  30. Jump as high as you can!
  31. Hop like a frog!
  32. Wash your teeth!
  33. Pretend to get dressed!
  34. Repeat after me: two plus two is five! (*fun to see if they fall for it!)
  35. Spin around!
  36. Recite your favourite poem!
  37. Rub your right knee!
  38. Jump to the left!
  39. Pretend to play the piano!
  40. Lick your elbow! (*that is physically impossible, but kids will have a lot of fun while trying!)
  41. Wink with the right eye!
  42. Spin in a circle and clap your hands!
  43. Comb your hair!
  44. Pretend to be a supermodel!
  45. Pat yourself on the back!
  46. Meow three times, then sharpen your claws and scratch your ear!
  47. Show your teeth and laugh out loud!
  48. Make a heart using your fingers!
  49. Celebrate the victory of your favourite team!
  50. Pretend to be a doctor!
  51. Look up, look down, and then wiggle your fingers!
  52. Dance in slow motion!
  53. Act hungry then pretend you are eating a banana!
  54. Pretend you are riding a bike!
  55. Whistle!
  56. Lip-sync your favourite song!
  57. Pretend you are lifting a heavy object!
  58. Walk like an elderly person!
  59. Pretend you are driving a car!
  60. Invent a poem about your favourite colour!
  61. Pretend to be a washing machine!
  62. Act nuts!
  63. Pretend you are walking on hot sand!
  64. Act scared!
  65. Look at the player next to you and say: ‘You are so beautiful!’
  66. Play dead!
  67. Pretend your stomach aches!
  68. Pretend you are trying to escape from an anthill!
  69. Yell the alphabet!
  70. Pretend you are waking up!
  71. Flex your biceps!
  72. Stay still with your hands raised!
  73. Hold up four plus five fingers!
  74. Pull your pants as high as possible!
  75. Act like you were Simon!

Tips on how to become Simon the Almighty!

If you are Simon and you want to take the game to the next level of perfection, there are some tricks you can use to trick your friends:

  • Vary the voice speed of your commands. That should keep players engaged and focused.
  • Use various actions in the same command. Players will have to perform them in the correct order or they are out. 
  • Use tricky commands such as ‘Simon says don’t touch your belly!’
  • Replace the name Simon with a similar one: ‘Raimond says …’ Unless they listen really carefully, they will fall for it!