42 Rubber Band Games For Kids

If you are looking for fun and exciting rubber band games that can keep kids occupied for hours, here are 42 rubber band games that they can play almost anywhere.

Rubber bands are classic toys that can be played in many ways. They’re pretty cheap, easily accessible, and a great way to get kids interacting with each other and having fun.

Rubber bands come in an infinite number of colors and sizes, and the possibilities for play are endless. 

You’ll be amazed at how much fun these games will be – especially when you get a whole bunch of kids playing together.

Elastic Band Games and Activities That Are Perfect For Kids of All Ages

1. Rubber Band Ball

You’ll need plenty of rubber bands to create a rubber band ball, but it’s so much fun to play. | via istockphoto

To create a rubber band ball, start by rolling a piece of crumpled paper or plastic and then tying some rubber bands to create a small sphere. Continue adding more rubber bands until the ball is as big as you want.

The more rubber bands you use, the bouncier the ball will be. Kids can play a game of “catch” using the ball or throw it on the floor to see who can make it bounce the highest.

2. Rubber Band Star

Did you know that you can make stars with your hands using a piece of rubber band? | via wikihow

Using just a piece of rubber band and your two hands, you can create various versions of the star shape. Here’s a quick WikiHow tutorial on how you can make a single star and a double star – something that you can show off to your family and friends.

3. Dampa

Dampa is a classic Filipino game where players have to use the palm of their hands to blow air into a bunch of rubber bands. | via steemit

To play this traditional game, each player will bet an equal amount of rubber bands and place them on the floor. One by one, the players will use the palm of their hands to blow air into the bunch of rubber bands.

The goal is to slowly dislodge the rubber bands until they no longer overlap each other. The player gets to keep the rubber bands that he or she managed to dislodge from the rest of the bunch. 

4. Rubber Band Chain

Rubber band chains can be used to play jumping rope or Chinese garter. | via weefolkart

If you have plenty of rubber bands lying around and you are looking for something fun to do, why not try making a chain of them?

Here’s a video tutorial on how to do it. After braiding the rubber bands together, you can play jump rope or Chinese garter game with your close friends.

5. Rubber Band Catapult

Launch small items like marbles and beads with a DIY catapult. | via stlmotherhood

For this activity, you simply need to prepare some popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon.

  • First, take five popsicle sticks, stack them on top of each other, and then tie both ends using some rubber bands.
  • Next, insert another popsicle stick between the stack of sticks, perpendicular to it.
  • Lastly, using another rubber band, tie a plastic spoon on the stick perpendicular to the stack, and you are good to go.

6. DIY Rubber Band Yo-yo

Yo-yo is a classic childhood toy that kids will surely love. | via mombrite

For this game, you only need to prepare the following items: rubber bands, balloons, and water. Simply fill the balloon with water, tie its end securely, and then attach it to a string of rubber bands.

The weight of the balloon-filled water and the elasticity of the rubber band string will give you the yo-yo effect. 

7. Paper Plane Launcher

Make your own paper airplane launcher by gluing a few pieces of cardboard together.| via scientificamerican

For this project, you need a cardboard or carton, a pair of scissors, tape, and a rubber band. You’ll have to create a launching pad using four pieces of cardboard or a carton. Then insert the rubber band on the legs of the pad, as shown in the picture above.

Finally, you can place a paper plane on the launch pad, pull the rubber band, and then release it to give your paper airplane a boost. 

8. Cork Sailboats

Did you know that you can make a DIY sailboat by attaching a few pieces of cork using some rubber bands? | via coloradoparent

This craft project is very easy and requires just a few materials. Simply glue three cork pieces together using a hot glue gun and further tie them with two pieces of rubber bands for extra support.

Next, cut a rectangular piece of felt or construction paper, attach them to a barbecue stick or toothpick, and you get yourself a DIY sailboat.

9. Rubber Band Maze

Make an ever-changing maze using plywood, nails, and plenty of rubber bands. | via alwaysexpectmoore

If you are looking for a kids’ activity that will challenge their problem solving and fine motor skills, try making an ever-changing rubber band maze.

You can do this by dividing a small piece of plywood into a grid pattern and then putting some screws or nails on every intersection.

Using plenty of rubber bands, connect each screw or nail however you want. Just make sure to leave a clear path from start to finish so players can move around the maze.

The beauty of this game is that you can repurpose and redesign the maze to adjust the difficulty level depending on the players’ skill level. 

10. Rubber Band Race Car

Building a DIY rubber band-powered car is a great STEM activity for kids. | via youtube

Kids love cars. If you are looking for a way to engage your kids in a fun DIY project, try making a rubber band-powered car. To build a rubber band-powered car, you’ll need some popsicle sticks, plastic bottled water caps, straws, two pieces of bolts (weights), and a piece of a rubber band.

To give you a clear idea of how it works, you can check out this YouTube video. 

11. Rubber Band Target Game

You can easily set up a target game using plastic cups, rubber bands, and paper bullets. | via wikihow

If you are looking for a cheap target game for the kids to play indoors, you can easily make one yourself. Simply stack some plastic cups into a pyramid and let the kids shoot at them with rubber bands or paper bullets.

The kids will simply have to put the rubber band in their thumb and index finger, pull it using a folded paper bullet, and try to knock the plastic cup targets as fast as they can.

12. Rubber Band Toss

Rubber band toss is a fun party game for kids that’s easy to make. | via 12dollarbirthday

If you are planning a party, try playing the game of rubber band toss. This is a game that is super easy and simple to make. You only need a bunch of rubber bands, toothpicks, and old pizza boxes.

Stick the toothpicks into the boxes and let the kids take turns throwing the rubber bands at them. Whoever manages to shoot a rubber band on a toothpick wins a small prize.

13. Elastic Face

The elastic face game will surely bring out a lot of belly laughs to any party. | via younglifeplaybook

As seen on the hit TV show “Minute to Win It,” the elastic face game is a hilarious way to get kids laughing. For this game, players will have to put an elastic band into their heads right above their noses while their ears are folded.

The goal of the game is for the players to find a way to slide the rubber band from the nose to the neck without using their hands. The first person to do so wins the game. 

14. Rubber Band Hand Gun

Knock some targets using just your hand and a piece of rubber band. | via instructables

All you need to make this fun game is a piece of rubber band and a few small targets – they can be plastic cups, little plastic toy soldiers, empty soda cans, etc.

To play this game, simply place one end of the rubber band on the tip of your index finger, then wrap it at the back of your hand to your thumb.

Press the other end of the rubber band using your pinky finger and release it to fire the elastic band to your targets. The goal is to knock off all the targets in one shot. 

15. Loom Bands

Making loom bands and bracelets is a great craft activity for kids. | via madeformums

Loom bands are small, colorful elastic bands that children braid together to form different designs of bracelets, necklaces, anklets, keychains, and more.

The beauty of loom bands is that they can be easily personalized with beads, buttons, and other charms – making them an excellent gift for artistic and fashionable little girls. 

16. Rubber Band Cup Shot

For this activity, you only need some rubber bands and two disposable cups. | via kiwico

To make this game, take two cups – one will be the booster, the other the projectile. On the booster cup, wrap two rubber bands from the lid to the bottom of the cup.

For the projectile cup, you can paint it with whatever design you like, such as a rocket ship or shooting star. Place the booster cup on a flat surface, place the projectile cup on top, and then release it. Watch as the projectile cup shoots across the room.

17. Rubber Band Animal Rescue

Make an animal rescue game with rubber bands and small toys or plushies. | via Pinterest

This game is fun for young kids because they get to pick out their favorite animal toy or plushie – and be the hero of the story. To play, simply start by wrapping elastic bands around the toy (the more, the better).

Once wrapped, tell the kids to save the animal by removing the rubber bands one by one. This activity is a great way to improve fine motor and problem-solving skills among children.

18. Exploding Watermelons

Exploding watermelons is a thrilling and exciting outdoor activity. | via pinterest

Exploding watermelons is a very popular YouTube video challenge. The goal of this game is pretty simple. Put as many rubber bands as possible until the watermelon explodes.

Kids can take turns putting rubber bands – make sure they wear personal protective equipment like goggles for safety reasons. 

19. Rubber Band Guitar

Making a DIY rubber band guitar isn’t as hard as it looks. | via rubbernews

For this arts and crafts activity, you’ll need elastic bands, used cartons, barbecue sticks, hot glue, and scissors. Simply trace a guitar shape on the carton and make at least five identical cutouts.

Cut a center hole on four of the cutouts, poke four string holes on all of them, and then stack the cutouts on top of each other using hot glue.

Place two barbecue sticks near the string holes and secure them using hot glue as well. Finally, insert the elastic bands into the string holes and adjust the tension of each rubber band as necessary. 

20. Popsicle Sticks Bow and Arrow

Tie both ends of a popsicle stick with a rubber band to make a bow. | via funcraftskids

Making a mini version of cupid’s bow and arrow only takes a couple of minutes. For this activity, you need to prepare a popsicle stick, a piece of an elastic band, a toothpick, construction paper, and a pair of scissors.

To make the bow, simply bend the popsicle stick into a “C” shape and then tie both ends using a rubber band. For the arrow, simply create the head and fletching using construction paper and the shaft using a toothpick. 

21. Rubber Band Art

Wrap some rubber bands into a paint roller to create interesting patterns and designs. | via homedzine

Looking for a unique art project that will keep kids occupied for hours? Ask them to make an abstract painting using a paint roller wrapped in rubber bands.

On a huge canvas, you can let the kids get creative using different paint colors. They’ll be amazed at the patterns they can create just by adjusting the distance of the rubber bands from each other.  

22. Rubber Band Overlap

This is a competitive game that will surely keep kids busy and entertained. | via istockphoto

The mechanics of this game are pretty simple. Players will throw a piece of a rubber band on the floor – one at a time.

The goal of each player is to throw their rubber band in such a way that it overlaps another rubber band (or more) when it lands on the floor. The players get to keep all the rubber bands they manage to land on. 

23. Rubber Band Jumping Game

Using a long rubber band chain or garter, this is the perfect outdoor game for kids of all ages. | via vecteezy

This game requires players to have good balance, agility, and coordination. Using an elastic band chain or a long piece of garter, each player should jump and land in a series of predetermined movements.

Players need to work on their balance, speed, and jumping technique because the height of the rubber band chain will get higher and higher as the game progresses.

24. Wrap It

For this activity, you’ll need to prepare some canned goods and plenty of rubber bands. | via handsonaswegrow

The wrap is a great activity for kids to improve their counting and fine motor skills. To begin with, give the kids some canned goods and plenty of rubber bands.

You can then give them a random number and ask them to wrap the matching number of elastic bands on the canned food items. The fastest player to wrap the correct amount of bands wins.

25. Muffin Pan Shapes

If you have an extra muffin pan at home, you can use rubber bands to make shapes using the bottom of the pan. | via alfaandfriends

This is a great exercise for kids to learn about basic shapes such as squares, triangles, and rectangles. Simply flip the muffin pan upside down and use colorful rubber bands to create different shapes.

This activity is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers just starting to learn shapes and colors.

26. Elastic Flying Toy

Using just a few items that can be found at home, you can make a flying toy that kids will absolutely love. | via youtube

To make this toy, you only need a few things: popsicle sticks, a piece of a rubber band, hot glue, a bolt (weight), and some tracing paper. For the launcher, simply hot glue a rubber band between two popsicle sticks.

For the propeller, cut a rectangular-shaped tracing paper, split it in half, and secure it in between two popsicles using hot glue.

Attach the bolt on the other end of the popsicle sticks, and you are good to go. Here’s how this DIY elastic flying toy looks while in action. 

27. Pyramid Cups

Pyramid cups are a great team-building activity for kids to exercise their coordination and problem-solving skills. | via lompocrecord

Pyramid cups are perfect for group activities because it requires a lot of teamwork, interaction, and communication. The objective of the game is to stack a pyramid of plastic cups by moving them from one point to another.

The catch is that the players need to stack the cups using a rubber band with strings tied to them. This game is challenging and will surely develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills among children.

28. Rubber Band Relay Game

This is a fun relay game using just some straws and rubber bands. | via lmschaeffer

Rubber band relay is a fast-paced game that requires teamwork, strategy, and coordination. It’s the perfect activity for birthday parties and field days.

To play this game, the players of each competing team need to bite into a straw and try to pass the rubber band from one player to another until the last player gets it.

The fastest team to pass the rubber band from the first to the last player wins the game.

29. Rubber Band Rocket Launcher

This is a rubber band launcher that you can easily put together in no time. | via youtube

This activity is the perfect science experiment for elementary school students. To make a rocket launcher, you need to assemble three pieces of plywood (one rectangular and two-trapezoidal pieces).

On the trapezoidal pieces, you need to create slits of equal distances. Then, place the rubber band on any pair of slits, pull it using your DIY rocket, and see how high it will fly.

30. Rubber Band Rocket Racer

This simple DIY rubber band rocket racer will get your kids moving. | via thecraftpatchblog

To make a DIY rubber band rocket racer, you need to prepare the following materials: a rubber band, a pair of scissors, two pieces of tissue roll tubes, hot glue, and some red and yellow Japanese paper.

  • First, cut one tissue roll tube into a cone and secure it using some hot glue.
  • Next, poke a small hole in the cone and insert a rubber band through it.
  • Then, cut two identical fins from the leftover tissue roll tube.
  • For the rocket’s body, you need the other tissue roll tube.
  • Glue the cone on top of the tube and the fins on the bottom part.
  • To finish your rocket ship, attach red and yellow Japanese paper at the bottom of the tissue roll tube and paint the body with whatever design you like. 

31. Egg Carton Geoboard

Kids will surely have fun playing around with a DIY egg carton geoboard. | via andnextcomesl

This activity is pretty straightforward. You only need to prepare some rubber bands and used egg cartons. Flip the egg cartons upside down and let the kids play with them. It’s a great way to improve fine motor, sensory, and shape recognition skills among children.

32. Pine Cones and Rubber Bands

Kids will definitely enjoy making this pine cone and rubber band craft. | via theimaginationtree

Make some miniature Christmas trees using pine cones and colorful rubber bands. For this project, you have to prepare the following items: rubber bands, green acrylic paint, and pine cones.

Simply paint the pine cones using green acrylic paint, let them dry for at least one to two hours, and wrap them around with colorful rubber band garlands. 

33. Fast Sling Puck

Kids will definitely have a lot of fun playing this table game of fast sling puck. | via youtube

Fast sling puck is a table game that requires some serious hand-to-eye coordination. You can buy a ready-made fast sling puck set on Amazon so that you can get started right away.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. Using a rubber band, you’ll have to launch your pucks one at a time, trying to cross them to your opponent’s court through a small hole in the middle of the board.

The player who manages to get all of his or her pucks across wins the game.

34. Rubber Band Drum Set

Make this fun DIY drum set using just a few supplies you can easily find at home. | via itsalwaysautumn

For this craft project, you have to prepare empty tin cans, balloons, rubber bands, and wooden drumsticks. Simply place the balloons on the can openings and then secure them using some rubber bands.

Make sure to use tin cans of different sizes so you can generate a variety of percussive sounds. The bigger the tin can, the deeper the sound will be. 

35. Tie Dye

Make unique and beautiful patterns using rubber bands and some colorful dyes.  | via chaoticallyyours

For this project, you’ll need an old white t-shirt (cotton material), syringes, colorful dyes, and rubber bands. Fold and roll the t-shirt vertically, then secure it with elastic bands. Dilute the dyes into warm water and use the syringes to inject them into the fabric.

Make sure that you fully soak the t-shirt with the previous dye color before you move on to the next one. Wait for at least 24 hours before you rinse the t-shirt off with cold water at least two to three times. 

36. Sponge Butterfly Art

Let the kids’ imagination and creativity run free with this fun DIY sponge butterfly art. | via pinterest

Butterflies are one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, so it’s no wonder why little kids love them so much. They also make a really great subject for an art project.

For this activity, you only need some acrylic or poster paint, a rubber band, a black point pen, paper, a paper plate, and a sponge.

Tie the rubber band in the middle of the sponge to create a shape that resembles a bowtie.

Next, mix your favorite colors on the paper plate and dip the sponge into the mixture. Then, press the sponge onto the paper, let it dry, and then draw the body of the butterfly using a black point pen.

Repeat the process if you want to create more butterflies.

37. Rubber Band Stained Glass

This rubber band stained glass art project will provide hours of entertainment for kids. | via pureandnoble

Create a stained glass-inspired art project using watercolor, rubber bands, a small paintbrush, a piece of construction paper, and a clipboard.

For this project, simply put the paper on the clipboard and wrap the rubber bands around it – making geometric shapes and patterns like trapezoids, triangles, and parallelograms.

To achieve the stained glass effect, paint each shape with a different color and let them dry. You can then remove the rubber bands and the paper from the clipboard and display your creation.

38. Rubber Band Lego Car

Kids will be amazed at this rubber band-powered LEGO car. | via frugalfun4boys

This DIY toy project is similar to making a rubber band race car, as mentioned above (item no. 10). Instead of using popsicle sticks and bottled water caps, you’ll use LEGO bricks and other accessories.

Follow this link for a step-by-step guide on how you can make a rubber band-powered LEGO car for kids.

39. DIY Popsicle Stick Harmonica

This simple DIY popsicle stick instrument is great for kids who love to play music. | via csmottchildrenshospital

To create a DIY harmonica, you only need to prepare the following materials: two rubber bands, straw cutouts, two popsicle sticks, and a piece of construction paper. Cut a rectangular strip of construction paper and squeeze it in between the two popsicle sticks.

Before tying both ends of the sticks with rubber bands, insert two small straw cutouts on both ends of the sticks as well, and voila! You got yourself a DIY harmonica.

40. Abstract Painting With Rubber Bands

Creating an abstract painting is a great way for kids to spend a lazy afternoon. | via craftulate

Channel your inner Pablo Picasso with this simple art project. Simply prepare a piece of paper, paintbrush, rectangular baking pan, rubber bands, and colorful acrylic paint. Place the paper inside the baking pan and wrap it around with at least four to five rubber bands.

Using a paintbrush, paint each rubber band with a different color of acrylic paint. Then, pull the rubber bands one at a time to make some lines and splatters on the paper.

The end result is an abstract painting that kids can proudly hang on their bedroom walls. 

41. Elastic Band Paddle Boat

This is a fun craft activity that’s perfect for rainy days. | via youtube

The perfect toy for the rainy season – a rubber band-powered paddle boat will have kids giggling with delight as they see the little ship floating in the water.

Here’s a complete video tutorial on how to make this toy just by using popsicle sticks, a piece of a rubber band, hot glue, and bottled water caps. 

42. Rubber Band Toy Grab

This game is perfect for toddlers to improve their fine motor skills. | via nfamilyclub

If you are looking for a great way to help your child develop his or her fine motor skills and work on grasping small objects, then this rubber band toy grab game is a must.

You only need a breakfast tray, rubber bands, and small toys to set up this game.

Simply put the toys inside the breakfast tray, wrap the tray with rubber bands, and let your child figure out how he or she can grab the objects out of it.

Rubber Bands Are a Versatile Arts and Crafts Material

With a little creativity and resourcefulness, there’s no limit to what your kids can create with rubber bands.

From toys and art projects to musical instruments and accessories – elastic bands make the perfect crafting material for any DIY project your kids want to try.

We hope that our list of creative rubber band projects has inspired you to get started with your own DIY creations.