20 Things to Do in Waco with Kids

If you’re the type of family that loves traveling together, and always looking for new places to go and do with your kids, this article of things to do in Waco with kids will give you some great ideas!

Waco is situated in the heart of Texas and is home to some of the most amazing landmarks. It is a district with plenty of cultural attractions and rich history that can entertain and educate families. 

Waco offers family experiences that children can enjoy with their parents. From cultural museums to fantastic and immense zoos, Waco can create the most amazing memories for you and your kids.

Visitors who spend some time in Waco leave with a bucket full of memories and stories to tell.

Awesome things to do in Waco with kids

1. Waco Mammoth National Monument

Waco Mammoth National Monument is a museum and paleontological site which showcase 24 Columbian mammoths and mammal fossils from the Pleistocene Epoch. 

Waco Mammoth National Monument is not only a place for watching some of the most ancient fossils, but it is also a great place where kids can come closer to paleontology and learn about the creatures and animals existing during the Ice Age.

Notable activities for Kids

Waco Mammoth National Monument is the greatest place for kids as it offers some kids activities that will help your young ones have fun and learn! 

So, if you don’t mind getting dirty, your kids will have the opportunity to have fun, while digging and searching for fossils like any other archaeologist.

Of course, you need to keep in mind that, fossils will be replicas and sometimes are quite fragile. So, let your kid play while taking the required precautions!

2. Hawaiian Falls Waco 

Hawaiian Falls is one of the most exciting activities in Waco. In Hawaiian Falls you will find rides like:

  • Wave pool
  • Slides
  • Lazy river to splash ground & much more.

It’s an experience for all ages, where both adults and kids can have fun while getting wet.

Hawaiian Falls water park is built with families and kids in mind! Everything is safe, and lifeguards and EMTs are on-site to ensure the safety of the guests at any time.

Activities for Kids 

Families and kids can do seasonal water adventures, You can choose from a plain and basic water slide to a covered tube chute. Try the “Breaker Bay” where kids can boast patterns of surfing waves, swim, or even relax in the sun. 

On the other hand, the “Tempest Tower’s The Rush” promises to satisfy the most adventurous friends who want to slide down in total darkness.

Moreover, there are 10 different water slides and activities that kids and families can enjoy together while spending some quality and fun time!

3. Cameron Park Zoo

Cameron Park Zoo opened in 1993 and houses more than 1,731 animals. Some of the most amazing animals include:

  • Bears
  • Jaguars
  • Tigers and more.

Cameron Park Zoo in Waco is considered one of the most amazing facilities for kids and families as it can offer a great 3-hour family experience. 

Kids can explore many facilities and sections with their parents, but one of the best is the “Brazos River Country”, where they can see wild animals like cougars and jaguars, and water reptiles like alligators. Who wouldn’t love to learn how wild animals live?

Activities for Kids

The Grammy Nell’s section is the best for the kids, as they have the opportunity to splash around the floor fountain and walk in the snake’s mouth.  

The Grammy Nell’s section allows kids to create a fantastic wild adventure that will provide them with immersive memories.

4. Tour Baylor University

Most people don’t think of university tours as a tourist activity. However, the Baylor University tour is considered one of the most exciting adventures for families and kids.

Baylor University is beautiful, with facilities that are worth seeing; though, it is also the home to the history of Texas.

It is worth mentioning that Baylor University is the oldest university in Texas and has a lot to offer from a historical view.

Activities for Kids

Kids can take the history tour and spend some time in the past. Wondering around the beautiful scenery of Baylor University and learning about Texan history can be beneficial for their whole life.

5. Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is the greatest place to learn about notable people of history. It is a place that preserves Texan history since 1968. 

In this place, you will learn about the remarkable achievements of the Rangers of Texas, and how they contributed to history. In this museum, you will find replica horses and displays of rangers, along with biographies and exciting facts about their age.

Activities for Kids

The young ones can be excited by the replica horses and figures of the rangers that are displayed in the great hall of the museum.

Kids can also learn about the badges and the local paper currency of Ranger’s age. 

It is worth mentioning that the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is better for older kids, as they can benefit from the historical culture for their whole life. It is an experience that is worth remembering!

6. Mayborn Museum Complex

things to do in Waco with kids
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Mayborn Museum Complex is the place where you will find all the natural and cultural history of Texas.

In the museum, there are exhibits like the Cabinets of Curiosities, Vara Daniel Historic Village, and Waco Crossroads of Texas. 

Mayborn Museum Complex covers paleontology, natural history, and archaeology subjects.

Activities for Kids

Jeanes Discovery Center is the section that usually kids love. They have the opportunity to play music, as there are many music walks in the museum.

Moreover, kids can live wild while walking along with dinosaurs and even being encapsulated inside a huge bubble.

7. Magnolia Market at the Silos

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Magnolia Market at the Silos is a massive green space area that sits inside the property’s renovated barn.

In the market, there are food trucks, picnic tables, and retail shops that attract people to the area. 

The Magnolia Market at the Silos is a tourist attraction and a must-visit place in Waco for both adults and kids. The whole family can enjoy shopping from the local market while enjoying the green outside area.

Activities for Kids

Kids can easily lay on the grass ground while enjoying local food yummy foods and treats. There is also a big swing where kids can play protected within the premises.

8. Waco River Safari

Waco River Safari is an important tourist attraction as it allows learning about Waco’s history while sailing on a pontoon boat. In the ride, there is always a narrator who explains all the important history of Waco.

It is a scenic and fun tour that can entertain both adults, adolescents, and kids. Who doesn’t love a Safari experience?

Activities for Kids

Kids have the opportunity to watch the wildlife of Waco. On the tour, kids can definitely see turtles and herons. Another exciting experience is that the boat passes under massive bridges. It is a view that kids usually love!

9. Texas Sports Hall of Fame

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Texas Sports Hall of Fame showcases some of the most notable sports personalities. In the main hall, you can find displays of various sports like tennis and football.

It is a place that will definitely keep you and your kids busy as it has a lot to show. If you are a sports enthusiast, the Texas Sports Hall of Fame is the best place you could visit, as it will definitely keep you busy for a long. 

In the facilities, you will find medals, trophies, uniforms, and equipment from the legendary personalities of athletics.

What kids can do?

It is about a trip that will excite the young ones. Sport is something that kids love and they like to play all day.

But except for sports, in the building, there are plenty of mascots ready to excite the kiddos. Mascots can also be used as photo souvenirs for this fascinating trip.

10. Homestead Craft Village

Homestead Craft Village is located 5 miles away from Waco and it has plenty of things to offer.

It is a place that offers shopping, dining, and self-guided tours.  Homestead Craft Village is a complex that includes a 200 years old barn, Potter’s House, a woodworking shop, a restored 1760 gristmill, fiber arts, a herb garden, and much more. 

If you love DIY crafts, Homesteads craft village is the best place to go, as it offers demonstrations of traditional woodworking, fabric making, basket weaving, barn making, pottery crafting, and more.

Parents and kids can spend productive time in the village while crafting and playing together. 

It is the best place for DIY and traditional lovers.

Activities for Kids

It is picturesque countryside that kids love from the very first sight. However, one of the most exciting activities for them is joining the hayrides.

The young ones have a great time sitting on hays while horses pull the wagons. What is better than kids playing with the animals in the countryside? 

11. Dr Pepper Museum

Dr. Pepper Museum is a non-profit gallery that exhibits memorabilia and the history of soft drinks.

Dr. Pepper is known as the oldest soft drink in the United Stage and the Museum in Waco is a major tourist attraction. 

Α trip to Dr. Pepper Museum will solve all your questions about how Dr. Pepper was generated and its origins.

Except for the usual museum experiences and tours, Dr. Pepper Museum offers a Paranormal activity experience, where visitors can discover the paranormal nature of the museum through a 2-hour tour called the Paranormal Experience.

Activities for Kids

Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco offers a variety of special programs like “Make a Soda”, “Taste a Soda”, and the “Extreme Pepper Experience”.

Children have the opportunity to create their own refreshments through the “Make a Soda” experience and enjoy them at home. 

At the end of the visit, don’t forget to grab and taste the infamous soda floats that don’t exist on the wide market.

12. Cameron Park

Cameron Park is one of the largest parks in Texas, resting on 416 acres of land. The park was named by the great philanthropist William Cameron and is one of the greatest attractions in Waco. 

Cameron Park is a spot for families as it offers plenty of everyday and fun activities like hiking, picnic and it has a large playground area. It is a traditional and safe area, and people chose it to spend their free time. 

Neighbouring Lovers Leap, is the area of picnics and ball games, and it is perfect for events and parties.

For many years now, visitors of Cameron Park stand on the cliffs and ponder the Legend of Lovers Leap.

Some of the greatest natural attractions in the park are the “Mouth of Bosque”, the “Circle Point”, the “Lovers Leap”, the “Emmons Cliff”, Anniversary Park, and the Jacob’s Ladder & Rock Shelter. 

Activities for Kids

Cameron Park has massive playgrounds, with big swings designated for children. It’s a place surrounded by oak trees, walking loops, and open fields that offer many acres for free play. 

Moreover, the area provides easy trails for kids hiking above the river trail. Miss Nellie’s place also includes small walking paths and a special place designed as an outdoor classroom.

13. Waco Suspension Bridge

Waco Suspension Bridge opened in 1869 and crosses the Brazos River in Waco and consists of 3 million bricks. It is the bridge that connects  Indian Spring Park with Doris D. Miller Park.

Waco Suspension Bridge is about 475 feet and it is considered a place for many local celebrations and festivals in the city.

This traditional bridge is worth visiting, especially at night, as it offers plenty of activities for families and kids.

First of all, the Waco Suspension Bridge offers an extraordinary scenic view that will leave you with a personal and breathtaking feeling. In front of the bridge, you’ll also find the famous Cattle Drive Monument, which features bronze longhorns and a cattle driver. 

Activities for Kids

Waco Suspension Bridge is open for public view, no matter the age. The youngest kids will be excited by the scenic view and the massive statues.

Kids enjoy watching views and sceneries that haven’t seen before, and Waco Suspension Bridge can definitely offer that.

14. Armstrong Browning Library

The Armstrong Browning Library is located at Baylor University in Waco and it houses the largest collections of the English poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Dr. Armstrong acquired the memorabilia via donation or purchase.

It is a 19th-century research center, that is considered a historical and cultural monument of the city. In the library, you can find materials and rare collections from 19th-century books, manuscripts, and works of art.

Activities for Kids

Armstrong Browning Library is organizing days and weeks dedicated to a theme. Some of the themes are focused on children.

This year (from January 15  to August 15), Armstrong Browning Library is hosting “Puppy Love: An Exploration of Victorian Pet-Owner Relationships”.

This exhibition is dedicated to dog ownership and depictions of dogs in the Victorian period. The exhibition is mostly focused on Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s spaniel, Flush.

Victorian authors were curious about dogs’ thoughts and emotions and they tried to write their voices on the papers. Elizabeth Barrett Browning, for example, tried to represent Flush’s thoughts and emotions in poetry twice.

This exhibition is amazing for kids as they will come closer to animals and dogs. Kids have the opportunity to understand the dogs’ emotions and create a stronger bond with them.

15. McLane Stadium

McLane Stadium is an American football stadium in Waco, which is owned by Baylor University. It is considered the East anchor of downtown Waco.

McLane Stadium is a state-of-the-art multifunctional facility, that each year houses plenty of music festivals, sports events, and family events.

McLane Stadium is one of the best facilities in Waco and families can find many events to visit throughout the year.

Activities for Kids

McLane Stadium organized plenty of family and children’s events! One of the most important that kids will love, is the 5-day Summer Camp! Kids have the opportunity to camp in the stadium and live the experience.

McLane Stadium’s camp includes scavenger hunts, sports, building challenges, water slides, and many parties. 

Kids have the opportunity to spend productive time with other kids and have fun while being in an incredible and massive facility.

16. Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat

Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat show the dedication of Baylor University to its bear mascot. The bears’ habitat  has a waterfall, pools, caves, deadfall trees, and digging areas.

The bears are sisters with one year difference, and they both came to the university at the age of 4 months.

It is worth mentioning that the “Bear Habitat” attraction offers an educational cabana providing information about the North American Black Bear, providing you with the opportunity to have a picture with its stars.

Activities for Kids

By visiting Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat kids will come closer to the natural habitat. Moreover, they have the opportunity to learn more about the extraordinary bears, watch them play together. 

17. Waco Downtown Farmers Market

Waco Downtown Farmers Market is located on the riverside at South University Parks Drive. Since 2011, it brings locally grown & produced goods to downtown Waco and is considered downtown magic.

If you want to find local agricultural producers and artisan vendors Waco Downtown Farmers Market is the place. 

Waco Downtown Farmers market also acts like a festival because every Saturday it brings music and seasonal handmade markets into the mix in order to celebrate and attract more visitors.

Activities for Kids

Waco Downtown Farmers Market is an amazing place for kids as they have the opportunity to learn about local and seasonal products. Moreover, if you are planning on going on Saturday your kids will certainly love the music and the festive environment on the market! 

What is better than bringing kids closer to open markets and showing them the variety of natural products that their town offers?

Remember that Texans can produce local products all year round by using special techniques! 

18. Lake Waco Wetlands

Lake Waco Wetlands provides a habitat for native animals and plants in Waco city, but also it is considered an educational place for science programs and activities for visitors. 

Lake Waco was constructed as a mitigation project to increase the water level in 2001. It is home to several aquatic and terrestrial plants, mammals, insects, amphibians, and reptiles and is considered a natural paradise. 

Once again, Baylor University is involved in research projects for enhancing aquatic, geologic, and forestry education in the area.

Activities for Kids

Kids have the opportunity to visit a massive natural habitat that houses a variety of animals and plants. Except for that, they can witness the scientific and educational projects that take place on the lake.

In 2004, Research and Education Building open a hub to educate visitors on aspects of a wetland environment.

This project could be quite beneficial for kids, as it is about knowledge that will carry their whole life, and they can start leaving by protecting the natural environment. 

19. Health Camp

Health Camp in Waco is a classic roadside pit stop for burgers & hot dogs. Health Camp is a must-stop when someone is driving down to San Antonio.

Health Camp open in 1948, three years after World War II. The Camp started as a mobile canteen which was serving milkshakes and burgers to military personnel.

However, a year later, in 1949, the Health Camp shop. located on the Waco Traffic Circle, opened to the public.

Except for the amazing burgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes, Health Camp offers the finest frozen custard, ice cream, and burgers.

Activities for Kids

Kids have the opportunity to visit the oldest burger house in the history of Waco and taste the extraordinary taste of the original American fast food. Health Camp is a good stop for a family lunch! 

20. Heritage Creamery

Heritage Creamery is an independent ice cream shop in Waco, which was established in the Heart of Texas in 2016. This local shop creates extraordinary ice cream tastes for the whole family. 

Heritage creamery operates with the vision of providing locally and responsibly sourced, delicious, frozen treats for the Waco community.

This homemade ice cream shop creates ice cream with the best ingredients and best know-how.

Activities for Kids

Kids can taste the best ice cream tastes in Waco and get in touch with the owners of Heritage Creamery. Every young child love ice cream, and Heritage Creamery is the healthiest place to grab one!

Waco is a city full of exciting things to do! Families and kids have plenty of options to choose from.

Waco has become quite a fun tourist spot as it offers from museums to cruises and safaris.

Many people don’t realize how family-friendly is Waco, but a small visit can definitely change your mind.

Sum up

Waco has a lot to offer in terms of things to do with kids and as a family. If you are considering a trip to Texas, make sure you don’t skip Waco.