20 Things to Do in Napa with Kids – Creative and Fun

Anytime you want to travel with your family and little kids, it’s a planning battle right? You can’t just wing it with kids, and you most likely need to plan ahead.

This is why we decided in this post to include a list of exciting activities to do in Napa with kids if if you plan on taking a vacation in that area.

The post will include:

  • fun activities to do in Napa with kids.
  • What to do in Napa Valley in general.
  • Napa Valley vacation ideas with family

Below are 20 things to do in Napa with kids

Things to Do in Napa with Kids

Napa County is north of San Francisco, in California and it’s a famous destination in the area. The Oxbow Public Market in the city offers local delicious food.

It is also worth visiting the Napa Valley Wine Train; a vintage train and a travelling restaurant that runs through the valley.

Northwest of Napa is Yountville, a town with high-end restaurants and delicious and traditional wine.

Napa Valley is a well-known luxury wine regions around the world.

During a visit to Napa Valley, you can visit the vineyards, speak with the wine producers, or try the master Napa Valley wines while enjoying breath-taking valley views.

It’s about a place which should be on top of your travelling destinations. But what happens when it comes to families? Is Napa a destination for the whole family or it’s just a drinking destination?

The answer is definitely a YES! Napa is growing in popularity with families too. Making a trip to Napa is highly recommended for all families.

There are plenty of entertaining activities to do with your kids in Napa. Start by visiting the kids’ friendly vineyards, go hiking, take a cycling walk, visit the area’s well-known museums, or even ride the Napa Valley hot air balloon.

That’s why we created a list of the most fun and interesting things to do with kids in Napa. Read the list below and learn all the exciting adventures that you can experience with your kids in the area.

Amazing Thing To Do In Napa Valley with Children

Things to Do in Napa with Kids

Let’s kick off the list with activities do in Napa Valley, including wine tasting. No need to worry if the idea of taking your kid to a winery feels weird; there are children-friendly wineries you can visit at any time with no fear. 

1.Experience the beauty of Lake Berryessa

One of the most exciting and family-friendly activities to do in Napa is enjoying the outdoors by hanging out at Lake Berryessa.

In Northern California, Lake Berryessa is the largest artificial lake, covering 20,000 acres. 

Boat on the lake or relax at the shore. Another excellent option is to organise a hiking experience in the forest next to the lake. The wildlife of Lake Berryessa is remarkable.

You can see creatures like turkeys, eagles, deers and hawks.

Packing a picnic basket and spending some time around the lake is a must in Napa. Why don’t you try it with your kids?

2.Try Boon Fly Café

Boon Fly Café is one of the most kids-friendly cafes in Napa. You can choose from a wide range of delicious options at this eccentric and casual diner.

Some of the star dishes of the Boon Fly Cafe are the flatbreads, the waffles, the delicious chicken that kids love and the fish tacos buttered with beer.

Moreover, Boon Fly Café is a place full of sweet treats! Try the delicious doughnuts, bread with banana flavour, and fried maple syrup cakes. Your kids will definitely love the sweets treats of the restaurant.

Starting your day at the Boon Fly Café is recommended as it is considered one of the best places to take your breakfast. However, the restaurant also offers excellent dinner and lunch experiences. Boon Fly Café stays open every day until 9pm.

3. Visit Bothe-Napa Valley State Park

Things to Do in Napa with Kids

Visiting the Bothe-Napa Valley State Park is another fun and exciting activity to do in Napa. In the vineyard-rich Napa wine area, this 1,991-acre park is home to a condensed forest of redwoods

Bothe-Napa Valley State Park is a place that offers a variety of family outdoor activities.

Among the possibilities for fun in Napa are hiking and biking on the picturesque roads. In addition to the walking experience, you can relax and have a family picnic, enclosed by nature.

The most exciting things to do in Bothe-Napa Valley State Park is camp overnight and enjoy the starry sky by the forest. Are you ready to offer your family one of the most memorable experiences of their lives?

4. Family-friendly wine tasting adventure

A wine tour is a must in Napa Valley; it doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone, with your partner or with kids and family.

It may seem really weird to organise a wine tasting tour while travelling with your kids, however, Napa is the best place to try it. Napa is the place of the most family-friendly wineries in the world. 

Castello Di Amorosa is an amazing option for family-friendly wine tasting. There is nothing more authentic than a Tuscan castle with an authentically designed moat, torture chamber, and drawbridge.

Who (kid or adult) wouldn’t like to take a tour of a place with such history? In Castelo Di Amorosa kids over 5 years old can take a guided tour with you and enjoy a cup of grape juice when it’s the time for the wine tasting.  

Children under 5 years old can have fun while exploring the castle. They will be supplied with colouring books in order to stay entertained while you enjoy your wine tasting.

Hoopes Vineyard is another kid-friendly vineyard, where kids can explore the life of rescue animals at the animal sanctuary located on the site, while you are tasting wines made from sustainably grown grapes.

5. Visit Connolly Ranch Education Center

One of the most interesting place to go with your little ones is Connolly Ranch Education Center. It is about a ranch from older ages that offers plenty of interactive activities for kids and families.

If you want your children to learn about the rural life of the past and the agricultural cultures, then Connolly Ranch education centre is the best place to go. 

Some of the things that your kids will learn at this magnificent education centre are farming on lower-scales, the production of natural food, the local life and the nature.

Connolly Ranch Education Center is also organising annual events, like harvesting festival, bird observation, and lovely dinners. On the Ranch, kids can also come closest to house farm animals from small chickens and goats to donkeys.

6. Shop Napa Farmers Market

If you prefer doing more relaxed and calm activities then you should wander around Napa’s Farmers Market. At the market, you’ll definitely find some fresh fruits and vegetables along with different types of flowers and cider

Napa Farmers Market also offers olive oil of the finest quality and dishes from every part of the world.

It is guaranteed that kids will have an excellent time in Napa Farmers Market as they will have the opportunity to taste several treats and foods as long as having an amazing time while exploring the whole market. 

7. Bike around Napa Valley

One of the greatest family experiences in Napa is biking around Napa. If your kids are bike riders a tour with it is definitely suggested. There are many places to rent a bike in Napa.

Except for the bike, Napa rentals also offer plenty of extra equipment, like helmets and bike locks.

There are plenty of places to visit in Napa with your bike, like forests and sand roads in the country with extraordinary views. Napa Valley has beautiful scenery and mild weather, which makes it an ideal place to bicycle for transportation and recreation.

8. Kayak on the Napa River

Things to Do in Napa with Kids

Napa river spreads 55 miles in all the Napa Valley, which makes it an excellent place for family activities around the river. Admire the excellent views of the area while kayaking through the river.

Let your kids explore nature while having fun in the water. In Napa Valley Paddle you can rent boats and kayak so you can make your experience easier and hassle free.

Another exciting activity to do while paddling is wildlife watching. You can see different animals in the river area, animals as otters, beavers, and turtles. Kayaking on the Napa River is an amazing option to interact with rare animals and nature. 

9. Visit Napa Valley Museum

Napa also offer indoor activities to do with your young ones. Visit with your kids the Napa Valley Museum and learn about the culture and history of the town. This museum exhibits cultural local arts and history.

If you want your kids to learn about Napa’s history, Napa’s Valley’s museum is the greatest option. In the museum, you can also discover everything about Napa’s historical and rural heritage

Local artists also exhibit their arts in the museum. Napa Valley’s Museum also provides plenty of events during the year and creates great experiences for everyone.

The museum also has an inside gift shop from where you can buy souvenirs and gifts to remember your tour in Napa.

10. Safari West

Safari West is one of the best things to do in Napa with your kids. In Safari West you’ll have the opportunity to see 1,000 animals across its 400 acres.

The mission of Safari West is to promote preservation by providing a unique recreational educational experience including information about propagation.

Children will have the opportunity to come closer to wild animals like giraffes and rhinos. Do you want to go personal with wild animals? Then Safari West is the best experience for the whole family.

11. Visit Old Faithful Geyser

With palm trees and mountains in the background, Old Faithful Geyser is a little picturesque and unique geyser.

Old Faithful geyser in Calistoga erupts a tower of hot water roughly every hour and it creates a fantastic and unique experience for kids.

In the area, you can also check the local gift shop with locally made goods. In addition, in Old Faithful Geyser, there are farm animals, gardens and a museum that create a whole family experience that lasts for hours. 

12. Find local products at Oxbow Public Market

Are you ready for a fun and tasty family experience? Oxbow Public Market in Napa is the best place to buy and try local products and dishes . 

The market offers a range of different eateries from pizza shops and burgers to cupcake bakeries friendly to all kids. Oxbow Public Market has food options for all tastes, but the experience doesn’t stop there. 

After eating, you can enjoy walking around in local shops. In those shops you can buy chocolates, spices, and olive oils at the lowest prices.

13. Hike or bike the Napa Valley Vine Trail

Things to Do in Napa with Kids

Napa Valley Vine Trail offers the greatest trail to hike or bike with your family. 

The trail connects the whole Napa Valley and is 47 metres long. The trail offers an amazing opportunity to explore the whole Valley while doing some family exercise. 

You can enter the vine trail at no cost and you can get access from plenty of locations in the Valley. While hiking or biking on the route, you can view the massive vineyards, green forests and parks.

Apart from the extraordinary natural walking experience that Napa Valley Vine Trail has to offer, you can also find plenty of unique places to eat.

So, if you or your kids feel hungry then you can have a quick and tasty snack at any time. 

14. Visit the Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest is a famous forest in Arizona. However, most of the people don’t know about the Petrified Forest in Napa, in Calistoga.

If you visit the Petrified Forest in Napa, you will definitely see redwood trees and the petrified wood. 

There is a variety of different trails that you can follow with your kids, so you can investigate the whole forest. Of course, if you plan to bring your dogs, you should keep in mind they they must be leashed.

Hiking on the Petrified Forest is an excellent opportunity for kids to breathe some natural air and enjoy nature in full.

15. Vista Collina Resort

Travelling with kids doesn’t mean that you need to miss all the luxury experiences that Napa has to offer.  

Vista Collina Resort is the most top-end luxury accommodation in the area, which is also children friendly. 

The resort has one-bedroom suites that are ideal for children. All the family rooms are all included rooms with kitchen bathrooms and dining areas that can help you live like a king and queen in the palace.

If any extra beds are needed Vista Collina Resort will happily bring them to your suite.

In addition to on-site dining, the resort also offers a luxury spa. It is a contemporary place to stay, and all pets are welcomed!

16. Experience a hot air balloon ride

Another amazing family experience in Napa is the “Hot Air Balloon Ride”. Fly above Napa Valley with your kids in the balloon and enjoy the memorable view

While flying with the air balloon you’ll watch Napa River but also the magnificent vineyards, and the impressive forests with massive trees, along with other sights.

All the Hot Air Balloon Rides have experienced pilots that can show you landmarks and present the historical background of the everything you see on the ground.

Of course, each ride includes some wine for all the adult travellers. However, you should keep in mind that the “Hot Air Balloon Ride” is permitted for kids above 8 years old.

17. Frog’s Leap Winery

Frog’s Leap Winery is another kids-friendly winery which offers great wine taste experiences to all adults.

Frog’s Leap Vineyards’ strong commitment to sustainable agriculture complements the winery’s goal: to make elegant wines with superb balance.

Frog’s Leap Winery offers family-friendly reservations before noon.

18. Explore the city

St. Helena is a city in Napa County. It’s a wonderful and magical area that is considered Napa Valley’s main street. St. Helena offers many fun activities for families and children

If you want to taste a delicious meal and a kid-friendly atmosphere, then you should definitely visit the Gott’s Roadside for a burger and milkshake.

In the city, there are also a lot of kid-friendly shops and museums. However, a whole experience in Napa can only be completed by enjoying the lovely weather and the extraordinary views of the outdoors.

19. Visit Nimbus Art 

Nimbus Art is a family-owned art centre in St. Helena city and offers several drop-in classes perfect for kids of all ages and adults.

It is a community-based non-profit art centre that ignites artistic expression across Napa Valley.

Nimbus Art also hosts several events guaranteed to entice and entertain viewers and participants of all ages. It’s a great experience that can unite families and help them create memorable memories together. 

20. Take a treat from Annette’s Chocolates & Ice Cream

Of course, no family experience can be left without delicious creamy ice cream. If you would like to give your kids the ultimate ice cream experience, you should definitely visit Annette’s Chocolates & Ice Cream.

In Napa, there are two Annette’s Chocolates & Ice Cream shops to visit, one at the Oxbow Public Market, and one downtown.

Τhe shop also offers plenty of seasonal treats, such as the magnificent Easter chocolate bunnies .

Annette’s Chocolates & Ice Cream also provides a home baking kit for children that love to bake themselves. 

Things to Do in Napa with Kids

One extra experience that you can have with your family in Napa, is taking a trip to San Francisco. San Francisco is two hours away from Napa and has a lot of remarkable landmarks to see.

In San Francisco, you will discover several family-friendly attractions, like the Creativity Museum for children, the Aquarium, the Walt Disney Family Museum, and many others.

Napa is a great kid-friendly destination and has a lot of activities to offer for kids of all ages.

There’s no need to skip Napa Valley if you’re travelling with small children! Napa has scenery, atmosphere, wine, food, and a strong feeling like you’re in Europe. Napa Valley’s beauty cannot be easily beaten.

So, grab the opportunity and visit Napa with your young ones, and prepare yourselves to live the ultimate family experience.