Best Beach Wagon

The Best Beach Wagon for Summer

When it comes to planning summertime activities, the beach can be one of the best ways to spend some quality family time. The beach is always open, there’s no cost, except maybe for parking and ice cream, and the activities are endless. You can take pictures and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Although you will need to make a few preparations for your day that might have you wondering if it’s even worth it, in the end, you will be glad you made the effort and your reward will be priceless.

There are so many reasons that the beach can be healthy for your children, and there are many activities that go beyond the backyard. Read on for some reasons and ideas, and even some things you should take with you when you hit the beach this summer.

Beach Wagons for Exploration and Discovery

Kids love to explore and there is always something new and exciting to discover at the beach. No matter if it’s a different kind of shell or the texture of the sand, the kids won’t miss a thing. It’s a great way for a baby to learn, and the older kids can help to teach the younger members of the family. You can turn the exploration into a game by having each child find a different kind of shell and bring it back for you to look at. It’s a great way to allow them the freedom to roam while you relax, but remember, the beach can be dangerous too so make sure you keep them within arm’s length of you and never take your eyes off them.

Imagination and Exercise

The waves can be fun; let your kids pretend they are being chased by large animals, the exercise will be great while they run from the waves. They can also build creations in the sand and make sand angels too. Provide them with buckets, shovels, bowls, almost anything can be fun to use in the sand. Let them play hide and seek under the sand too by burying their arms, legs, feet, toes, and fingers for the others to dig up. So much imagination can be combined with the sand, even the water can be incorporated with the sand creatures they create. Play with them and allow them to get dirty, because, after all, what fun would it be at the beach if they couldn’t get sandy?

Games and Sports

Some places on the beach can be perfect for the older kids to get a fun game of beach volleyball started. They can toss around a football, play corn hole, or even beach frisbee. This is not only a great way to get exercise, but they can also make friends on the beach by inviting others to join in the fun. You can also create a relay race up and down the beach or pick out a building or other landmark and have them walk the distance and back to you. The beach doesn’t need to be limited to swimming, as a matter of fact, a lot of people go to the beach for exercise and sports.

What to Take

If you’re planning to spend the entire day at the beach you will want to prepare some lunch. Something as simple as peanut butter and jelly will satisfy the troops, don’t forget to include a small cooler, so you can have plenty of drinks throughout the day, and include a variety of warm weather snacks because for some reason the beach always makes the kids more hungry than normal. You will want to be sure to have a large supply of sunblock to apply frequently, extra clothing, swim diapers, and towels are always a must. Carry a waterproof pouch for your keys, cell phone, ID, and some money, just in case the kids hear an ice cream truck from the distance. Of course, you won’t want to forget a beach blanket and some form of shade to keep the little ones safe from the sun.

Now you’re probably wondering how you’re expected to carry all this stuff along with your 3.5 children and your pooch. You could each carry something, but for the time you will spend waiting on your 3-year old lagging behind with his towel and your 6-year old dragging the puppy, you will be exhausted before you even see the sand.

You could carry everything in a multitude of beach bags or even a crate, or you could consider investing in a wagon that is designed for the beach. These wagons are versatile and can be used for anything from the beach, to toys, and even gardening supplies.

Made with special wheels, these wagons are designed to trudge through sand and uneven terrain without a hassle. They provide a lot of room to get the job done, so see, preparation for your day at the beach is so much easier than you thought it would be.

The following are 5 of the best beach wagons for summer 2018 that you can buy. Once you have chosen one of these superior wagons, you will be on your way to the beach more often than ever before.

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon for Kids

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon Ride On For Kids, Garden, & Cargo, Red Collapsible Wagon
  • 3 WAGONS IN 1: This collapsible wagon has 3 riding features: hauling, 2 rider seating and bench seating. Easily transform from hauling to bench seating with the zippers on the side of the wagon
  • FOLDS FOR STORAGE: Easy one hand fold allows convenient storage. This wagon is portable and can be stored or taken anywhere! Folded wagon dimensions: 7” L x 18.5” W x 32.68” H

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Another great product from Radio Flyer is this amazing folding wagon that will work great for your trip to the beach. It’s versatile and designed to be used as a standard wagon or unzip the side and it turns into a bench seat so your kids will have a comfortable place to sit or use it as a bed for naps on the beach. It will comfortably carry two children and it will hold up to 150-pounds, so you can easily tote your cooler and all your gear. There are two drink holders conveniently placed on the outside of one end, and on the other, you will find straps to hook sippy cups and other needed equipment. The base model is fully equipped, but you can upgrade to all-terrain wheels, add a canopy, or get the ultimate model that is fully loaded with everything including upgraded seats. With this wagon, you will no longer feel as though going to the beach is a chore.

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding all Terrain Beach Wagon

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Wagon Beach Cart - Red/White
  • HEAVY DUTY - Folding outdoor utility wagon has a large capacity interior, perfect for storing camping gear, beach toys, snacks, and any other outdoor essentials. The heavy duty frame allows loads up to 150 lbs. Interior measures approximately 36. 2" x 21. 4" x 24. 59".
  • COMPACT STORAGE - Wagon cart folds to only 10" thick for easy storage in a car trunk or coat closet. Folded size measures approximately 31. 48" x 21. 4" x 9. 64". The durable 600D fabric can be easily cleaned so you can leave your messes outside.

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Imagine the ease of pulling your little ones and all your needs through the sand and around the dunes without a struggle. This ideal fold-up wagon comes standard with thick wheels that will assure a smooth ride without getting stuck, and the adjustable handle adds comfort in knowing you will have a secure grip. There is a lot of room in this one and you can haul up to 150-pounds without worry. There are two mesh drink holders on the outside, and the additional sewn-in handles make folding and maneuverability a cinch. There are no worries if your kids spill or it gets covered in sand because it cleans up nicely when your day is over. Fold it up like a small piece of luggage for storing in the trunk of your car or hang it from a hook in the garage for easy storage. It is offered in black or red, so you will have no problem meeting your taste.

Timber Ridge Beach Wagon

Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon/Cart - Collapsible Sturdy Steel Frame Garden/Beach Wagon/Cart
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN:Adjustable handle for different people to push or pull this cart as the style you love when take it out,LARGE WHEEL design,you can pull it on different ground and walking stable
  • EASY FOLDING AND OPENING:fold and open in seconds ,can be folded into carry bag we have provided and easy to carry so it take up less space when carry out

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With this sturdy wagon in tow, you will be assured you can pull all your equipment through the sand with ease. The mesh bottom of this one might not be as comfortable for your kids to ride in, but it will be perfect if your kids are old enough to walk beside you. The wagon itself will hold up to 150-pounds on dry flat land, and 110-pounds in the sand. It features large thick durable wheels that rotate in the front for better maneuverability and the handle will adjust for your comfort. It folds up to about the size of a small cooler to make it easy to haul and store. You will no longer feel stressed and tired before claiming your spot on the beach.

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Wagon

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Steel Frame Collapsible Folding 150 Pound Capacity Outdoor Camping Garden Utility Wagon Yard Cart, Blue
  • Ideal for sporting events, outdoor concerts, trips to the park, gardening, and loading or unloading the car
  • Strong steel frame construction holds up to 150 pounds

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Lighten your load with this convenient wagon at your side. Just like the others, you can easily haul up to 150-pounds, and although the wheels are not as thick as some, it will trudge through the sand the same. It’s easy to maneuver with the adjustable handle and the two drink holders are placed conveniently on the outside of the front so your kids can hold your hand without the interference from water bottles. It’s available in seven color choices from bright pink to camo, so there is something that will please everyone in the family. When it’s not in use it will fold up quite thin and can be stored in the included bag. It cleans up nicely so there is no need to panic when your children spill their juice, and the sand will slide off with ease.

There you have it, 5 of the best beach wagons. Here’s a list of fun water games to help make your beach day a memorable one.